Would you say that you are a fashion girl? If so, you probably express your love of style with your clothes and your accessories. However, you can also show your love of fashion by getting a tattoo. There are so many different fashion tattoos you could get. You could get a tat of your ultimate style icon. You could get some ink inspired by your favorite fabric. Heck, you could even get the logo of your favorite brand tattooed on you. The possibilities are endless.

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Looking for some inspiration? Check out 13 tattoos for fashion girls:

1. Red Shoe

Heel Tattoo

You might call yourself a shoe addict, but do you have the ink to prove it? Foot tattoos are common, but getting a tattoo that shows your love of footwear takes things to a new level. The hardest part is choosing what shoes to get a tattoo of.

2. Hanger

Fashion Clothes Hanger

An entire list could be devoted to the number of unique clothing hanger tattoos there are out there. This is simple but very pretty. The script is beautiful.

3. Chanel Logo

Chanel Logo Tattoo

Chanel did come out with its own range of temporary tattoos. However, you can still get something permanent. When you think about it, you’ll realize that this tattoo costs less than almost any Chanel item.

4. Purse and High Heels

Purse and High Heels Tattoo

You’ve got all your essentials right here. This outline tattoo doesn’t even need to be filled in. It is striking just the way it is.

5. Buttons

Button Tattoos

No cuffs, no problem. Match your tattoo to your favorite button-down. It is so simple, but it is a very clever idea. It’s also a great idea for a first tat.

6. Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn Tattoo

Who’s your ultimate style icon? If you said Audrey Hepburn, you’re definitely not alone. You can show your love for Audrey with a tattoo. This black tattoo is simple but striking.

7. Bracelets

Bracelet Tattoo

You’re still accessorized even if you aren’t wearing any jewelry, thanks to this tattoo. This is the sort of design that you could just keep adding to.

8. Hanger and Thread

Fashion Neck Tattoo

Calling all designers and aspiring designers. This tattoo cleverly combines a lot of your tools. The neck placement is great, but you could see it working on a variety of body parts.

9. Designer Logos

Designer Logos Tattoo

Can’t figure out a word to write across your fingers? Try designer logos instead. They work together in the shops, and they work together on your digits.

10. Lace Glove

Hand Tattoo

Is it a glove…or is it? The detail on this tattoo is amazing. If you’re a fan of lace, this black tattoo is very hard to resist.

11. Sunglasses

Sunglasses New York Tattoo

The sunglasses tattoo would have been great if it had just had regular lenses. Then you throw in the NYC skyline, and it gets that much better. Double fashion points.

12. YSL Logo

YSL Tattoo

If you get a tattoo of a designer logo, do you think it qualifies you to get a discount from the brand for life? It should. The placement of this YSL logo behind the ear is great.

13. Zipper

Zipper Tattoo

There are a lot of different zipper tattoos. You also see a lot of fake ones on Halloween. This zipper head tattoo has a unique placement that we haven’t seen a lot of.

(Photo: Pinterest)

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