The following tips for attending a tattoo festival may help you decide upon the artist of your choice as well as ensure their availability calendar. If you have never attended a tattoo convention before these insights will also explain what to expect- whether you are attending as a tattoo enthusiast, someone who is just curious, or even as a serious tattoo collector.

Attending Tattoo Convention
Tips for Attending a Tattoo Convention. Image: @milanotattooconvention

What is a Tattoo Convention?

Tattoo conventions and music festivals take place all over the world. These usually large events showcase many different tattoo artists who are working on the floor, delivering their unique art style for customers who may otherwise never be able to get a tattoo from them, due to location or availability.

Many well-known and even celebrity tattoo artists attend tattoo festivals and conventions. If you’re seeking a professional tattoo, you may want to consider going to a convention even before your local tattoo shops. This is why.

What Happens At A Tattoo Convention

Attending a Tattoo Convention

Tattoo conventions will charge an admission fee and that amount is subject to differ based on the artists in attendance, the popularity of the event, and whatever live entertainment is provided for attendees.

Many tattoo festivals feature musical acts, some are even well-known bands. Other events feature side-show acts, dance or burlesque shows, as well as tattoo competitions where artists are recognized for excellence in a particular genre of style based on their work at the show.

The best way to plan to go to a convention is to find one in your area or in the largest city nearest to your home. You can also check the tattoo calendar here, but please be advised the only inclusions on this list are from promoters that have submitted their event details.

Booking a Tattoo Appointment

Once you’ve found a tattoo convention you’re willing to travel to, the next step is to check out the roster of artists that have secured their booths. Tattoo artists pay to attend the conventions as well-and their main goal is to serve as many customers that they can in the short while they are there.

Because of this, you’ll find many tattoo artists only book small time slots at the convention. This allows the artist to ensure they’ll make money, even if several of their online bookings do not show up for their appointments. If you have an artist you are in-between sessions with, they will usually be happy to serve you during the convention, so be sure to reach out and arrange details with their booking staff or do so directly with the artist.

What Not to Do

There’s always a chance for tattoo regret, so be careful before you rush in and get all excited about ink. Plan your ideas carefully and have a goal in mind rather than get all caught up in the excitement. You should also dress accordingly for any anticipated art. Loose button-down shirts, dresses, or shorts should the weather permit make safe clothing options.

Other Things to Do

On top of checking out the other tattoo artists at the tattoo festival, be sure to collect your share of business cards and stickers. These sorts of promotional items make for a fun collection for the enthusiast or collector alike. In addition, you may want to update your body jewelry from any of the piercing retailers, get a new body piercing, or shop for trendy and unique tattoo-related apparel.

So long as you plan ahead, attending a tattoo festival is an excellent way to get body art from a renowned tattoo artist, all while enjoying your weekend amongst other fans of the culture.

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