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When talking about shoulder tattoos, we should date back to thousands of years to the Pacific and African tribes who used them as a means to identify an individual’s tribe and rank within a tribe. Besides, they were used to commemorate battlefield accomplishments. Shoulder tattoos can represent the wearer who wants to carry through life, a relationship, a belief, or even just a favorite thing.

It is no doubt that there is a list of things you need to consider before making a decision to have a tattoo. You will consider the design of a tattoo, the size and shape of a tattoo, and most importantly, the position of the tattoo you place. The shoulder is still one of the most popular places for a tattoo. The contours of the shoulder create a three-dimensional look of the truly stunning tattoos. You can choose floral garlands, shooting stars, Celtic knots, dragons, or even abstract tribal designs.

Do Shoulder Tattoos Hurt?

A young women with a snake Shoulder Tattoos

The shoulder is one of the less painful places to get a tattoo, and the skin does not wrinkle or stretch much on the shoulder, leaving your tattoo looking good for much longer than in other places.

In fact, you can choose any design of tattoo as nearly all ideas of design are suitable for shoulder tattoos. Some may say that the level of pain is one of the concerns before getting a tattoo. No one disagrees that shoulder tattoos are generally considered to be the least painful ones, as the pain is usually proportionate to the amount of padding on the area being tattooed.

Advantages of Having a Shoulder Tattoo

Advantages of Shoulder Tattoos

There are really many advantages of shoulder tattoos. They are great for those who want to cover their tattoos for work or school periodically. Upper arm tattoos require you to wear long sleeves in order to avoid offending people.

A shoulder tattoo doesn’t have such a problem. You can choose both short and long sleeves clothing. If you want to show off your shoulder tattoo, you can just choose a tank top. They don’t require you to go topless like a back tattoo.

Another advantage of shoulder tattoos is their longevity. It is the fact that the location of a tattoo directly correlates with the duration of keeping its brightness.

If you want to have a long and stunning tattoo, there are two important factors that you should consider when locating your tattoo.

The first one is how much sunlight it will receive, and the second one is how much bending it will have to endure.

Sun is a notorious fader of tattoo ink. It is no doubt that the less sunlight and tanning on your tattoo is, the better you can keep the tattoo. The less bending it experiences, the less likely its inks to blur its details. 

  • Placing a piece of art on the shoulder really gives the tattoo artist and the one getting the inc a lot of possibilities.
  • The shoulders have lots of space, giving room for both thin, detailed patterns as well as thick impressive ones.
  • The tattoo can be extended down to the arm, evolving to either a half or a full sleeve.
  • It can be extended to the chest or to the neck and back. 
  • Another good thing when making a shoulder tattoo is the size and shape of the shoulder. Its contours make it really easy to re-shape and fit almost any kind of art.
  • One great advantage with shoulder tattoos is the ability to blend them in to complement and extend earlier tattoos on the back, chest, or arm.
  • If you have a detailed tattoo on the arm, you could extend it up to the shoulder and onto your back, having it transform from very detailed down on your arm to a thick tribal or Celtic design on your shoulder and then back to a more detailed design on your neck or upper back.
  • Having shoulder tattoos makes them really easy to hide both from people and from the most horrible enemy, the sun. Since the shoulders are covered most of the time, the inc will last for long.

Shoulder Tattoo Designs

Shoulder Tattoo Designs

Shoulder tattoo designs look really cool on both men and women. The shoulder area is such a nice place to get a tattoo because it is easy to cover up when you need to with even a T-shirt or jersey, but just as easy to show off with a sleeveless shirt or at the beach in a bikini (girls) or no shirt (guys).

What kind of tattoo design can you get for your shoulder?

Absolutely anything you want! You can keep it simple with a word or a phrase, an outline of an animal, a flower tattoo design, Japanese lettering, tribal tattoos, a sun, a heart, maybe a beautiful fairy or an angel.

The ideas are endless, and you can even combine multiple designs into one single tattoo and have that inked on your shoulder.

Choosing Your Perfect Shoulder Tattoo Design

Cute Shoulder Tattoo Design Ideas

It is good to take as much time as you need to find your perfect tattoo design. Never rush into getting a tattoo because once you have it, the tattoo is for life, and then it should be a tattoo you are proud of, one that you are happy to have on your skin and that will make you feel good.

In my opinion, the best place to find your perfect tattoo design is in an online tattoo design gallery.

  • You can choose from over 3500 unique and award-winning designs, all organized by category.
  • You have access to the tattoo design gallery for life for just $35.
  • You can print out as many designs as you want and take them to your tattoo parlor to get them inked, and if you are not happy with the designs in the tattoo gallery, you can get a full refund within 60 days; no questions asked.

Shoulder Tattoo Facts

Shoulder Tattoo Facts

Having a tattoo is something that has to be decided on only after placing lots of thought and consideration about it. This is because the tattoo is a permanent piece of art that can only be removed surgically if you want to remove it.

