armpit tattoos for females
Photo: @d_world_of_ink

Our armpits used to be an area that we didn’t pay much attention to. If we had a deodorant that worked, we were happy. That changed thanks to trends like dyed armpit hair and glitter pits. And now armpits are getting even more attention thanks to the armpit tattoo trend.

Armpit tattoos aren’t a brand new style. You’ve probably seen some on Instagram while you’re searching for ink inspiration, but they have recently started blowing up on social media just ahead of the first day of summer. What makes these tats different compared to some of the other pit tattoos is that they are often only on the armpit as opposed to be being connected to a design on the arm, rib cage or chest.

And when it comes to designs, pretty much anything goes. Fruit and flowers are popular symbols, but any shape or design could get shrunken down to fit your pit.

Of course, the only downside about your pit tattoo is that if you want to show it off, you’re going to have to start waving your hands around a lot more. Remember that at your next festival.

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