The beautiful butterfly tattoos

Butterfly tattoos are common for a large variety of reasons. Besides being pretty to look at, butterfly tattoos can vary greatly and have many unique designs for people to choose from. They can look simple or sophisticated.

Butterfly tattoo designs are a popular option that many women consider when deciding whether to create a highlight to show their personalities and give them a special attraction.

It is not difficult to explain the popularity of butterfly tattoos. From ancient Greek Mythological stories to the present day, the butterfly has been a favorite animal of humanity because of its transcendent beauty and fascinating life cycle.

Butterfly tattoo images usually include flowers

Each of us has different preferences to create a beautiful tattoo, and we often tend to incorporate a tattoo with a few more differences. All of this had a great influence on the final decision on your tattoo.

butterfly tattoos for women

The butterfly is a symbol of regeneration and growth

The butterfly tattoo is inspired by many different cultures and by giving the meanings of tattoos that are often associated with each other. Tribal and Celtic tattoo designs are one of the most popular tattoo styles carrying some deep meaning. In Celtic culture, butterflies are the symbol of rebirth and growth in accordance with eco-conscious women.

Besides being pretty to look at, butterfly tattoos may also be symbols with various meanings such as sexuality, freedom, etc. They may even have religious meanings embedded.

butterfly tattoos meaning

The butterfly is also the expression of the freedom

In the culture of Greece and Russia, a butterfly is also a symbol of femininity and charm, even as representative of a pure soul. The meaning of the butterfly symbol is freedom, and many women choose them as a reminder of the opportunity in front of them.

small butterfly tattoos

You can tattoo where your desired

The location of the butterfly tattoo is entirely due to our selection. However, the most appropriate places for the butterfly tattoo as regional backbone baits, ankle, or waist. Those who want to make an impression strong can also choose tattoos pictured at a few other impressive places on the body.

butterfly tattoo location

Colorful tattoo

The size of the tattoo is a difficult subject for many women. However, the truth is that size is not a determining factor when it comes to the overall quality of the tattoo. One simple decision that still has to be mentioned is the color of the tattoo. While the majority of the selection of colorful tattoos, tattoo color is sometimes preferred, depending on the meaning of the tattoo. Butterfly tattoos can sometimes be combined with other symbols to guarantee their originality. Wanting to combine many elements may be the result that customers desire. Usually, two or more different tattoos that can be combined into a complex tattoo.

Given all these connections to ancients myths and history, coupled with a range of colors and patterns on offer, it is no surprise that tattoos of butterfly wings are a favorite among women when they decide on a tattoo.

Colorful butterfly tattoo

Butterfly Tattoo in conjunction with other animals

A good illustration of this idea can be in one of the following images, the feminine Butterfly tattoo back cleverly combined with a more daring element, the image of a tiger. This can be a perfect choice for those who prefer sensitive women embrace, but at the same time proud wild, highlighting both at the same time. Flowers can sometimes be added to a butterfly tattoo is also to create a complex image to add feminine beauty with tattoos.

Butterfly Tattoo in conjunction with other animals

When the butterfly tattoo is placed in the belts, discreet yet tattoo just so strong. Although not required, the colors from the largest tattoo and other elements to create the connection will create a unified image to ensure the harmonization of the tattoo as a whole.

Selection of the Perfect design of Butterfly Tattoo Design

Here are some reasons why butterfly tattoo designs are so popular:

  1. Butterflies are pretty by nature, and as a result, butterfly tattoos can take many forms and colors.
  2. The designs can be modified to fit almost anywhere on the body. e.g., belly button, hips, waist, wrists, etc.
  3. As the size of the design can vary greatly, they can range from complicated designs to very simple ones. That means they are flexible enough to be suitable for almost everyone.
  4. There’s lots of room for the tattoo artist to be creative when it comes to butterfly tattoos. If the butterfly spreads its wings, the artist will have lots of room to draw attractive patterns. If it doesn’t, the artist can draw lots of sexy-looking curves.
  5. There are between 15,000 and 20,000 species of butterflies worldwide. That means there are lots of designs to choose from!
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