There are many tattoo designs for you to choose from, which can be placed on different parts of your body like your hip, thigh, head, shoulder, and forearm; in fact, on any part of your body.

The best type of tattoo for you to have is a shoulder tattoo; this is because it can be covered when and if required.

The reason you will have to cover your tattoo is that most employers don’t prefer hiring employees having tattoos.

Moreover, if you choose employment with the military or police forces, tattoos don’t project the dignity you earn with the uniform you wear.

So if your tattoo is on a place that can be seen by everyone, like the forearm, neck, or head, it may be a bit difficult to get employment.

With a shoulder tattoo, you can cover the tattoo with a shirt when working, and when you want to have your friends and fiancé to see the tattoo, you just have to go shirtless or wear some tank tops or a singlet. 

So it is quite beneficial to wear a shoulder tattoo. Moreover, if there is a mistake in the tattoo, which is not often, it will be covered if it is a shoulder tattoo.

Another reason people prefer shoulder tattoos is because shoulder tattoos usually run to the upper arm, which is one of the least painful places for a tattoo.

However though this region may not be painful, the inside skin of the upper arm is rather sensitive. So if your shoulder tattoo should run to your upper arm, remember that the inner part of the upper arm may make you grit your teeth.

The best way to look for tattoo artists for your tattoo would be either by using the yellow pages or the internet. There are numerous listings of tattoo artists; it is up to you to choose the best by its popularity and maybe from references from friends and relatives.

It is important that you choose a tattoo artist who practices safe and hygienic methods of drawing tattoos to avoid infections and the spread of diseases through the tattoo.

The shoulder tattoo usually runs from the back to the shoulder and the chest. Then there are other shoulder tattoos that run from the shoulder to the upper arm.

It is up to you to decide on the type of shoulder tattoo that you want and the tattoo design that you use to get that type of shoulder tattoo.

There are many tattoo designs for you to choose from for your shoulder tattoos, like dragon tattoos, lizard tattoos, tribal tattoos, butterfly tattoos, and many more.

You just have to choose a tattoo artist who is reputable, look through their portfolio to get an idea for a shoulder tattoo, and make requests for the preferred colors for the shoulder tattoo.

Why Shoulder Tattoo Designs are Popular?

Popular Shoulder Tattoo Designs

A very popular place to get a tattoo is the shoulder. This is due to the fact shoulder tattoo designs are so versatile, and they allow you a great deal of flexibility in placement.

Most people who get a shoulder tattoo are using that location on the body because it’s easy to cover up if you’re unable to show it at work or because it can really tie other tattoos you have together.

Shoulder tattoo designs can come in many different forms, such as tribal tattoo design pieces similar to what Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has, which also ties into the sleeve he has.

Solo tattoo pieces like the character “Angel” from the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer had, are also quite popular for people getting their first tattoo.

Shoulder tattoos are also a great place to get a tattoo that means a lot to you, like a Celtic cross to represent your nationality.

When choosing a shoulder tattoo design, you want to make sure it’s something that suits you because when you’re at the beach, people will see your tattoo and want to know its meaning likely.

A good idea when choosing a shoulder tattoo design is to have an artist, tattoo, or other go over your design to make sure it’s something that will suit your body and the image you want to display.

Sometimes a little extra critiquing of a shoulder tattoo design is necessary in order to give you the best tattoo experience you can imagine.

An artist can also help you come up with additions to the shoulder tattoo design you like. You can tie it in with other ink, cover up a tattoo a little bit that you don’t want anymore, or create adaptations that allow future ink that you could desire in the future to flow better.

The versatility of the shoulder tattoo and the shoulder tattoo designs that correlate with them is the root of the popularity of shoulder tattoo designs.

You have so many different options that you can select from when trying to find a shoulder tattoo design that you like.

You can even use your body type to help guide you in your selection. For example, if your shoulder blades stick out a bit, use them to help enhance the tattoo.

As mentioned, shoulder tattoos and shoulder tattoo designs are very popular because you can just put a shirt on, and then it’s covered up.

If you have many tattoos, this isn’t an issue for you at this point, but if it’s your first tattoo, it’s a very good spot to get a tattoo done for the aforementioned ability to cover the tattoo up easily.

Whether or not you have one tattoo or many, or perhaps you just like the designs, shoulder tattoo designs are very interesting because of the versatility of the designs and how much they can tie other pieces of work together.

When considering a tattoo, don’t forget to think about getting one on your shoulder as it is a really great place to get a tattoo and the shoulder tattoo designs are always very interesting.

Shoulder Tattoo Designs and the Women Who Love Them

Tattoo Designs for Women

Shoulder tattoo designs are gaining in popularity and have become increasingly popular with women. Nowadays, you can find a lot of cute and very feminine shoulder tattoo designs alongside the aggressive designs which men prefer.

