The residents of Miami love to flaunt their skin, influenced by the tropical environment they live in. Even amidst the year-round heat, both locals and tourists take pride in displaying finely inked body art. This affinity for body art has fostered a plethora of tattoo shops in this coastal metropolis, each offering exceptional tattoo designs.

For those who adore body art, discovering the finest places to procure everlasting mementos is paramount. Fortunately, you need not scour numerous web pages to pinpoint the premier tattoo establishments in Miami.

Below, you’ll find a comprehensive overview of top-rated and budget-friendly tattoo shops, each showcasing a diverse array of design profiles.

Tattoos By Lou Miami

Tattoos By Lou Miami


Instagram: @tattoosbyloumiami

Addresses: Kendall – 9820 S. Dixie HWY, North Beach – 456 NE 167 St., South Beach – 231 14th St.

Tattoos by Lou offers a trifecta of locations, giving Miami clients a versatile choice between South Beach, North Miami, or Kendall. This adaptability caters to various preferences and locations, solidifying its standing as one of Miami’s best tattoo shops. The family-owned studio boasts an extensive repertoire of tattoo designs, ranging from realism to portraits.

With an emphasis on safety, the studio employs single-use needles and sterilizes tools through an autoclave.

Experienced artists who take great pride in satisfying their client’s needs work at this professional establishment. Personalized consultations and aftercare services are also available, ensuring a seamless experience from beginning to end.

Whether you’re seeking an appointment or simply perusing past creations, visit their website or explore their Instagram page for inspiration.

Iris Tattoo Studio

Iris Tattoo Studio


Address: 2700 N Miami Ave., Suite 508, Miami, FL 33127

Iris Tattoo Studio is a haven for experienced artists specializing in diverse styles, committed to translating every idea into reality. Nestled in the vibrant Wynwood area, the studio bathes in ample light, creating an invigorating ambiance for clients seeking to transform their bodies into canvases.

Loved by locals, Iris redefines conventional tattoo aesthetics with fresh designs that capture Miami’s exuberant flair. Whether it’s geometric patterns, traditional American motifs, or watercolor dreams, their artists are skilled in a wide spectrum of styles.

The studio’s mission is to foster a comfortable environment, translating clients’ design visions into tangible masterpieces. The fusion of creativity and warmth within the studio resonates with its loyal clientele.

Oriana Tattoos

Oriana Tattoos


Instagram: @orianatattoo

Address: 219 71st St., Miami Beach

Upon visiting Oriana’s Instagram, one is immediately struck by the vivid solid colors adorning bare human skin. Each artwork is meticulously executed, tailored to the client’s desires. With an eye for proportions, both small and expansive designs integrate seamlessly with the skin.

Situated in the heart of Miami Beach, this studio excels in an array of styles, encompassing old-school watercolors and contemporary designs like religious, zodiac, Chinese, and Polynesian motifs, as well as cover-ups.

Operating seven days a week, walk-ins are welcome, offering accessibility and affordability without compromising quality.

Oriana Tattoo’s dedication to precision and luxurious service is evident through their integration of modern business ethics and state-of-the-art tattoo equipment. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this establishment stands as one of Miami’s premier tattoo studios.

Balinese Tattoo Miami

Balinese Tattoo Miami


Social: Facebook

Address: 7856 NW 71st St, Miami

Originating in 1992 by Emilia Laurel following her return from Bali to Venezuela, Balinese Tattoo’s journey led to its establishment in Miami. Recognized for its distinctive geometric styles and captivating use of color, the studio offers a spectrum encompassing both monochromatic and polychromatic designs.

Additionally, the studio excels in freehand creations and cover-ups, presenting an all-encompassing tattoo experience.

Love Hate Tattoos, now also known as Miami Ink, is an iconic destination for renowned tattoo artists in Miami. The studio houses an ensemble of talented professionals who cater to clients through scheduled appointments and walk-ins alike.

