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Any brand can have an amazing product, but the only way that people are going to find out about it is by:

  1. Hearing it from a friend.
  2. Seeing it in a magazine or online blog.
  3. Seeing your favorite beauty blogger rave about it.

The last option seems to be the newest but the quickest to catch on. Prior to social media, we really only relied on magazines to see what the hell was going on the in beauty and fashion world, but now that we spend a good chunk of our free time on social media, it only makes sense that it would turn into a marketing platform—especially for beauty brands (since the industry is almost entirely visual).

While many brands have used social media to expand their market and gain more followers and customers, there are brands that came out about the same time social media started to pick up, and legit exploded. It’s safe to say that aside from an amazing line of products, these brands can definitely thank the social media gods for helping them gain such popularity.


The chances are that if you have Instagram, you’re following Colourpop. Their truly unique, creamy eye shadows started off taking the web by storm. As soon as they introduced their Ultra Matte Lipsticks, shit hit the fan. Tons of people started to follow the brand and realized how amazing their products really are. Plus, things just keep getting better and better with ColourPop. Recently, they released a whole new line of brow products that are truly out of this world. As someone who has truly tried every single brow product out there, these are the ones I find myself grabbing for every day. Not to mention, they’re easily one of the most affordable yet high-quality beauty brands out there.

Gerard Cosmetics

After the great success of CEO Jennifer Gerard’s brand Whitening Lightning, Gerard Cosmetics was born. She actually started the brand after listening to feedback on Twitter, talking to fans at events, and really listening to what her audience wanted. That right there just goes to show how important social media really is. After releasing their liquid lipsticks, people started to seriously pay attention to Gerard. They’ve even collaborated with Instagram sensation dupethat on a beautiful lipstick. Now the brand even has their own mobile app where you can shop easily and view daily deals.

Makeup Geek

I’d like to just take a minute to thank Makeup Geek for existing. For all of us beauty lovers who want to have every single color of eyeshadow but can’t find the cash to dish out $20 a piece on them, Makeup Geek will be your savior. The brand was actually created by Marlena, who is a beauty blogger herself. After connecting with some other beauty bloggers and reposting their looks using Makeup Geek products on their social media, the brand absolutely blew up. Now you can see YouTubers and beauty enthusiasts everywhere using everything from their incredible (and affordable) eyeshadows to makeup brushes and everything in-between. The most recently collaborated with MannyMUA to create a TDF eyeshadow palette that has sold out multiple times.

Dose of Colors

Dose of Colors first came into our lives with their incredible liquid lipsticks that took the beauty world by storm. The most popular colors were (and still are, really) almost always sold out. Everyone and their mother is obsessed with them. You can catch literally every single beauty blogger out there rocking a Dose of Colors lipstick at least one point in their Instagram feeds. I have to be honest; I don’t think you’d really live until you’ve tried one of these. I rave all the time about how their liquid lipsticks are the most comfortable and long-wearing out there. You can only imagine how excited I was when I heard they were releasing an eyeshadow palette and brushes that you absolutely MUST try. Hallelujah.


Another beauty brand that really understands the importance of having affordable yet high-quality products is Morphe. Morphe is one brand that is completely known for their incredible brushes. It’s really hard to find a company that sells affordable makeup brushes that, well, don’t suck, and Morphe knows how to accomplish just that. You can catch this brand being mentioned by all the biggest YouTubers out there—including Jaclyn Hill. Speaking of, Morphe actually collaborated with the blogger and created a Jaclyn Hill Favorites palette that has sold out pretty much instantly. And since it was a limited edition, it’s basically impossible to get now, but more than a year later, people are still listing it on eBay for more than $100.

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