Body Piercing

Are you considering a nipple piercing, or perhaps a Monroe facial piercing, or even a corseted piece for a special event or photoshoot?

Spending some time considering the pros and cons of each popular body piercing will help you determine whether it’s the right choice for you and if it will make a worthy investment.

Below is a list of some of the most popular body piercings, along with an overview of the basics. I’ve listed mostly facial tattoos as they continue to rise in popularity for both men and women.

Bear in mind puncturing your face with any piercing does carry risks, from healing properly, to infection, and then the closure of the hole when you are tired of wearing your jewelry. Sometimes complete closure of a facial piercing can take up to a year!

Is that the normal time required to close a facial piercing? Not exactly, as most body modifications with the exception of lobe stretching and tongue splitting heal and close quickly without needing any surgical procedures. However, if you need to seek professional treatment at any time, do not hold back.

Body Piercing Jewelry

Facial piercings, especially lip piercings, are very prone to infection during the healing phases, simply because of how much bacteria exists in your mouth. You’ll want to follow all aftercare procedures to the exact in order to avoid any ill side effects as you heal your lip piercing.

Facial piercings are both a prominent and semi-permanent decision as most will leave a small amount of scar tissue after closing. You should be prepared for this, and ensure you’re ready to take the chance. In addition, any piercings that become infected carry even more risk of larger scars.

Either way, the appeal is still there! The following piercing styles make their own prominent mark and can pair very well with your individual and unique style. Take a look and decide which hole best suits you. You may decide to wear simply one of these modifications or wear them all.

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2. Labret Piercing

Right smack on the lip, the Labret piercing means business. Not to be distracted but have you ever kissed someone who wears one? I’m sorta sensual and I’m not sure how it would feel. Although I have read there is really not much of a difference. The key to this piercing is proper healing, as the mouth breeds plenty of bacteria that can later cause infection. Many people have also complained about the jewelry rubbing up against the gum line, causing irritation, or even biting on the adornment and chipping your teeth. Be careful with any mouth piercings before and after.

3. Monroe Piercing

Maybe you just weren’t born with it, but you can sure fake it with an artfully placed beauty mark facial piercing. The Monroe piercing is placed right above the lip.

4. Eyebrow Piercing

The eyebrow piercing can either draw attention to artfully groomed hair or distract from those strands that have been over-tweezed. Either way, it is a statement, one that is quite popular for good reason. This area is low on the pain scale and ranked high in social normalcy, so either way, you’re good. Just be careful when you comb your hair!

5. Nipple Piercing

One of the oldest and most sensual of body piercings, nipple piercing is a favored unisex modification that can stimulate arousal. Nipple piercing is a fairly painless procedure that can work for years. You can change the style of your jewelry to enhance the look, and it’s a body modification that can be hidden from everyone except for your romantic partner.

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