Welcome to our site completely dedicated to one of the best tattoo designs ever. Cherry blossom tattoos are a very popular and wonderful design that is full of meaning and symbolism. Cherry blossom is used throughout Japanese tattoo art and designs, and now they are also very popular for women and men who are getting traditional Japanese-style tattoos here in the west.

If you want to find out more about great designs, the meaning and symbolism, and the origins of tattoos cherry blossom, then you are at the right site. We will be featuring tons of great designs, pictures, galleries, videos, and news about this wonderful tattoo design.

Cherry Blossom Tattoos

Cherry blossoms are a distinctive design and are favorite tattoos for girls. This is one of nature’s beautiful displays of beauty that a number of girls have come to enjoy. In Asian cultures, cherry blossoms are a well-liked tattoo style a lot like the star tattoos in the western portion of the world.

Most of the girls adore the beauty and also the beautiful and spectacular look of the tattoos cherry blossom, as they are just breathtaking and attractive.

The style holds a lot of substantial and rich meanings. It is put to use as a symbol of appreciation by the Chinese. This alone will attract girls to want to get tattoos of the cherry blossom. Often when it is tattooed, the design depicts tree branches and at times the entire tree along with the flowers.

Falling blossom petals are at times inked into the style in which they alone have unique meanings. Girls are also attracted to the style due to the fact of the dazzling tones of colors that the flowers have. They are usually tattooed in a range of bright pink to a far more faded pinkish color.

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Cherry Blossom Tattoos For Girls

Even by looking for feminine cherry blossom tattoos for girls, you will discover quite a few meanings that it defines. The real beauty of this design has a broader aspect of several men and women who cherish the symbolism it carries.

Eastern cultures have put to use flowers in a number of paintings during their history. Shortly their bodies became a canvas for fantastic designs in the form of tattoos. Girls were tattooed with the design as it represents female beauty.

The placement of these tattoos had been often etched onto their backs as a sizeable style. But tattoos for women can be as effortless as just being one cherry blossom flower. Girls also like to have the style tattooed along the side rib cage as it accentuates the curves of the physique.

Placing a tattoo on the upper back shoulder is also a superior region for the design. Overall you will need to decide on a desirable spot for your style that you will really feel comfortable with.

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Cherry Blossom Tattoo

To uncover suggestions for tattoos, you can appear at the artwork of paintings that depict cherry blossom flowers. Community libraries have a lot of supplies containing information and facts about the flowers and the history of their origin.

You can even acquire other images of feminine cherry blossom tattoos for girls to get concepts from. However, be creative and design your tattoo, for yours can be just as stunning as any other person’s.

In case something does go wrong make sure that the tattooist has public liability insurance in place.

In conclusion, if you are searching for tattoos for girls you are on the right path, this tattoo is an exceptional option to consider. Overall the tattoo is very meaningful and the design luster’s details reflect the beauty of the meanings themselves. This is 1 of the very best tattoo designs for girls.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo Meaning

What does the cherry blossom tattoo symbolize? Well, the Chinese and Japanese cultures see the cherry blossom in two distinctly different ways. The Chinese believe it symbolizes power, love, and femininity, so this is the perfect tattoo for a woman who wants to show her independence and inner strength.

In Japanese culture, because the tree blossoms for only a short time, you get extreme beauty to enjoy, but then it dries quickly, so to them, it represents how precious life is and how little time we have on earth to enjoy it.

So this is a great tattoo for someone who wants to show that they enjoy life and cherish every moment, or for someone who wants to be ‘reborn’ and the fact that the cherry blossom now blooms on your body can symbolize the birth of the new you. It also represents good fortune and love.

The cherry blossom is richly symbolic in Japanese culture, and you’ll find it in art, manga, films, musical performances, and on all manner of products there too.

Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo

The cherry blossom tree, which is called Sakura, is widely known as a symbolic representation of a woman’s attractiveness. This plant is generally cultivated in Oriental regions apart from Korea, China, Japan, and various other countries of Asia as well as you can find countless types of cherry trees.

The blossoms of this plant are incredibly delightful, yet they disappear in just two weeks. Hence men and women in Japan think about the cherry blossom tree as a token of existence, considering that the lifetime of the plant is extremely short.

The cherry tree is traditionally recognized since the aristocracy in Japan did arrange floral exhibitions for their blossoms with just the greatest social individuals who had been asked to come.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs and Pictures

When it comes to cherry blossom tattoo designs and pictures, I’m going to tell you two important things.

  1. I’m going to tell you where to find the biggest and highest quality collections of them.
  2. I am going to tell you what to look for because blossoms are a very specific design choice, and there is a whole lot of generic junk out there that will confuse you.

With that said, let me start out by telling you what to look for in tattoos cherry blossom designs, and pictures…

Originality – Like I was saying, the web is cluttered with cookie-cutter junk and completely generic artwork. This is especially true for this design since it’s so popular. You have hundreds of artists who have no clue how to draw artwork so that it comes out looking superb once made into tattoos making them.

