Wish and Luck Tattoo Designs

Call it wishful thinking, the following top 5 Wish and Luck tattoo designs aren’t just for dreamers.

Close your eyes and set adrift all your life’s passions and desires and ink something with personal meaning. You don’t need to tell a soul what your body art depicts just let these top 5 wish and luck tattoos represent them.

From horseshoes to star tattoos, get lucky and get tattooed with eternal optimism. From dandelion tattoos to horseshoes, close your eyes to a dreamy tattoo design or ink something steadfast and masculine like an Irish crest.


Dandelions Tattoo

It’s no wonder these promising weeds make one of the top 5 wish tattoo designs. A popular girls shoulder tattoo choice, dandelions capture the lost days of childhood and the beauty and magic that’s found in blowing away your desires and letting what will be, be.

Horseshoe Tattoos

Horseshoe Tattoos

For the animal lover or anyone who believes in bidding a bit of luck on a U-shape, a horseshoe tattoo makes a novel choice. Perhaps you hail from down south and want a western theme tattoo or something with a bit of equestrian flair? A horseshoe works on the inner wrist, shoulder, and hip bone. Don’t forget, the ends pointing down can equate bad luck!

Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly designs promise change and that’s exactly what most people are after when they make a wish, so it’s no wonder a butterfly can represent the beauty in dreams. Whether you’re making some life adjustments, letting go of old habits, or simply embracing the fluttering beauty of life, a butterfly tattoo makes one of the top 5 wish tattoos because if you can dream it, you can become it.

Clover Leaf Tattoo

Clover leaf tattoo meaning

Go ahead and share your luck of the Irish with a clover or shamrock tattoo that surely promises everything your precious heart wishes. Combined with Celtic or tribal-inspired knotwork, a clover or shamrock tattoo can make a pretty cool mens design idea. Consider adding a family crest and make a wish for the legend to continue.

Star Tattoos

star tattoo minimalist

What would the night be without a sky filled with stars? Surely not as promising. Star tattoos lead the pack for the top 5 wish tattoo designs and that’s rightfully so. Whether you ink just a few small stars behind your ear or inner wrist for personal meaning or create a celestial canvas or sleeve ode to a starry night, when you close your eyes and wish upon them, star tattoos can be a dream come true.

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