Let It Go Frozen Tattoo Side
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Lots of people are obsessed with Frozen, but some die-hard fans have decided to show their love with Frozen and Elsa’s tattoos.

It is hard to believe that Frozen was only released a year ago. What powerful anthem did people play on repeat before “Let It Go?” It’s hard to think back to a time before there were Elsa dolls and t-shirts every 10 feet in the stores. In the short time since Frozen‘s release, it has spawned lookalikes, a drastic increase in voluminous braid tutorials, WTF Halloween costumes, and even a wedding dress. Lots of people have been getting Frozen tattoos to show their love for their favorite film.

Check out 16 Frozen tattoos that will almost make you excited for winter:

1. Let It Go Rib Cage

Let It Go Ribcage Tattoo
(Via Pinterest)

I would always want to wear a blue bra to enhance the colors in this tattoo.

2. Massive Elsa

Frozen Tattoo Border
(Via Pinterest)

Wow, I love all of the different blues in this and the snowflake border.

3. Elsa And Anna

Elsa Anna Frozen Tattoo
(Via Pinterest)

This is simply stunning. It’s interesting to see Frozen tattoos without all of the blue and white. If they don’t color it in, this outline design is something different.

4. Conceal, Don’t Feel

Conceal Don't Feel Frozen Tattoo
(Via Tumblr)

The classic “let it go” isn’t the only brilliant quote from Frozen. This is another great one.

5. Olaf Frozen Tattoo

Olaf Frozen Tattoo
(Via Pinterest)

Not all the Frozen tattoos are about Elsa. Here’s an adorable Olaf tat.

6. Let It Go Wrist

Let It Go Wrist Tattoo
(Via Pinterest)

This is really sweet. The writing is actually the woman’s 6-year-old daughter’s handwriting. She must think her mom is the coolest. Not only does she have a Frozen tattoo, but it is with her writing.

7. Elsa Heart Frozen Tattoo

Elsa Heart Frozen Tattoo
(Via Tumblr)

Whoa, this is dedication. Am I the only one who is still jealous of the tattooed Elsa’s voluminous braid?

8. Elsa And Olaf

Elsa Tattoo Outline
(Via Instagram/InkedDisney)

This is only the start of an Elsa and Olaf tattoo, but it already looks awesome. I love Olaf’s expression.

9. Let It Go Snowflakes

Let It Go Snowflakes Tattoo
(Via Sparkly Ever After)

Even if summer is your favorite season, you can’t help but love the beautiful way these snowflakes have been rendered.

10. Anna

Anna Tattoo - Disney tattoos
(Via Tumblr)

We know that Elsa is the most popular sister, but it’s nice to see someone showing Anna some major love. She deserves it.

11. Elsa And Castle

Elsa And Castle: Leg Frozen Tattoo
(Via Pinterest)

I love how this has been interpreted. The way the ice castle becomes a part of Elsa’s braid is very clever.

12. Olaf Snowman Tattoo

Olaf Snowman Tattoo
(Via Tumblr)

Yes! I don’t even really like winter, but I definitely like this tattoo, and I definitely want to build a snowman with Olaf.

13. Elsa Portrait

Elsa Portrait Tattoo:  Tattooed Disney Princess
(Via Instagram/DisneyInk)

Elsa’s expression is great, and I like how they played up the frozen streaks in her hair. I’m tempted to put this on my hair Pinterest board too.

14. Let It Go

Let It Go Tattoo Meaning
(Via Fancy Tattoo Ideas)

The “let it go” quote with snowflakes is very popular, but that doesn’t mean you can’t come up with your own version of it.

15. Simple Elsa

Elsa Black Tattoo
(Via Tumblr)

We don’t need the long blonde braid and 50 shades of blue to know that this is definitely an Elsa tat.

16. Elsa And Olaf

Elsa and Olaf Tattoo
(Via Instagram/InkedDisney)

Olaf looks like he is about to jump out of this tattoo and spring to life. One can only hope.

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