With a verified Instagram profile and celebrity endorsements, Love Hate Tattoos’ reputation is etched in its history. Having appeared on TLC’s Miami Ink reality show, it played an instrumental role in spotlighting the South Miami Beach lifestyle. The studio amalgamates modern-realist designs with classic aesthetics, a testament to the diverse needs of its clientele.

Owned by Ami James, along with resident artists Darren Brass and Federico Ferroni, Love Hate Tattoos expertly blends contemporary and traditional designs to provide unique, bold, and unforgettable ink. An exploration of their professional portfolio reveals a marriage of artistry and passion.

Love Hate Tattoos

Love Hate Tattoos

Also known as Miami Ink, Love Hate Tattoos is a popular home to some of the most famous ink artists in Miami. The studio is filled with several talented artists who not only take clients based on scheduled appointments but also walk-ins as well.

Love Hate Tattoos verified Instagram profile speaks for this brand. it’s famous with celebrities and commoners alike. It should be noted that this is the tattoo shop that was featured on TLC’s Miami Ink reality shop. It has played a role in making the South Miami Beach lifestyle more visible and notorious to the public eye. That’s why a lot of people who are keen on getting top-rated body-modification art studios normally visit this shop.

Ami James, the owner of Love Hate Tattoos, together with resident artists such as Darren Brass and Federico Ferroni blends an eclectic mix of modern-realist design with old-school designs to cater to numerous clients needs. that’s why this tattoo studio is popular with locals as well as impulsive tourists who are looking for a permanent souvenir that will remind them of South Beach. Overall, the designs inked by professional artists are big, bold, and unique.

Tattoo & Co., Miami

Tattoo & Co., Miami


Social: Instagram

Address: Midtown Miami Tower 2, 3449 NE, 1St Ave.

Nestled in Midtown Miami, Tattoo & Co. stands as a beacon of artistry, specializing in translating imagination into body art, encompassing tattoos, piercings, and permanent makeup.

Established in 2003, this esteemed studio continues to thrive through the years, consistently attracting new clients. Award-winning and enduring, Tattoo & Co. boasts a cadre of professionals dedicated to transforming your visions into stunning tattoo realities.

Strategically situated in Midtown Miami, the studio offers the convenience of integrating appointments with daily errands. Embodying the slogan “We Create Dreams and Fix Nightmares,” Tattoo & Co. ensures meticulous attention to detail, all guided by experienced artisans.

The studio presents an extensive array of custom-designed tattoos, spanning Fantasy, Tribal, Dragon, Symbol, Cartoon, Oriental, Portrait, and Calligraphy motifs. This rich diversity is unified by their commitment to excellence.

Oxygen Tank Tattoo Studio

Oxygen Tank Tattoo Studio


Facebook: oxygenink

Address: 1521 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach

Oxygen Tank Tattoo Studio radiates vibrancy and innovation. Its website envelops visitors in a captivating purple hue, offering a glimpse into the studio’s creative realm.

Recognized for its outstanding inking prowess, the studio even made an appearance on the Tattoo Nightmare Show.

The portfolio showcases iconic designs, such as the Marilyn Monroe portrait and a fierce tiger depiction. Oxygen Tank Tattoo Studio prides itself on delivering not just tattoos, but a lifestyle and an enduring experience. A commitment to adhering to industry certifications and professional licensing underpins their operations.

Dharma Tattoo

Dharma Tattoo


Address: 40 Curtis Parkway, Miami Springs

Dharma Tattoo, founded in 2006 by Loco Dharma, boasts a stellar reputation. This Miami-based tattoo and piercing studio stands as a paragon of excellence, drawing on over a decade of experience to fulfill clients’ tattoo aspirations.

The studio specializes in crafting custom tattoo designs, spanning traditional, neotraditional, watercolor, and geometric styles. Black and gray tattoos are also within their wheelhouse, showcasing their versatility. Catering to both small and large-scale pieces, Dharma Tattoo offers a comprehensive array of choices, tailored to individual preferences.

