Aquarius Tattoo Design Ideas
Best Aquarius Tattoo Designs. (Credits: Instagram /

There are plenty of different ways for the Aquarius zodiac to make waves with an Aquarius tattoo design.

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All About Aquarius

Born between January 20th-February 18th, the Aquarius of the zodiac is artful, analytical, and expressive. It’s no wonder that so many Aquarius love the medium of body art.

The Aquarius is a fixed sign, and its ruling element is air. Aquarius breathes fresh life into the world with their gift of social conscience and philanthropic interests. The Aquarius are deep and emotional beings who strive to make the world a brighter place. They endlessly inspire the fortunate people who surround them.

Best Aquarius Tattoo Ideas
Best Aquarius Tattoo Designs. (Credits: Instagram /

With that said, Aquarius has its share of not-so-stellar traits. Because he’s so enlightened, he already knows what those are.

She is near-genius and can bring much to the table. She thrives in business and invention. This means she also loves to roam. Don’t be surprised if Aquarius takes lots of mental breaks from the world.

He is also very eccentric. Many Aquarius are artists. He will find himself lost in a painting or any other creative work, and for a short while, you may wonder if you’re the root of his distance or his constant need for time alone. Rest assured, this is just how the Aquarius revitalizes himself. It takes lots of energy to keep her going and continue her path of brilliance.

Because of this, Aquarius will zone out, often becoming moody or impatient before his waves crash. You’ll feel her heavy emotion build up. The best thing you can do is just ride it or wait till her turbulent waters are calm.

aquarius tattoo small
(Credits: Instagram / @pietro.stigmata).

Aquarius glyph: The most simple and symbolic design for an Aquarius tattoo is her astrological glyph which depicts two small waves. These waves can be jagged and rough or gentle and flowing. There is no right or wrong way to draw this small tattoo. Just remember one wave rests on top of the other.

Water-Bearer: The zodiac symbol for Aquarius is the Water-Bearer which is depicted above. The Water-Bearer provides the essentials to life, including water and food. On a spiritual level, the Aquarius is always nurturing and feeding the world with his bottomless vessel. The Water-Bearer also incorporates the Greek myth of a young boy named Ganymede, who was captured by Zeus’s pet eagle Aquila and taken to Mount Olympus. Later Zeus turned Ganymede into the cupbearer of the Greek deities, ensuring their wine cups never went empty.

Mermaid: Of course, an Aquarius tattoo can include an alluring mermaid. There’s no better fit for the sea siren than in his crashing waves. Create a water theme Aquarius tattoos, and you can add nearly any creature of the sea to help mark your birth sign.

Stars: Because he is a natural visionary and shines bright above the rest, a star tattoo makes a unique choice for the enlightening Aquarius of the zodiac.

No matter the design idea, you can add another element to an Aquarius tattoo to even further define your star-studded traits.

Aquarius favors pale, silver, and shimmery colors. Anything with a watercolor feel will suit them. With that said, why not consider a soothing watercolor tattoo and embrace this creative and expressive new tattoo trend? Not every artist specializes in watercolor tattoos, so do be certain to view portfolios, analyze work, and make a logical decision. (Knowing her air nature, finding the right artist should be a breeze.)


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