This is why so many people who get inked with small cherry blossom tattoo designs end up not liking it down the road, because a year down the line, they figure out that their tattoo looks nothing like the real thing, even though they saw hundreds of pictures.

Do yourself a real favor and do five minutes of research about this style, and you will see what I’m saying.

Now, let me tell you where to find amazing cherry blossom tattoo designs and pictures…

There are two ways to go about this – First of all, forget about any of the major search engines. Using them will undoubtedly throw you into a winding loop of generic stuff because of the only types of websites and galleries that pop up in their listings these days.

Secondly, you need to begin using the unparalleled strengths of big, well-established forums. The bigger they are, the higher amount of topics about tattoos you can sift through there. If you plan on seeing real, original cherry blossom tattoo designs and pictures, absolutely nothing works better than this.

These topics will lead you right to the state-of-the-art websites that nobody seems to find anymore because they don’t pull up in search results. People are chatting with each other on so many of those topics, giving their input and findings of sensational galleries.

The other thing you can do is go right to the source, Miami Ink Tattoo Designs, which is where a lot of smaller galleries get their artwork from. They have hundreds and hundreds of any style you could imagine, so you will never be hurting for cherry blossom tattoo designs and pictures.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo For Men

Cherry Blossom Tattoo For Men

Just so then men in the group don’t jump off the site feeling left out Cherry blossoms are for you too. Maybe not the cherry blossom all by itself but when combined with a traditional Koi splashing in the water or a fierce-looking dragon a cherry blossom can make a great sleeve tattoo.

Here is a slightly blurry but pretty well-done tattoo of cherry blossom for men pic. More to come soon.

Great Cherry Blossom Tattoo Video

Here is a great video that was well put together and features a bunch of female tattoo designs that are hot and sexy and of course prettiest cherry blossom tattoos. This should at least get people’s creative juices flowing and give some great ideas for a tattoos cherry blossom.

Feminine Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs

For the last 10 years or so cherry blossom tattoo designs have been dominating the scene as one of the most popular choices for an artistic, sexy, and meaningful tattoo. Many women love the delicate flower and the beauty and delicacy of the cherry blossom.

Many men also like the cherry blossom as it was a symbol revered by Japanese Samurai centuries ago. If you have been considering getting a realistic cherry blossom tattoo design, then you have some things to consider first.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs

Size Matters

Size is a very important decision when choosing a new tattoo design. Now of course size and location on the body are two intertwined issues. People fall into one of two categories either they already know they know the location they would like to get the design inked on or they know the rough size they would like. Once you have one of these in mind, the other should follow.

For example, if you want a really large tattoo with lots and lots of small detail and intricate parts, then you are talking about a chest or back tattoo. For a more medium-sized design, you can go for an upper back, lower back, chest, or full sleeve.

How do I choose my tattoo location?

The most common locations for cherry blossom tattoos are the sleeve, full sleeve, upper back, lower back hip, rib cage or side area, and shoulders. The location for cherry blossom tattoo designs for both men and women is roughly the same.

With some tattoos placement is everything, and it makes a big difference between male and female locations. However, with the cherry blossom often the location is either a chest piece, forearm, or an upper or full-back.

The only thing that is generally not advised for most men is a lower back the only tattoo. Women, they can get away with a lower back only as well as a hip. For male sleeve tattoos, full-back or upper-back designs work best.

Symbolism and Meaning: What is the meaning of a cherry blossom tattoo?

What is the symbolism behind this beautiful tattoo? Well, it, of course, has been obscured over time and through many different cultures.

However, the cherry blossom is most famously revered throughout Japan and is probably most seen in traditional Japanese cherry blossom body art. Thus the Japanese symbolism for this flower is typically the one that is most used.

The Japanese believe that cherry blossom represents a person’s life. It is a thing of great beauty and yet very delicate. Even though it has great beauty, it is very fleeting, and it will quickly fall off the branch and into the snow and fade away.

Therefore the Japanese samurai revered the flower, and as a symbol, it encouraged people to live their life to the fullest. The samurai believed that a person should live every day like it is the day they will die. Just like the small cherry blossom life could end at any moment.

meaning cherry blossom tattoo

Flowers are known across the globe to give different kinds of meanings, widely used to give people happiness and to extend enormous feelings for other people. Flowers have become a part of our daily living, from church to our common houses.

  • The cherry blossom is one of the most appreciated flowers because of its unique and adorable look; the cherry blossom is considered to be one of a kind flower, it is widely used in many events that we are having like birthdays, weddings, and other functional events.
  • Cherry blossom is also used in tattoo design, and you should not be shocked about this because cherry blossom is a really good design for a tattoo. Tattoos cherry blossom gives incredible hype to the tattoo industry; the design itself is really something to look forward to.
  • A cherry blossom tattoo is one of the best flower tattoos that you can have if ever you like to have your own tattoo someday. Also, the minimalist cherry blossom tattoo is really designed for women, to give them the classic look of a feminine tattoo, hence nowadays even guys used or have this one as their tattoo.
  • Cherry blossom tattoo is really a one-of-a-kind tattoo design time has passed by, and its popularity never fades for its something that you should want to have, something that you never regret having embedded in your body, something that you will be proud to have.

