Breast Tattoos
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Are you considering a breast tattoo? Certainly one of the most feminine spots on the female form, you’ve likely already weighed any benefits or cons in tattooing your breast. Should you need a little lift in the right direction, these basic design ideas are perfect for the girls!

Placement of Breast Tattoos

Breast tattoos are usually placed right above the breast on the softer tissue of your chest. This means they can often be concealed with a t-shirt or blouse, but that is not always the case. Some women ink breast tattoos that are visible outside of the bra lines.

Popular Breast Tattoo Designs

Should you decide on a more prominent placement, you may also want to ensure the design stands up to time and, of course, the shifting shape of your breasts. These are my suggestions for breast tattoos:

Flowers: Opting for a beautiful floral breast tattoo is always a safe bet. Whether it be a red “Mom” tattoo or a bundle or free-flowing wildflowers, a nature-inspired design looks feminine and pretty.

Since you are drawing attention to your assets, adding a fancy floral piece won’t take away from your ladylike persona.

Script: Script tattoos are rather trendy at the moment for a good reason. They are simple yet expressive and never fail to make their mark. A verse tattoo placed right above your breast may declare a Bible verse, your child’s name, or even a few words of encouragement. Simple black ink tattoos also look classy over time since they will not fade as much. Sometimes less is more.

Pin-Up: Some girls just love their pin-ups, and they’re ready to place a sexy gal right on their chest. Remember, a pin-up needs some detail, so a design such as this will be larger in scale. This would be a better choice for someone who already has lots of tattoos, even on the neck, perhaps, to work this gal into a grander design.

Insects: I just love insect tattoos, and I think they can be creepy-cool when placed on the breast. Whether you opt for a beetle, a butterfly, or a spider, an insect breast tattoo is a little dark and mysterious, not the typical “girly girl” tattoo.

Lolita: Speaking of girly girls, some ladies want a demure tattoo for their breast design. This may include jewelry-inspired designs such as a framed cameo that peeks out from your blouse or even a feather tattoo that mimics the natural curve of the breast. Take a look at more girly tattoo suggestions right here: Lolita Tattoo Designs.

Covering Scar Tissue

Some women and men opt for breast tattoos after undergoing surgery for breast cancer. This type of reconstructive art can help you regain your self-esteem after losing “part” of yourself. Florals, lace bra tattoos, striking shield or crest designs, anchors, armor, you name it- can help you cope with the major body and emotional changes many people experience after breast surgery.

Remember, you CAN tattoo over scars, but the tissue is much more difficult and unpredictable to work with. There is also the likelihood that you will experience much more sensations on scar tissue, but believe me, after what you went through you can handle it like a trooper!

The most important aspect is finding a tattoo artist who is experienced in working with scar tissue. Be sure to check out their portfolios and work with your artist on a fitting design. Improve your outlook and improve your life! Breast scars do not have to define you. Consider a feather tattoo and embrace the new you. (You are beautiful!)

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