If you’re seeking a body art design that is significant and meaningful you may want to consider an astrology tattoo.

What is Astrology?

Astrology is the study of birth signs and planetary movements and the effect they have on one another. This includes the significance of the impact they have on personal character traits and even human relationships.

Astrology encompasses metaphysical studies. Often considered the “Mother of all Sciences”, astrology is founded on theory and intuition. Some people believe astrology weighs heavily on their life, including the choices they make, the partners they keep, and even their own unique skill sets. Others make no claims to astrology at all, and consider the forces or the star patterns to be irrelevant in the grand scheme of life.

These people keep on checking Astrological sources daily, to know what may happen to them next, or what to seek in their partners. There are even online psychic readings one may visit. People prefer different resources when reading about their horoscopes, such as daily newspapers, online mediums. For instance, if you are a Cancer, you may check Zodiac Story’s Cancer star sign to know more about your sign. 

No matter what you believe in regards to astrology, one thing is certain- every person born is represented under one of the twelve sun signs. From there, we often live life and check out horoscopes to see if there’s anything exciting in-store.

There are several different zodiac or astrology tattoo ideas. First, there is the glyph that symbolizes the zodiac sign. These small scripted designs are universal and can be researched on the Internet or in astrology books.

Another idea for astrology tattoos includes star patterns or constellations. These sorts of designs have almost a connect-the-dots style to them and work well on the back or inner arm.

Last you may consider the representation of animals or elements with each star sign. Every astrological sign is either an Air, Water, Earth, or Fire sign. You can use these elements to create a fantastical piece of body art that describes the zodiac symbols without resorting to the glyphs which are very common in a traditional astrology tattoo.

Where to Place Astrology Tattoos

Because astrology tattoos are often small in scale, they make the perfect design ideas for areas such as the inner wrist, ankle, forearm, behind the ear, and even the foot.

Of course, your astrology tattoo can be much larger and even create an entire colorful scene on your back. If you seek out a reputable and experienced Realism tattoo artist, you may decide to ink the entire astrology wheel, or perhaps just a few meaningful signs from within your own family or close circle of friends.

The best part about astrology tattoos is that you’re least likely to regret them. Rather than a name tattoo to symbolize lovers, or a quote or a verse tattoo you may grow tired of, an astrology tattoo will have lifelong sentiment without being obvious what or who it even symbolizes. Should a bad breakup with your lover occur, there’s a one out of twelve chance you’ll meet another with her sign? If you have children, tattooing their astrology signs on your body means you’ll carry a little part of their existence on your body forever, no matter where they are in this universe.

Zodiac Tattoos Meaning

Zodiac symbol tattoos can be a beautiful and meaningful way to show what is unique to you. They can embody your personality traits and hide your deepest secrets in plain sight. And since they are all connected to their designated constellations, planets, elements, and mythological stories, they are perfect for astrology fans as well.

There are twelve Zodiacal signs associated with their own unique imagery and character aspects. Each has its own original constellation and ruling planet. The twelve signs are unique and easily distinguishable. Any of them, when combined with other ideas from that particular sign, could be excellent Zodiac tattoos.

Some signs represent animals, and these are likely to be the easiest for designing Zodiac symbol tattoos. One of the most popular is Taurus, and as the name may suggest, the glyph resembles a bull with horns. The first Zodiacal sign, Aries, is associated with the Fire element and represented by the Ram. Its glyph is actually distinguishable as the creature, as it is a simple drawing of a letter “V” with curved ends, representing Ram’s horns.

Others still are represented by animals, even though their glyph may not seem to match. Cancer is often shown as a crab, yet its glyph does not suggest an image of the creature. Cancer’s element is Water, which indicates a changing spirit and the need to see new things. The fifth Zodiacal sign is Leo, from a mythological tale of a lion. The lion is a commonly seen tattoo for Leo, yet the glyph is merely a curvy line. The tenth sign, Capricorn, tells a story of a half-goat creature who ruled the land by day and the sea by night. Its glyph resembles an “n” with a curled loop underneath. The last animal-related sign is Pisces, the twelfth and last. Its glyph loosely resembles its idea of two fish joined together. There is limitless imagery that may be incorporated into Zodiac symbol tattoos by using ideas from each sign’s animal.

Most of the remaining signs are represented by humans, such as the sixth sign, Virgo. It is an Earth element sign and relates to fertility and purity. It is often associated with the image of a lovely young girl. The third sign, Gemini, is open to the imagination and very popular in Zodiac symbol tattoos. The idea conveyed by this sign is “twins.” Its mirror-image essence may be used on any conceivable object or notion. There are two more signs related to people – Sagittarius, the Archer, and Aquarius, the Water Carrier. These are typically male, but anything goes when it comes to designing your ideal Zodiac symbol tattoos.

The last remaining sign is the only one not portrayed by a living creature. It is Libra, the seventh Zodiacal sign, represented by the Scales of Justice. Its glyph is a short horizontal line with an arched line above it. The Scales are the most popular for Libra designs. They may even be shown in imbalance to relate events from the wearer’s life.

