Frog eyes piercings are a unique type of tongue piercing consisting of two horizontal piercings placed symmetrically in the center of the tongue. When the tongue is stuck out, the ends of the jewelry poke out resembling a frog’s eyes, hence the name.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about frog eyes piercings including the procedure, different jewelry styles, costs, pros and cons, aftercare and more. Whether you’re considering getting frog eyes piercings or just curious to learn more, read on to discover all the key details about this standout piercing.

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What Are Frog Eyes Piercings?

What Are Frog Eyes Piercings?

Frog eyes piercings are a form of tongue ring where two holes are pierced horizontally through the center of the tongue. After the piercing, two straight barbells are inserted into the holes. The ends of the barbells have balls that stick out when the tongue is extended, looking like a frog’s eyes.

This type of piercing may also be referred to as venom piercings or venom bites, but frog eyes is the most common name. It provides a symmetrical look with jewelry protruding on both sides of the tongue.

The source from Cleveland Clinic states that the uvula is located in the back of the throat and is visible when looking in the mirror, which suggests that there would be jewelry protruding on both sides of the tongue. Additionally, the source from JustAnswer confirms that it is possible for one side of the tongue to be raised while the other side is lowered, which could also contribute to a symmetrical look with jewelry protruding on both sides of the tongue.

Difference Between Frog Eyes and Snake Eyes Piercings

Difference Between Frog Eyes and Snake Eyes Piercings

Frog eyes piercings are sometimes confused with snake eyes piercings. While both piercings involve two tongue piercings, there are a few key differences:

  • Placement – Snake eyes are placed at the tip of the tongue, while frog eyes piercings are in the center of the tongue.
  • Jewelry – Snake eyes use one curved barbell, but frog eyes use two straight barbells.
  • Appearance – The positioning gives each piercing a distinct look when the tongue is stuck out.

So in summary, frog eyes and snake eyes are both double horizontal tongue piercings, but vary in exact placement and jewelry style.

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Jewelry Styles

There are a few different jewelry options that can be worn in frog eyes piercings:

Initial Barbells

When the piercing is first done, straight barbells with ball ends are inserted. These allow for proper healing and swelling. The length of the initial barbells should accommodate any inflammation.


Once healed, smaller straight barbells can be worn, or you can opt for curved barbells. Circular barbells are also an option that provide a continuous ring shape. The balls on the ends can be changed for different decorative looks.

Bead Rings

Bead rings, also called ball closure rings, can be worn in healed frog eyes piercings. The beads screw into place to close the ring. These provide a sleek, seamless look.


High-quality metals like surgical steel, titanium, 14k gold, or niobium should be used. Plastics are not recommended. Implant-grade materials reduce risks of infection and rejection.

There are many styles to choose from to show off healed frog eyes piercings.


Frog Eyes Piercings Cost

Getting frog eyes piercings done by a professional piercer at a reputable studio typically costs between $50 – $100. Here are some factors that influence the price:

  • Studio location – Shops in major cities or highly desirable areas often charge more.
  • Piercer skill – Top piercers command higher prices. Ensuring someone experienced with oral piercings does the procedure is ideal.
  • Jewelry – Fancy or custom jewelry can increase the initial cost.
  • Double procedure – Two piercings take more time and jewelry than one.

It’s advisable not to skimp on price when getting piercings done since cheap often means poor quality and higher risk. Read reviews and see examples of the piercer’s work first.

Keep in mind that jewelry for frog eyes piercings can be changed out, offering cheaper options down the road. Overall, expect to spend $50+ for quality frog eyes piercings.

Pros and Cons of Frog Eyes Piercings

healed double tongue piercing
Double tongue piercing. @weswildvang.piercer

Like all piercings, frog eyes have both positives and drawbacks to weigh:


  • Unique appearance – The symmetrical tongue jewelry stands out.
  • Customizable – Can be styled with different jewelry.
  • Hideable – Not visible with mouth closed.
  • Less pain – Tongue tissue usually hurts less than other areas.
  • Quick healing – Full healing takes 6-8 weeks with proper aftercare.


