An angel might live amongst you. It could be a loved one or a sense of something watching over you. Some people believe in the ability to communicate with their angels. An angel tattoo can help provide those strong roots of communication when worn as a daily reminder.

Angel Tattoos
Angel Tattoos. Image via @ozgur.kucukbasa

Angel tattoos can be collected. If you want to stick with one overall design theme with your body art, angel and wing tattoos are a popular choice for both men and women. They have religious stylings, Gothic or steampunk-inspired traits, and work well with other fantastical body art pieces. They can be colorful or muted and can take on a somber or peaceful influence. They may also be nothing more than a pair of wings.

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Angels take on many different shapes and forms. Some angels are young cherubs, while others have ethereal bodies and a glow. There are also dark angels. Look at the many directions an angel wing tattoo can take.

The Faces of Cherubs

Sweet innocent and full of beauty, angelic cherub tattoos can be worn to honor or bear resemblance to your own children, or to incorporate the soft and loving scene of childhood innocence.

When worked into a cameo design, a cherub tattoo can have a Victorian style. Consider adding bows or another frilly detail to make it dainty and ladylike.

For men, a winged cherub angel makes a handsome and tough back piece. Especially in a black and grey portrait style tattoo. You can add masculine details or opt for a Gothic-style angel. Dark angels, Grim Reaper, and fallen angel wing tattoos depict a different sort of angelic message.

Angel Tattoo Styles
Angel Tattoo Styles, Ideas, and Meanings. Photo Credit @bestbodyink

Verses and Wings

Add verses and Biblical references to your angels to heighten your tattoo’s meaning. Script and fancy font tattoos work well on the inner arm, below the neck, and on the foot. Adding wings to your verse is a simple way to adorn your message with angelic touches. Wing and verse tattoos can express your favorite quote or positive affirming messages.

Portrait Angel Tattoos

Black and grey portrait tattoos are often the grandest way to honor a child in an angel tattoo design.

For a realistic tattoo, take your time finding a talented and skilled tattoo artist and check out portfolios. Small details are going to be very important so don’t be hasty in selecting the right artist for your work.

Portrait tattoos work anywhere but are often placed on the arm, leg, and chest. Back tattoos are also a wonderful place to wear your angel, so make sure they stay there and watch it. Large pieces can incorporate wings and other cherub details amongst other things. You can create an entire angelic scene on your back if you take the time to design the piece carefully and endure the extensive process.

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Kinds of angel tattoos and what they symbolize

Kinds of angel tattoos and what they symbolize
(Photo: Instagram/bk_tattooer).

There are a myriad of angel tattoos and how they are portrayed varies depending on the message that a tattoo enthusiast wants to convey. Here are some of the common kinds of angel tattoos.

Angel Wings

angel wing tattoos on back
(Photo: Instagram/ogitattooer).

Angels rely on their wings to carry them from one world to another, being an intermediary between heaven and earth. Surprisingly, angels were originally shown as wingless until the 4th century.

However, when artists started to personify them with wings, these eventually became their most interesting feature.

In tattoos, angel wings are another favorite. While there are some who go for it as small tattoos on their back or shoulder, there are a lot who go for angel wing tattoos as a full design as if they were real wings and ready to flap anytime.

This can be a representation of one’s aim to be an angel to guard or protect somebody, or it can be a fulfillment of one’s desire or fantasy to fly and be free.

Guardian angels

guardian angel tattoo small

These angels were traditionally believed to interact with people in the course of daily life. They linger in visible form, taking responsibility for the well-being of people in trouble, leading them out of danger, and providing sustenance. For these reasons, guardian angel tattoos are picked by people who have spiritual and religious beliefs.


archangel tattoo forearm

These angels were envisioned in portraits dressed in simple robes of one or two colors, with their wings providing the only elements of decoration.

There are three well-known archangels, Gabriel, Michael, and Rafael, and they played major roles in stories from the bible.

Michael is the warrior and guardian of the righteous and instrument of justice who holds a scale or sword.

Gabriel is the angel who is the bearer of tidings, both good and bad; he was the angel who brought news to Mary about the impending birth of Christ.

Raphael is linked with the healing and protection of children and travelers. Archangel tattoos are usually preferred by men with elaborated wings on their arms, chest, and back.


cherub tattoo meaning

Cherubs are cute, little adorable angels who look like small children. In early paintings, they were portrayed as sometimes with bodies, sometimes just merely winged heads.

Cherub tattoos are commonly used in the loving memory of someone who passed away, usually tattooed on the shoulder. Women also like cherub tattoos because of their cuteness and playful innocence at the same time.

Battle of good and evil

good vs evil tattoos sleeves
(Photo: Instagram/hami_shin).

Scenes of the war in heaven between the rebel angels led by Satan and the good angels led by archangel Michael were often depicted in art, especially in painting.

In the world of tattoo art, this metaphoric battle between good and evil is also favored, usually by men. With the complexity of the design, these angel and devil tattoos can be found on the leg, arm, and back.

People who choose these designs probably want to be reminded and, at the same time, convey the message that good always triumphs over evil.

Fallen angels

fallen angel tattoo designs

These are angels who were banished from heaven for not obeying God. Most famous of this kind is Satan, who rebelled at being instructed to bow down to Christ, and in resistance, he gathered and formed his own group of angels.

They lost the battle and were sent to hell to suffer. Fallen angel tattoos are drawn in the form of Satan or devil with evil looks and are usually preferred by those who are into dark arts like the Goths.

Angel tattoos are preferred by both men and women but how they are projected differs.

For most men, angel tattoos generally express their masculinity, their courage, and bravery, some even their love for women.

These are the kind of angel tattoos with female angels sexily and scantily clad as if they were pin-up girls. For most women, angels are an expression of purity within the soul or a declaration of innocence and playfulness at the same time.

Theologians, mystics, and poets have argued for centuries about what angels look like and even whether they can be seen at all. Clearly, artists want angels to be visible that they can almost be seen anymore.

Angels have long been depicted in medieval paintings, mosaics, stained glass, tapestries, sculptures, and portraits of them in action can be found on the walls and ceilings of cathedrals. With angel being an eternally appealing subject, it would not escape the eye of tattoo lovers to have it inked as body art.

Angels are messengers of God, a figure of guidance and protection which provide humans with spiritual as well as emotional needs. Angels are first and foremost messengers of god and protectors, so an angel tattoo is like having someone who is there to take care of you and look after your welfare.

Moreover, it imbibes holiness, peacefulness, and serenity. An angel represents spirituality, devotion, and faith in God, so the permanence of the tattoo denotes the binding of faith.

Whatever message one wants to express, angel tattoos will forever be popular because of their beauty, grace, and power.


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  1. Angel tattoos have always been a favorite option among tattoo fans, and it’s easy to understand why. These symbolic designs symbolize beauty, purity, and spirituality, making them a meaningful and artistically appealing option for body art. The Blufashion article ‘Angel Tattoo designs: Ideas and Inspiration’ illustrates some of the various designs and meanings behind angel tattoos, demonstrating that they are more than simply a gorgeous design. There are several alternatives for angel tattoos, ranging from conventional angel wings to more contemporary interpretations. One of the most intriguing characteristics of these tattoos is their ability to be personalized and changed to suit the wearer’s unique views and experiences.

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