With all the options available, tattoo designing can be easier than it seems. If you choose according to the characteristics of the sign you were born under, everything will fall into place. Whether you like the simplicity of the Zodiacal glyphs or the vivid imagery of mythology come to life is more your style; there is something for everyone who desires Zodiac symbol tattoos.

Zodiac Tattoos and How They are Used Today

Zodiac Tattoos

Zodiac tattoos are one of the most popular designs for people who want to tattoo their bodies. Zodiac tattoos are not only popular but also have different meanings. Zodiac tattoos are also known as astrological or zodiac signs. The zodiac is a belief system that says that there are twelve constellations in the sky at any given time. Each constellation is named after an animal and they’re divided into four groups of four for each season.

This means that the tattoos will either reflect the personality of an individual or sometimes it will be indicative of what phase of life they are in. A tattoo’s meaning is based on the symbols that are used, attention to detail, and location on the body where it is placed.

The first group of animals is Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer. These animals represent spring and summer. The second group of animals is Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces which represent summer and fall. The third group of animals is Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Aquarius which represent fall and winter. The fourth group of animals is Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Pisces which represent winter and spring again.

What Do Your Zodiac Signs Say About You

All zodiac tattoos have a meaning. The tattooist who drew the tattoo may have used certain tools or colors to signify your zodiac sign.

Different cultures have different interpretations of what each symbol means, but there are some universal meanings across the globe. For example, among Christians, Aquarius is associated with being “the water bearer” or “the angel of the waters.”

#1. Introduction to what does your tattoo mean

The meanings of tattoos can be personal, cultural, and even religious in some cases. Tattoos provide people with an opportunity to express their personalities and interests. Zodiac tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos in the world because everyone can identify with them. Zodiac tattoos are not just about stars and horoscopes, but it is also about individuality. It is a way to show that you belong to a certain group of people who share similar characteristics or interests with you.

#2. How do I know if my zodiac sign is correct?

There are many online sources claiming to be able to tell you your zodiac sign, but they can’t all be correct.

So, how do you know if your zodiac sign is correct? You can find out by looking up your date of birth to find out which constellation is actually your sun sign.

The best way to know if your zodiac sign is correct is by using an astrology app that has been verified by Apple or Google.

The zodiac signs are just a way of grouping up the different constellations of stars in the sky. This is because, at one point in time, people thought the sun traveled through the twelve constellations.

#3. What is my tattoo telling me?

There are many types of tattoos that people choose to put on their bodies. Few people think about what their tattoo is telling them. This article will discuss the meanings behind some of the most common tattoos, and the meanings behind them.

Tattoos are meant to tell a story, whether it is about you or your loved ones. Some people get them because they want to remember someone who has passed away, while others draw inspiration from their favorite quotes or song lyrics. Your tattoo may be small or large; you might decide to use one color or many; it might have been done by a professional artist, or created by an old friend with a needle and thread. No matter the reason, know that your tattoo tells a lot about who you are as a person and what is important in your life.

A study done in the United States found that 11% of youth with tattoos had thought about removing them. This is because people who get tattoos often regret their choices and associate their bad decision with embarrassing memory. However, this isn’t always the case and there is no clear answer to the question “What is my tattoo telling me?”

#4. What are typical traits of people born under my zodiac sign?

Tattoos are the new way to express yourself without words. They help people to get in touch with their inner self. The meanings of tattoos are highly personal, unique, and often depend on the person’s background, life experiences, and spirituality.

There are many traits that people born under the same zodiac sign share. However, there are also many things that you can do to make the most of your sign and really shine.

For instance, if you were born under Pisces, you’re a sensitive and emotional person who is often misunderstood by others. You have an intense imagination and love to escape reality. You’re also deeply intuitive and perceptive, which makes you an excellent listener.

If you were born under Gemini, your outgoing personality is contagious! You’re always up for something new and exciting such as traveling the world or starting new hobbies like painting or singing. You’re also known as a great communicator with a good sense of humor – it takes one to know one!

Best Designs for Your Zodiac Sign

I have a thing for tattoos and I love to see how people express themselves by the drawings on their skin. That’s why I came up with this list of the best zodiac tattoos.

I’ve researched for hours on the internet, asked my friends, and gathered all these designs in one place. You can find some of them in galleries or tattoo shops, but most of them are found on social media like Instagram and Pinterest. What’s great is that you can find new designs every day!

This article is an introduction about zodiac tattoos that show you which ones are popular for each sign, what they usually look like, and where to find them online.

Why You Should Consider Getting a Tattoo Construed as Your Zodiac Sign

There are some significant meanings to the tattoos based on the zodiac sign.

Different Zodiac signs may have different meanings behind their tattoos. For instance, people born between February 19th and March 20th are Pisces, they like to be at one with nature and they would want to portray that on their skin with an animal or water-based tattoo.

People who are born under the zodiac sign Aquarius (February 20th – March 19th) may want to get a tattoo that means “believer of love” or “helpful.”

There are twelve unique Zodiacal signs, each with its own unique stories. The details behind each sign can contribute to the most meaningfully designed Zodiac Symbol Tattoos.

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