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In honor of the premiere of “Gotham,” we’re admiring all these incredible Batman tattoos.

Guys, everybody is already obsessed with Gotham, and it’s not even a day old. Our sister site Crushable says it’s a great watch for everybody, and we trust their judgment more than anybody’s on all things pop culture (you should see their trivia skills, seriously). In honor of this awesome precursor to the story of Batman, one of the most popular franchises in history, we’ve decided to round up some of its biggest fans–the kind who have actually gotten Batman tattoos.

Whether you’re obsessed with books, movies, or HBO shows starring lots of violent naked people, getting a tattoo to show how much you care about it is a big step. The cool thing about Batman is that because you can take inspiration from the comic book, the cartoon, the 90s films, the ones from the past ten years, Gotham, or some avant-garde watercolor adaptation of it there’s a huge range of directions you can go in. Here are some of our favorite ones people have popped on their own bodies!

1. The Batman/” Starry Night” Combo

Batman Tattoos In Honor Of The Premiere Of Gotham
Via Pinterest.

So, uh, this is probably the coolest tattoo I’ve seen in I-don’t-know-how-long. According to this blog, the tattoo was created by Polish artist Dominika Gardockawhom I now wish would do all of my tattoos ever, because wooow.

2. The Incredibly Artistic Batman Half-Sleeve

Artistic Batman Half-Sleeve
Via Odd Stuff Magazine.

Another one that made me say “whoa” aloud, this half-sleeve is fantastic and uses black, gray, and white in such an unbelievably dynamic way.

3. The Batman + Joker Symbol

The Batman and Joker Symbol

This tattoo creeps me out a ton, which is exactly why it’s so amazing.

4. The Bat Symbol With Spatters

Bat Symbol With Spatters
Via Polyvore.

While there were lots and lots of Batman symbols that people had as tattoos, the size and splatters of this tattoo make it much more striking.

5. Superman And Batman

Superman And Batman Tattoos

Not to sound like a tool, but the juxtaposition of these two tattoos is wonderful. I have foot tattoos that go together, as well, so I’m particularly fond of ones like this that look great as a pair and individually (though I suppose it’s not often that you’re only seeing one foot at a time). The sketchy, “faded” aspect makes it even cooler.

6. The Most Super Of Side Boob Tattoos

Most Super Of Side Boob Tattoos

As you may already know, I love showing up some side boob, so I am a big fan of tattoos like this. It’s the perfect placement, and it’s also small enough that if you don’t love having everyone spot your tattoos right away, you can cover them up easily.

7. The Joker

The Joker Tattoo
Via Blogof.

If your jaw just dropped, you’re not alone; I gasped when I saw this. I couldn’t believe how beautiful and creepy it was at the same time. And those colors.

8. Harvey Dent’s “Die A Hero” Quote

Harvey Dent's “Die A Hero” Quote
Via Pinterest.

While this quote has been endlessly memed out, it’s still an awesome one from The Dark Knight, said first by Harvey Dent and later repeated by Batman.

9. Batman As A Sugar Skull

Batman As A Sugar Skull Tattoo

Another creative interpretation of Batman’s mask, this sugar skull/comic book mash-up has some seriously gorgeous colors.

10. Batman And Catwoman

Batman And Catwoman Tattoo
Via Fashionably Geek.

What better way to celebrate a storied union than with a super creative silhouette tattoo? According to Fashionably Geek, this tattoo was done by Rich Sensale at Space Ace Tattoo in North Bellmore, NY.

11. Shadow Puppet Batman

Shadow Puppet Batman tattoo

First of all, amazing idea. Secondly, unreal execution. This tattoo by Dr. Woo at Mark Mahoney’s Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood, CA, is probably one of my favorites I’ve ever seen.

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