With facial piercings becoming a common part of our culture, the recent trends in cute facial piercings have made this another art form. You would find that more and more youngsters are adopting piercings to showcase their features and for streamlining their facial look.

There are various common areas where you can get a piercing, and there are some aspects that you need to consider before going for any kind of piercing. Some piercings are more difficult to perform than others, and they pose some risks which can impact your health in the long run. 

Therefore, it is important that you consider what kind of facial piercings you want and get them done through an experienced professional with some training in performing some special piercings.

Unique and Cute Facial Piercings

face piercings for females

With the recent change in piercing trends, some unique facials piercings have come up, and most of them tend to be extremely rebellious and attractive in looks. You would find that the changes in the trends of eyebrow piercings, lip piercings, and cheek piercings have taken the world by storm, and more and more youngsters are adopting these different facial piercings.

Further, some cute facial piercings in the region of the nose, eyes, and eyebrows have changed the way piercings are perceived by the common culture of the world.

Even though the art of piercing and its applications are centuries old, the recent emergence of facial piercing trends has generated a lot more interest than the conventional nose piercing of earlier times. However, due to the increase in risks related to facial piercings, you need to remember that you have to get the job done by a qualified professional. 

Further, there can be problems related to the rejection of the piercings and migration of the piercings. Therefore, it is important that you get an appointment with a piercer who knows the tricks of the trade and can help you out in achieving the required piercing without any complications.

Weird Facial Piercings

The recent trends in facial piercings have not only brought cute facial piercings, some weird facial piercings have also cropped up. Due to their nature, many youngsters prefer to have such piercings to look different and unconventional. You can easily select from the different piercings that are available today and go for one which suits your features and face.

The Advent of Cheek Piercings

The Advent of Cheek Piercings
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Even though facial piercings have been around for some time, the advent of cheek piercings is fairly new, and people are taking it up in a big way. The lip and cheek piercings go hand in hand, and you would find several new trends which are making a mark in this domain.

In all the cute piercings, the lip and cheek piercings can be the most difficult to maintain as this region is highly susceptible to infections and attacks of bacteria. Therefore, it is important that you have a thorough discussion with your piercer and take into account the different aspects of care and upkeep of such piercings. Also, you need to know the reason behind the popularity and different trends of cheek piercings for a clearer view of what you want from the piercing.

The popularity of Cheek Piercings

The high popularity of cheek piercings is due to some celebrities and their beauty marks, which have led people to get some artificial beauty marks through facial piercings. You would find that there are many names of facial piercings which are based on the names of celebrities, and this is due to the inspiration which is drawn from the facial features of those celebrities.

There are three names of facial piercings which are common in this department, and they are all because of three different celebrities, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, and Cindy Crawford. The Monroe facial piercings are about the cheek piercings on the left side to represent the beautiful mole which she had on her left cheek.

Similarly, Madonna’s piercings are a similar style on the right cheek, while Crawford’s piercings are closer to the upper lip. Due to the beauty marks of these celebrities, these kinds of face piercings names have become extremely common. However, you would have to take proper care of your cheek piercings as they can suffer from the following problems.

Problems with Cheek Piercings

The biggest problem with cheek piercings is the chances of infection, as this is one region of the face where the number of bacteria is the highest. You would find that you would have to carry out regular cleaning of your piercing and would have to make sure that the cute facial piercings are always protected from infection. Cheek piercings can be a great style statement, provided they are kept well and cared for.

Different Types of Facial Piercings

Different Types of Cute Facial Piercings
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Today, there are different types of facial piercings which are doing the rounds in the fashion world, and you would find that youngsters are taking up these cool facial piercings in a big way.

Basically, facial piercings are divided into a couple of parts, and they are mainly related to the area in which the face is being pierced. The earliest forms of piercings were related to nose piercings, and you would notice that this trend has been around for many years now.

The nose piercings had been around, even before the surge in different types of facial piercings. With the recent trends coming up in facial piercings, you have eyebrows, lips, cheeks, and eye areas are becoming the new grounds for cute facial piercings.

Facial Piercings in Vogue

The most common facial piercings for females in vogue these days are the eyebrow piercings, and you would notice that more and more youngsters are going for this kind.

The reason behind this is that the eyebrow piercing is the easiest to carry out among other facial piercings, and you would find that this place is not prone to infections and other related problems.

It is much less painful, and the healing is quite accelerated in this region. All of these factors make facial piercings near eyebrows as the best to have at the moment, without being over the top with your piercings. The other famous aspect is that of different trends in nose piercings.

You would find several options for nose piercings, and nose septum piercing is one of those. This is a current trend in cute facial piercings, and you would find that it is quite unconventional and different from other options. The next type is that of the lips and cheek piercings, and they are fairly new in the world of facial piercings.

Facial Piercings near the Eye

Even though the facial piercings near the eye are getting more common day by day, this is a risky place for getting a piercing. Since the skin here is more sensitive and there are some important nerves in this region, it is recommended that you consult a professional piercer to get an eye-piercing. This is the riskiest type of piercing in all types of facial piercings for females, and you definitely need to weigh your options before going for something like this.

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