When it comes to shoulder tattoos, there are basically two areas on the shoulder that one can consider as places for a shoulder tattoo: the first one would be on the back of the shoulder, which can refer to the area either on or close to the shoulder blade, and the second one is on the upper part of the arm.

Getting a tattoo on either of those areas will make for a great-looking tattoo, and both can be easily hidden if the occasion requires it.

The shoulder tattoo designs that were meant for men have traditionally been aggressive, usually portraying things like skulls, tigers, and dragons or tribal patterns of varied intricacy.

On the other hand, the shoulder tattoo designs that are meant for women are considerably less aggressive and much more feminine and sexy, usually portraying things like shooting stars, dolphins, flowers, birds in flight, and zodiac symbols.

Each design projects a different image depending on each woman’s personality. For instance, a tattoo of a dolphin might represent playfulness and beauty, while a zodiac sign will show that the wearer is proud of who she is.

Shoulder tattoo designs are usually bigger than those you would get on the ankle or some other hidden place, so getting a shoulder tattoo is definitely a bolder statement.

Even if a shoulder tattoo is composed of very cute imagery, it will show that the wearer has confidence in herself.

For women, a shoulder tattoo is about a sense of empowerment and showing the world that you are not afraid of being yourself.

Even if the tattoo has to be covered, whether for work or a more serious social event, it is still on the body, and the confidence of having it there will be reflected in the way the wearer acts.

The shoulder tattoo can prove to be quite a versatile concept since the same basic design can be used in a simplified version for small tattoos, or they can be expanded and enlarged to cover a larger area.

Also, sometimes they can become part of an entire sleeve tattoo design which covers the whole arm and extend all the way down.

When you’re looking for shoulder tattoo designs, all you need to do is to keep an open mind because you’ll never know where you’ll find that perfect design.

Of course, nowadays, thanks to the advent of the Internet, there are a lot of choices out there, and you can find pretty much anything and everything that you might want to wear on your shoulder.

You can find several websites online that offer thousands of very varied tattoo designs, and undoubtedly you’ll find some shoulder tattoo designs that work great with your personality and lifestyle.

How do I Find a Unique Shoulder Tattoo Design?

Find a Unique Shoulder Tattoo Design

Even though it’s one of the most popular tattoo places on the human body, shoulder tattoo designs can be very hard to find. The most common types of artwork to place on the shoulders are Celtic designs, dragons, skulls, initials, and Tribal art.

When choosing a shoulder tattoo design, you should be very picky. As mentioned earlier, it’s a great spot to place a piece of art, so don’t waste it! And as always, when choosing a tattoo, don’t go for the popular one. You should like the design yourself.

Ideas For Shoulder Tattoos


Ideas For Tribal Shoulder Tattoos

For men getting a tribal tattoo on their shoulder is very popular. A lot of men take their shoulder tattoo and make it span from there to their arm and up to the front of their shoulder. Not only will the tattoo look good because of its placement, but it will also be easy to add onto if you want another tattoo at a later date.


script tattoos for guys

For women, script and Chinese lettering are the most common thing they get. The nice thing about having either one of these as your shoulder tattoo is that you can write anything you want.

Many celebrities get this using quotes, hymns, and even scriptures from the bible. If you do plan on getting Chinese lettering, I would highly recommend that you do the research yourself because you don’t want to leave it up to somebody else to make sure the Chinese lettering is actually right.

Art Form

unique tattoo styles

Having a tattoo on your back is such a great thing because you can put anything you want on it. A lot of people get shoulder tattoos with different kinds of art, such as; large wings, animals, photos of family members, and even prominent periods in their life.

If there is something that you want to remember or something that you like, then having it placed on your shoulder blades through some type of art will be a great thing for you.

When it comes to getting shoulder tattoos, there are some things that you need to be aware of before you get one and after you get one. Below you will find a few things to be aware of regarding a shoulder blade tattoo.

Things To Know About Shoulder Tattoos

Things To Know About Shoulder Tattoos

They Don’t Hurt

The first thing that you should know about shoulder tattoos is that they don’t hurt as much as you think they do. What hurts the most is when you have a lot of muscle, not bode, and the reason is because your muscles are closer to the top layer of skin than any bone is.

They Will Not Fade

A common misconception about a shoulder tattoo is that it will fade because your shirt (or bra for women) will rub up against it. What you need to understand is that all tattoos will fade over time, and just because you have it on your back doesn’t mean it will fade any quicker. A lot of people think this, but the truth is that your shirt is not hard enough to run the ink out of the skin.

Your Possibilities Are Endless

One other thing that you need to know is that you have a lot of possibilities as far as your tattoo is concerned. What most people don’t realize is that since your back is the largest spot on your body, you will be able to get anything that you want, hence the endless possibilities.

Like with anything permanent, this could be a scary decision to make but just know that once you have the knowledge of a shoulder tattoo, you will be able to make the decision much easier. Just remember that people all over the world get shoulder tattoos, and the reason is because that is the best place on the human body to get one.

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