  • Pain – Still more painful than single piercings.
  • Damage risk – Potential tooth and gum erosion if jewelry is too long.
  • Speech issues – Tongue swelling can temporarily impede talking.
  • Eating difficulties – Harder to eat and swallow during the healing period.
  • Nerve damage – Improper placement risks tongue muscle paralysis.
  • Visibility issues – May be prohibited in some workplaces.

Let’s discuss the pros and cons so you can determine if frog eyes piercings are right for you. What factors are most important to consider for your situation?

Aftercare Tips for Frog Eyes Piercings

Aftercare Tips for Frog Eyes Piercings

Proper aftercare is crucial for quick healing and preventing complications with frog eyes piercings. Here are some important aftercare guidelines to follow:

  • Oral hygiene – Brush tongue and use mouthwash to keep area clean.
  • Rinses – Use an antiseptic alcohol-free mouthwash after eating and drinking.
  • Soft foods – Stick to a soft food diet for the first days. Avoid spicy or acidic foods.
  • Ice – Use ice cubes or ice water to reduce tongue swelling as needed.
  • Saline soaks – Soak pierced tongue in saline solution to clean twice daily.
  • Hand hygiene – Wash hands before touching piercings.
  • Avoid oral contact – No kissing, oral sex or sharing drinks while healing.
  • Don’t change jewelry – Leave initial barbells in for at least 6 weeks.
  • Sleep positioning – Avoid sleeping on the pierced side of your tongue.

Proper aftercare and cleaning will help frog eyes piercings heal optimally in 6-8 weeks.

Finding a Reputable Piercer

It’s vital to have a skilled professional piercer perform frog eyes piercings to minimize risks and achieve the proper placement. Here’s what to look for in a qualified piercer:

  • Reputable studio – Check reviews and certifications. Avoid homemade/garage shops.
  • Portfolio – Examine healethe healed piercings they have done, especially oral/tongue.
  • Safety standards – They should sterilize equipment and use pre-packaged sterile needles.
  • Experience with oral piercings – Look for expertise specifically with tongue/lip piercings.
  • Professionally trained – Seek piercers accredited by the Association of Professional Piercers.
  • Listen to concerns – They should address any questions or apprehension.
  • Use quality jewelry – Jewelry should be implant-grade materials.

A good piercer will provide guidance on optimal placement and jewelry size to minimize risks and complications. Taking the time to find an true professional is key.

FAQs About Frog Eyes Piercings

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about frog eyes piercings:

Does it hurt to get frog eyes piercings?

Pain is subjective, but the tongue usually hurts less than other areas. The adrenaline helps minimize pain. It usually feels like a quick, sharp pinch. Having two piercings does make it more painful than a single tongue piercing.

Do you need a longer barbell at first?

Yes, the initial barbells should have extra length to accommodate swelling. Once healed, the jewelry can be changed to a shorter style.

Can frog eyes piercings damage your gums or teeth?

It’s possible if the jewelry is too long or heavy. Proper length barbells and correct placement helps avoid this.

Do you get a lisp with frog eyes piercings?

Temporary lisping is common during the initial healing phase when swelling occurs. It typically goes away once healed.

How long does it take frog eyes piercings to heal?

With proper aftercare, they should be fully healed in 6-8 weeks. It’s important to not change the jewelry until the piercings have fully healed.

Can frog eyes piercings close up or reject?

Rejection is rare with correct placement and jewelry sizes. If you remove the jewelry, they can close quickly like any piercing.


Frog eyes piercings provide a unique and symmetrical addition to your smile. When healed, they allow you to show off decorative jewelry and stand out from the crowd. However, the dual piercings come with extra pain, potential risks, and a long healing time.

Carefully weigh the pros and cons to decide if frog eyes piercings are the right choice for you. The piercing and aftercare process requires diligence and care. If you’re willing to follow proper piercing and cleaning procedures, your frog eyes piercings can heal beautifully.

Finding an accredited piercer who is experienced with oral and tongue piercings is key to minimizing risks and complications. Do your research to get pierced safely. With patience and the proper care, you can rock frog eyes piercings as a one-of-a-kind smile decoration.

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