Best Cat Tattoos ideas
Best Cat Tattoos ideas. (Photo: Instagram/blvir_).

Many times cat tattoos are drawn using the furry kitten as the focal point, rolling about with yarn or chasing a cute butterfly. While these are perfect cat tattoos for someone who is seeking to display a childish or innocent image of cats, they are by no means the only cat tattoos available. Nor are they the only accurate depictions of cats in general.

Cat tattoos can run the gamut from the ethereal cats found hiding with fairies in Celtic tattoos or the more ferocious tigers found peeking out of the bamboo in Japanese tattoos.

Cats can ride motorcycles, carry a rifle, wear a uniform, or smoke a pipe; they have the wonderful capacity to take on very human attitudes and emotions with the right creative artist who knows how to use cats as the elements in cat tattoos. While the cuddly kitten certainly has a place in the world of cat tattoos, how more appropriate to feature them in designs that enhance their natural abilities to show their superiority?

Cat Tattoos With Personality

cat tattoo ideas

With your creative thinking and the right tattoo artist, your cat tattoos can take on the outlook of almost any personality you desire. Cats are smart, mobile, stealthy, and extremely arrogant; place them within elements that bring each of these factors to life.

Cats have long been associated with the night, so use them with emblems of the moon to create simple cat tattoos that have a supernatural look. The moon is also an important part of Celtic tattoos; using cats, moons, and Celtic crosses, your cat tattoos become an awesome mural of Celtic power and Druidic influence.

Cat Tattoos For Superstitions People

Many people are actually afraid of cats due to superstitions that are largely false and based on small minds and uneducated peasants of old times. Cats are brilliant and are capable of being trained to perform the same feats as a dog. They were once used to recover the downed birds of a hunt and have been known to rescue their young from burning buildings, never stopping until every baby was saved.

Cats embody the arrogance of the animal world perfectly. With their superior, silent glances, they can quickly put any human in their place! Cat tattoos can be your way of sending a message to the unwary, be careful. You know not who you are dealing with.

Cat Tattoos With A Deeper Meaning

cat tattoo meaning
(Photo: Instagram/neotradtatt).

Tattoos are a great way to express one’s personality, beliefs, and interests. Cat tattoos are popular among animal lovers and people who want to show their love for cats. They come in many different designs and styles, but the meaning behind them is often the same.

For cat lovers, a cat tattoo can represent their love for cats. It can also symbolize freedom and independence. Cat tattoos also have religious connections – they are thought to bring luck and good fortune in some cultures.

Choosing The Right Design

Every cat lover has one particular cat that means more to them than the others, and their choice of cat tattoos usually provides a hint as to which cat it is.

Many cat owners have their cats’ images tattooed for the pleasure of always having their presence nearby. Since every cat has a personality quirk or physical marking that sets them apart, crafting cat tattoos that are unique and one of a kind is easy.

If you are searching for cat tattoos but do not have a particular cat in mind, then take a look at these wonderful cat tattoos, and their imagery, before you decide, and see if one of these feline friends can create the perfect tattoo you have been looking for.

Cat Tattoo Ideas

  • Minimalist cat tattoos are popular with people who want to get something small and discreet on their bodies, but they still want to show off their love of cats.
  • Realistic cat tattoos: Cat tattoos are a popular choice for many people. The appeal of these tattoos is that they can be inked in any size, shape, or color. Cat tattoos are also simple and easier to get than other animal-related tattoo designs.
  • Sphynx cat tattoos are a unique representation of the sphinx, a mythical creature with a lion’s head and body and a bird’s wings and hindquarters.
  • Tuxedo cat tattoos are a bit different than other cat tattoos because they usually have a black and white color scheme. They can be found on many different body parts, such as the chest, back, arm, or leg. They can also be found on their own or in sets with other designs. The tuxedo cat tattoo is often considered to be a sign of good fortune and happiness because it represents an animal that is both strong and independent yet loving at the same time.
  • Tabby cat tattoos are a popular type of tattoo design. The tattoos are usually done in black ink and are characterized by the distinctive patterning of stripes on the fur.
  • Cute cat tattoos are a popular tattoo design choice. They are often chosen to symbolize the love of cats or an individual’s connection with their pet cat.
  • Traditional cat tattoos are a popular choice for many people. The tattoos can be done in many different styles and colors. In the past, people have always associated them with being feminine. However, this is not always the case. They can also be masculine as well as feminine.
  • The black cat is a common tattoo design with many different meanings. It can represent bad luck or misfortune, but it can also be an omen for good luck. Small black cat tattoos are often seen as a symbol of mystery and the unknown.
  • Watercolor cat tattoos are very popular in the present day. It is a unique style of tattooing, which is done with watercolor paints. The colors are applied in layers, and then it is sealed with a clear coat. The final result is a beautiful tattoo that has depth and texture.
  • The geometric cat tattoos are a perfect example of this type of tattoo design. The colors used for these tattoos usually depend on the person’s preference, but black, blue, and purple are some of the most popular colors for this type of tattoo.
  • Temporary cat tattoos are very popular among cat lovers. They are not only for kids but for adults as well. Temporary tattoos are a great way to show your love for cats without getting inked. You can either get them from a tattoo artist, or you can buy one online and apply it on your skin.
  • The lucky cat is a popular symbol in Asian culture, often used to bring good luck. Lucky cat tattoos can be seen as a sign of protection and prosperity. It has been said that the design was originally made by sailors who wanted to protect themselves from bad luck while at sea. It has been suggested that the tattoo may represent the idea of “bringing good fortune” by warding off evil spirits or bad luck.

