Foot Feather Tattoo


I don’t know all the meanings of a feather tattoo. I know they are currently a popular tattoo design, and I guess they mean freedom and signify a free spirit. I am wondering if I can use the feather as a design to convey my love for my partner? Should I pair it with a verse or a dove or a lovebird? Signed, My Feathers are Ruffled and Confused

Dear My Feather are Ruffled and Confused,

For starters, it sounds you may be looking for a custom tattoo. While most artists are willing to sketch something unique up based on your ideas, may I also suggest you visit the site and submit a custom design request?

It is there that you can set a budget, explain all of these small details and concerns, and then await the responses of artists from all over the world who may be willing to draw your tattoo design for a set commission price.

Next, I think a feather tattoo signifying love is a very lovely choice. After all, birds of a feather do flock together.

Whether you select a pair of lovebirds, a dove which is symbolic of innocence and often popular at weddings, or penguins who mate for life, a feather can certainly represent your loyalty and love for your significant other.

As far as quotes and verses go, be sure to read my article Quotes and Verses for Feather Tattoos for added inspiration.

Where will you place a feather tattoo that signifies love? This is also an important factor in your design theme. For example, some couples tattoo a half set of wings so that when they stand or place them together they become whole. You could certainly do this with a feather design if you took the approach of angel wing tattoos.

You could also place the tattoo somewhere more likely that would signify devotion, such as right on your chest. Other options include fingers (perhaps near a wedding band) or inner wrist so that when you hold hands with your love, it remains in view.

You could also place your feather somewhere sexy, just for your lover. Think your lower stomach or inner thigh for this option.

Feather tattoos can certainly signify fleeting, but they don’t have to mean you are going anywhere, anytime soon. Once you’ve found that perfect partner, a feather could very well mean something magical has flown into your life.

One last thing to consider is a peacock feather tattoo. Serving as a symbol of immortality, the peacock was believed to stay intact after death, without decay. How is that for love that is everlasting? If you plan on taking your love to the grave…you better make that a peacock feather just to be safe.

The peacock also represents renewal, making this a suitable springtime tattoo. Throw in the belief that peacocks also guarded the Gates of Heaven, and you have a lover’s tattoo design that is simply a match made in heaven!

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