Embracing a commitment to precision, safety, and a familial atmosphere, Dharma Tattoo’s team continuously seeks innovation while utilizing cutting-edge equipment. Note that appointments are necessary, reflecting their dedication to quality and personalized attention.

Ocho Placas Tattoo Company

Ocho Placas Tattoo Company


Instagram: ochoplacastattoo

Address: 6240 SW 8th St, Miami

The brainchild of Javier Betancourt and John Vale, Ocho Placas Tattoo Company stands as a sanctuary for ink enthusiasts. The artists’ mastery is evident in their ability to infuse simplicity with meaning, breathing life into even intricate concepts.

In 2007, the Miami New Times dubbed this establishment the Best Tattoo Shop in Miami, a distinction it continues to uphold. By harnessing resident and guest artists’ talents, Ocho Placas ensures that clients can align their personal preferences with an artist’s expertise.


Best Tattoo Shops in Miami: Inkaholik


Instagram: inkaholiktattoos

Addresses: Kendall, 10855 SW 72nd St.; North Miami, 11730 Biscayne Blvd.; Bird Road, West Miami, 8367 SW 40th St.

Inkaholik, with three Miami locations, has solidified its position as a premier tattoo destination. Boasting a substantial Instagram following and an esteemed reputation, this award-winning company caters to a diverse clientele, each seeking tailored tattoo experiences.

With an extensive range of tattoo artists specializing in various styles, from Japanese irezumi to photorealism, Inkaholik’s portfolio underscores its authenticity and uniqueness. Setting itself apart, the studio operates seven days a week, accommodating both appointments and walk-ins.

The impressive 4.9-star Google reviews for each location further attest to the studio’s unwavering dedication to excellence.

Circus Tattoo

Circus Tattoo, Miami


Phone: 1-305-532-3003

Address: 1323 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach

Circus Tattoo, a prominent Miami-based tattoo shop, stands as a testament to experience and artistry. Flourishing for over two decades, the studio has refined its craft, offering patrons a wealth of expertise. Circus Tattoo is home to passionate artists committed to transforming clients’ visions into living artworks. Each session is marked by meticulous sterilization, ensuring client safety.

Circus Tattoo’s reputation has been cemented through premium custom tattoo designs, capturing attention and securing a distinct place within Miami’s tattoo scene. The studio’s artists have been featured in national publications, further solidifying their position as industry frontrunners.

Selecting the Top Tattoo Shops

Several pivotal factors guided the selection of the premier tattoo shops in Miami. These factors encompass:

  • Design Variety: Establishments offering a wide spectrum of design options resonate with clients, allowing for expansive choices without limitations.
  • Experience: Expertise is crucial in crafting tattoos, inspiring confidence and trust in clients seeking masterful inkwork.
  • Reputation: Esteemed brands with a history of catering to clients’ unique preferences have merit, reflecting customer satisfaction.
  • Qualifications: Building client trust necessitates verifying licenses, certifications, and awards, reflecting the studio’s professionalism.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the ideal tattoo design?

Choosing the perfect tattoo design is a personal journey. Seek inspiration that aligns with your preferences, whether it’s tribal, traditional, realistic, or biomechanical.

What is the cost of tattoos in Miami?

Costs vary depending on location, requirements, and artist expertise. Many professionals charge per hour, reflecting their skill level.

What is the minimum age for getting a tattoo in Miami?

In Florida, individuals must be 18 or older to get a tattoo. However, 16- and 17-year-olds can obtain tattoos with notarized consent from a guardian or parent.

Can I get a tattoo while I’m sick?

It’s advisable to avoid getting tattooed when unwell, as your immune system is compromised. Prioritize your recovery and reschedule your appointment.

In Conclusion

Miami’s tattoo scene mirrors the city’s vibrancy, offering an array of tattoo shops with diverse designs. The reviewed studios stand among Miami’s finest, each boasting a legacy built on experience, passion, and skill. These establishments cater to an array of preferences, from subtle designs to full-scale masterpieces. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these tattoo studios ensure professional and confident interactions while delivering enduring artistry.

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