Most skincare routines focus solely on your facial skincare, which is understandable given the many concerns that can come with your complexion.

But what about your body care? Taking care of the skin on your body is just as important as your face, helping it stay soft and hydrated while improving its appearance – especially in summer. With some extra TLC, you can give your body the boost it needs with a skincare routine for your body. Here is the ultimate body skincare routine for smooth, glowing skin from head to toe.

Fall in love with dry brushing

Dry brushing is an excellent way of maintaining softer, smoother skin, yet many people don’t have this step as a part of their regular body care routine. But once you start using the dry brushing method, you’ll soon experience the benefits.

Some of the benefits of dry brushing include increased circulation and making it easier to release toxins in your body as you sweat. Many people believe that dry brushing can reduce the appearance of cellulite, too! Dry brushing can brush away dead skin and unclog your pores, helping your skin breathe.

You should use a dry brush before getting in the shower or bath as the first step in your body care routine.

Improve your shower routine

The temperature of your shower can make a big difference to the appearance of your skin. While a hot shower can be a welcome treat, especially during the winter, hot water can actually cause damage to your skin and hair, helping them to dry out. 

A cooler shower can have some positive effects on your skin. Cold water closes the pores, making it harder for dirt and oil to cause blemishes – this can be especially useful for your neck and back if these are problem areas for you. Cold water helps seal in your hair cuticles too, helping to leave your hair much shinier and healthy-looking.

Once you start taking colder showers, you’ll notice a big difference in your skin and hair’s condition. As an added bonus, cold showers are also known to improve your mental health, so that lower temperature could be just what you need to give yourself a boost in the morning. 

Choose a cleanser that’s kind to your skin

You may not have given much thought to your body wash before, but the product you choose can make a big difference to your skin. Choosing a sulfate-free body wash or cleanser can help you keep your skin hydrated, as sulfates can help strip away some of your body’s natural oils. There are hydrating formulas that can help further condition your skin, leaving you not only feeling fresh after a shower, but wonderfully soft too.  

Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliating your skin is a good way to keep it smooth and even add a bit of shine, ideal for Hollywood-style pins! Just as there are multiple exfoliating products for your skin, there are also some incredible scrubs and exfoliators for your body. Exfoliators are recommended for use once or twice a week to help you maintain your skin’s condition.

You can use an exfoliating sponge, loofah, or gloves for some natural exfoliation, or you can use a product containing exfoliating agents to give your skin a little help. If you have sensitive skin, use an exfoliator designed for your skin type, and stop using it if irritation occurs. 

Lock-in moisture with a body care serum

Serums are an incredible product for your face, helping to lock in moisture while bringing other benefits such as anti-ageing, dark spot reduction and more. But did you know that there are serums for your body too?

There are body serums that can tackle dryness, blemishes and lacklustre skin, helping to improve your body’s overall appearance while helping to keep it moisturized. While adding a serum to your body care routine might seem like an unnecessary step, the results will speak for themselves.

Apply a serum before your body cream or lotion to give your skin a smooth base. Applying a body serum at night can help hydrate your skin overnight for the best results.

Find a body cream or lotion that makes you feel wonderful

Applying body cream or lotion is the one part of your body care routine you should never skip. Moisturizing after a bath or shower is very important to help stop your skin from drying out, but it can also be a very pampering treat.

Pat your skin dry and apply your chosen product as soon as you can. A rich cream will leave your body feeling extra nourished, helping to improve its appearance and give it a glow. Some moisturizers feature a subtle shimmer, which can help your skin look more luminous and help show off the hard work you’ve put into maintaining it. 

There are body moisturizers for all skin types and budgets, so choose a product that works for your skin and use it daily to see a real change in how your skin looks and feels.

Use body oils for a gorgeous glow

Body oils aren’t just for bodybuilders – they’re a fantastic product for keeping your skin hydrated. Body oils can contain some essential oils that soothe and soften your skin, making them a real skin treat that will deliver many benefits.

Many people shy away from using oils because they have a reputation for being greasy or for clogging pores, but body oils are specially formulated to be non-greasy, and are actually lighter than typical body creams and lotions. Body oil will absorb quickly and leave your skin with a subtle glow, and with spray versions available, you can apply a body oil quickly so that you can get on with your day.

Use a body oil as the last step in your body care routine for ultimate hydration.

Use a long-lasting hair removal method

Hair removal is something that can irritate your skin, especially when you opt for a short-term hair removal method like shaving. Shaving can lead to bumps and irritation and can be an inconvenience when you need to do it every day.

Using a long-lasting hair removal method can help you protect your skin, while also enjoying smoother results for longer. Waxing is a popular choice of hair removal, and should last anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks, depending on how your hair grows. However, waxing can lead to some dryness, irritation and even ingrown hairs, which can be tricky to deal with.

For an even longer-lasting hair removal solution, many women choose laser hair removal. A reputable hair removal clinic like Infinity Laser Spa can recommend a course of treatment for long-lasting laser treatments that will significantly reduce hair growth. Most people find they only need a small top-up every six months to a year to help prolong laser hair removal results.

Keep your feet and hands hydrated

Your hands and feet require different care than the rest of your body, especially if you find that you suffer from dryness in these areas. 

Cracked heels can cause a lot of pain if left untreated, which is why it’s important to keep them hydrated – even in the winter when they may not be on show as much. Some excellent feet care tips to prevent cracked heels include:

  • Avoid bathing or showering for too long to prevent your skin from becoming dry. 
  • Moisturize your feet once you’re out of the water, using a formula specially designed for your feet. 
  • You can give your feet a moisture boost by applying a thick layer of moisturizer or using petroleum jelly before bed and wearing some socks to help lock in the product.
  • Avoid getting your feet wet during the day by wearing protective shoes.

Your hands can also suffer from dryness, and you should make an effort to moisturize them regularly, especially after washing them. Applying cuticle oil can also keep your nails in good condition, making your manicure last longer and improving the condition of your nails.

Always protect your skin

Finally, another essential for your body care routine is protection against the sun. Applying SPF regularly is important, even if you don’t think it’s very hot out. Using SPF will help protect your skin from sunburn, in addition to long-lasting damage caused by UV and UVA rays. Apply a high factor for the best protection, and avoid being in the sun when it’s at its strongest. 

SPF formulas are constantly evolving, and there are some incredible sprays on the market that are easy to apply and dry quickly to save time. Keep one in your bag, so you can apply it as needed throughout the day. 

Maintaining a regular body care routine can help you improve the appearance of your skin, helping it to stay supple and hydrated. Forming some daily habits can help you learn to take care of your body in the same way you do with your face and your hair, for results that will leave you glowing with body confidence.

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