Extras and Goodies

Another thing that you will want to consider if you are going to get a watercolor cherry blossom tattoo design is to carefully think if you want any other things incorporated into the tattoo. For example, a geisha, samurai, or even a dragon or lion can all go well especially if they are done in the more traditional tattoo art and style. Cherry blossoms are very popular tattoo designs that people love.

Cherry blossom tattoo design

If you are considering getting a cherry blossom tattoo design carefully consider the size and location where you will get the design inked on your body. Also, think about if you want extras added to the design so you can plan ahead for this.

Also, find a competent tattoo artist that can listen to you and work with you to incorporate your ideas into the design. If you follow these easy steps and take your time, you will end up with great cherry blossom tattoo ideas.

Cherry Blossom Foot Tattoo

Foot tattoos are popular, and in demand nowadays, there are many tattoo lovers who want to have their tattoos on foot, some think it is good to look at, while others prefer this because using it’s so nice having a foot tattoo especially if they are fun of wearing open shoes, slippers or sandals that give a fascinating look at their feet.

Cherry Blossom Foot Tattoo

Cherry blossom foot tattoo has paved its way to the limelight; many people go for this kind of tattoo site because it’s cool and fashionable. Here are some of the advantages of a cherry blossom foot tattoo:

  • Having a cherry blossom foot tattoo will make you are feeling additional unique than other tattooed individuals. Foot tattoos also are less obvious compared to tattoos in different areas.
  • Having a cherry blossom foot tattoo is really a good action to take; it gives a pleasant appearance to your foot, thus making it sexier. Cherry blossom is best for a foot tattoo because of its simple yet elegant look, it gives a unique look to your foot, and mixing it with a different color would make your natural foot color appear to be more fabulous and cool.

Your foot should be well-taken care of; it’s the main part of the body that is always tired. So giving your foot some comfort and attention are always good. Getting a beautiful cherry blossom tattoo for your foot is one way of giving your foot some comfort and attention, hence that it’s more complicated having your tattoo at this site, because of the veins that it has often it’s more exciting and alluring seeing them on your foot.

Let’s GoTribal, Cherry Blossom Tattoo Ideas

Tribal tattoo designs are always a very popular option in the world of fashion, design, and even tattoos. Even though tribal designs have their origin way in the past.

Cherry blossom tribal tattoo

Tribal designs never lost their spot when it comes to trends and fashion; tribal still exists in this modern age and time. Tribal is something that people still wanted to have, with tribal designs you’ll never get wrong; it’s like an all-occasion design.

Anything will fit tribal designs. Cherry blossom tribal design is perfect for girls. Actually, it is designed for girls mainly, the elegant look of the cherry blossom flower combined with tribal looks gives an everlasting impression of perfection.

Cherry blossom tribal tattoo is the most popular tattoo design we have in this present genre, a lot of girls have this one as their first tattoo artist in their body. Its beauty is beyond compare and is very much charming and soothing to the eyes.

Cherry blossom tribal tattoo is not easy to be embedded in the body; it requires expertise, the curves and the blending of watercolor make it complicated for the tattoo artist, within this kind of tattoo there is no room for mistake.

Tattoo designs that are combined just like this one are a work of art a masterpiece, so having a cherry blossom tribal tattoo is really something that you should be proud of.

Cherry blossom Tribal tattoos speak for themselves. It is a remarkable feature of a tribal tattoo that even a relatively simple or yet unformed line.

Can I Get a Cherry Blossom Tattoo?

For a not-run-of-the-mill tattoo, consider a traditional cherry blossom tattoo design.

Pink, red, gray, and black and white designs are common.

The cherry blossom is a popular image in Japanese and Chinese art, often meaning feminine beauty, love, and passion on the one hand, and power and meaning samurai strength on the other.

The cherry blossoms in early spring, so it can mean new beginnings; but since it is short-lived, it can mean suffering and death and the need to let go of all attachments.

Tattoo designs can show a single flower, or a collection of blossoms, and may show the distinctive shape of a cherry tree branch. They are often combined with koi fish, Chinese and Japanese characters, and mountains (such as Mt. Fuji).

Other design ideas are dragons or a yin-yang symbol with cherry blossom on one side and cherry fruit on the other.

The Japanese word for cherry blossoms and flowering trees is Sakura.



  1. Hi. I have toe ring tattoos on the “middle” toe of both feet. I hate them. They are supposed to be little purple flowers that kinda go with other tattoos on my body, but they look like little blobs of ink instead. What can I do to “hide” them? Is there another tattoo that would cover it up? The ink is dark, so I wonder if I’m not stuck with them. And I really don’t want to have them removed because of price and pain. lol
    please, any suggestions would help.

    • I’m sorry to hear that, Ginger! I’m not sure what would be best…. Maybe a temporary tattoo on top? Or a real toe ring to cover it? The temp tattoo could either be a ‘transfer’ type or maybe you could try some henna tattooing. Hope this helps.

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