Currently, one of the most popular tattoo trends for girls inspired by many celebrities is a small flock of birds tattoo. Often placed on the shoulder blades, chest, or on an intimate curve of the back, the designs are dainty and also send the message of freedom and flight. Are you considering a bird tattoo?

Let’s take a look at the bird tattoo trend and decide whether or not you’re ready to make these feathered designs permanent.

Tattoo trends change year after year. Whether influenced by fashion, culture, or even from famous actresses, actors and musicians, one thing is certain- trends also come to an end. Look back in the 1990s when tribal tattoos were inked on nearly every bicep. Today tribal tattooing is much more respected when it’s done by an actual tribal member- often using ancient methods such as hand-poking.

Some of the most common and popular tattoo designs quickly become those paired with regret. Before you know it, you could be planning a costly laser tattoo removal appointment or a cover-up design.

For this reason, the last thing you should strive to do is to tattoo a popular design just because you like the way it looks in beauty magazines or on Pinterest. Tattoo designs should not only be appealing to the eye; they should carry personal significance if you really want to ensure you’ll never tire of it.

Who is a Bird Tattoo Right For?

Who is a Bird Tattoo Right For?

If you’ve considered all the risks and associations with your bird tattoo, you may go ahead and opt for one anyway. And that’s OK. Some people opt for trendy tattoos simply because they love them. While others love the subject matter and likely did far before it became popular. Many people may find themselves drawn into bird tattoo designs. From a bird-watcher to a pet owner, birds are just so chirping sweet.

Where to Place Your Bird Tattoo

Where to Place Your Bird Tattoo

If you’re opting for the most popular bird tattoo trends, you’ll see it is mostly a flock of birds, often flying out of a dandelion.

If you’d rather pass on this common design, ask your artist to custom design a bird tattoo that has much more meaning to you. You could also wear a single feather tattoo rather than ink the bird body.

Placement suggestions are subject to change based on the tattoo design, but with that said, there are several places bird tattoos like to flock to.

The back, arms, ribcage, and inner wrist all make lovely and sweet locations for your bird tattoo. Remember, you don’t have to use all black ink either. Make those sparrows blue, and place them outside of an Old School anchor or heart design for a truly timeless (not trendy) bird tattoo.

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