I am a woman in my mid-twenties and already have an upper thigh tattoo. I don’t want a tramp stamp, but I do want a tattoo placement that is a little more risque. I have seriously been considering a small butt tattoo. What do you think about this spot? Is it sexy? Will it hurt? What design suggestions look best on a butt tattoo?

Signed, Bottoms Up

Dear Bottoms Up,

This is such a curious question, but rest assured you’re in good company with a butt tattoo. In fact, some may say butt tattoos are quickly becoming a stylish new tattoo trend. Many people remember Cher donning her sexy fishnets on stage with nothing more than a high-cut bodysuit, revealing flower butt tattoos on each cheek. How can Cher be wrong?

Naturally, you have many things to consider before allowing a tattoo to rear its head in this location. Don’t make a fool of yourself; follow my butt tattoo tips.

Beauty of Booty Tattoos
(Photo Credit: Instagram via @alxgracia).

1. Clever and Coy: Sure, butt tattoos can be funny. So can penis tattoos. Many people place quirky or pun-like designs on these hot spots just to make a permanent joke. For example, some men place an elephant trunk on their goods or a Pinocchio nose for the compulsive “liar.”

On the butt, there are plenty of silly things that come to mind. Including a pair of lips and the phrase “Kiss my…” or “Can’t touch this.” If you choose to make such a silly or jarring statement, make sure you’ll be happy bending over in your bikini years from now. There would be nothing worse than having a tattoo regretful not only in design but in placement.

2. Keep it Firm and Lifted: Remember this: Squats are your best friend, whether you’re opting for a butt tattoo or just want to keep your booty firm and tight. You can do squats anywhere, as they require no special equipment or gym membership.

DO NOT let your butt tattoo become an eyesore. Fifty squats a day will help your sexy butt tattoo look its best, and you should consider this as part of your lifelong tattoo commitment until you can no longer bend at the knee. It may sound harsh, but it’s true. There is simply no excuse for a saggy butt tattoo.

3. Under Butt: If you want a less risque butt tattoo placement, why not consider the under butt, which is where your upper thigh meets the round curve of your derriere? Many women opt for little feminine designs in this spot, such as bows, verses, and other girly designs.

Pain and Regrets

I do not have a butt tattoo, so I can’t speak from experience. However, with all that extra padding, I would venture to guess your butt tattoo won’t be too painful to endure. On the other hand, healing is entirely another matter. I would recommend long, free-flowing dresses without any undergarments during the duration of your tattoo healing process. In addition, I wouldn’t sit for any prolonged periods of time. Standing or lying on your side would likely ensure the best butt tattoo results.

Rest assured, if you’re unhappy with your butt tattoo; you do have several options:

  • Don’t reveal your backside. Like, ever.
  • Cover up your small butt tattoo with a design you’re happier with. If your first butt tattoo was a joke or in poor taste, you could sweeten up that sour experience with something tasteful, like a cupcake tattoo.
  • Laser tattoo removal. (But… that’s another story.)
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