Cat Tattoos With Different Beliefs

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Popular culture would have us believe that black cats are bad luck and minions of witches, and evil personified. Yet black cat tattoos can also be a way to align yourself with your belief that the mystical world of other realms holds greater power than evil.

For the ancient Egyptians, black cats were the guardians of the underworld and embodiment of the God Bast. Using black cat tattoos to make personal statements about the power of the ancients is one way to align yourself with the power of these ancient messengers.

In the Chinese culture, LiShou gave up her right to speak to humans and became a cat worshipped by the Chinese as a fertility goddess who brought rain and crops to fruition.

Capturing the symbolic beauty of this cat in your cat tattoos will require a bit of Chinese culture to pull it off correctly. Using Chinese calligraphy tattoos to enhance the slender, large head designs of Chinese cat tattoos is one way to perfect your design’s meaning.

Cat Tattoos With Nine Lives

In all cultures, the cat has a reputation for being a mischievous character with nine lives, wonderful nocturnal vision, and a great hunter with sneaky prowess. Choosing cat tattoos as your way of paying homage to your love of cats is a great way to declare your fondness for the feline attitude of superiority.

What Does a Cat Tattoo Symbolize?

black cat tattoo meaning

Those who love felines know the power of getting cat tattoos. Cats have long been celebrated as otherworldly beings and powerful symbols of a more mystical plane. Cat tattoos are just another way to draw on the elusive power of the feline family.

Felines were revered by the ancient cultures, especially the Egyptians; ensconced within the tombs of their Pharaohs’, the cats were the guardians of the underworld and messengers from God.

Cat tattoos are one way for those who love archaeology or ancient history to place symbols on their skin as reminders of one of the oldest talismans known to man.

Cat tattoos can be sensual in appearance when their exotic movements are captured by a professional artist. Their slinky muscular strides can evoke feminine traits, and cat tattoos are very popular among women for this reason.

The power in their steady gaze can entrap the viewer, and when they are used in conjunction with tribal tattoos, or Celtic tattoos, they become beautiful murals filled with symbolism. Using emerald green eyes in cat tattoos that are crafted from bold strokes of black ink, the cat’s face comes alive with emotion.

Cat Tattoos Or Cartoon Characters

cartoon characters with tattoos
(Photo: Instagram/kittytattoos).

For those who love cartoon tattoos, the pink panther is the perfect choice for cat tattoos. The ever-silent pink panther strolls through life with an air of mystery and playfulness; perhaps, for some, he represents their own idea of their fun personality quirks.

Cat tattoos can be extremely light-hearted, like the playful kittens found in fairy tales or even the blending of cat tattoos with butterfly tattoos for an image of colorful life-like nature tattoos.

Ferocious predators like jaguars are cat tattoos used in the symbolic Aztec tattoos, representing powerful guardians for people who wish to honor their Mexican heritage. They are also powerful predators in Japanese tattoos, with the beauty of the white tiger sitting beside the life force power of the beautiful Lotus blossom.

Cat Tattoo Ideas: Which One Is For You?

Cat tattoos come in a variety of styles and designs and can provide the perfect focal point for those who love the extreme personality differences they can represent.

Finding the correct tattoos is easy. Take a look at any book filled with drawings and images showing them in different postures and with different expressions. You are sure to find cat tattoos that can add depth and personal expression to your love of being linked with powerful symbols.

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