Are you having problems with saggy skin or loose jowls? In fact, every person is being faced with the same aging signs, looking for a painless solution to eliminate them.

Since not many people are keen on going under the knife, the liquid facelift has become the perfect, non-invasive treatment that has the same benefits as the surgical one. Being injected with dermal fillers provides the same effect as going through facial incisions.

In case you’re considering a facelift, these are the top reasons for choosing the modern variant.

It’s non-invasive

Probably, one of the top reasons for getting a liquid facelift is its non-invasive nature in comparison with the surgical one. You won’t be going under the knife, as only a combination of injections is supposed to be administered during the procedure, involving no incisions. It’s actually the perfect alternative for someone who’s reluctant to undergo surgery solely for a cosmetic purpose.

Moreover, since there aren’t any surgical cuts that are supposed to heal, you won’t have to go through a lengthy recovery period. In fact, doctors only use local anesthesia that is much safer and less scary than the general one. Also, there’s absolutely no risk of scarring, which tends to happen as a result of cosmetic surgery. Visit this page to learn more about the difference between a liquid and a surgical facelift.

It’s time-saving

Another significant advantage of a liquid facelift is being an incredibly time-saving procedure. The doctor won’t spend more than an hour on lifting your face in comparison with the hours you’d spend in surgery. The recovery period is also minimal, as only a day or two would be enough to recover from the treatment.

Additionally, a minimal recovery period indicates no reason to take time off work, as you won’t be bedridden for weeks. Actually, you’ll be able to show your rejuvenated face to your colleagues and friends only days after the procedure.

It provides natural results

Gaining a natural and young look of your face is perhaps the greatest reason to give liquid facelift a try. Unlike the surgical variant, this treatment employs a targeted approach that only treats those areas of the face the client asks for. You’re also the one who decides on the dose of dermal fillers, whose amount determines the final result.

What is a liquid facelift and how long does it last?

In addition, the natural look is mainly achieved due to the absence of skin stretching and cutting, which usually contributes to an unnatural appearance. Anyhow, only people who suffer from extremely deep facial lines and coarse wrinkles would be more suitable candidates for the surgical procedure. Visit the following link:, to learn more about various types of wrinkles.

It’s less risky

Another crucial reason why people opt for a liquid facelift treatment is the involvement of much lower risk, both during and following the procedure. In fact, there is no risk of excessive bleeding that is likely to occur during surgeries.

Also, you’ll avoid the complications associated with general anesthesia, such as: potential heart attack, stroke, nausea, and vomiting. In terms of post-operative complications, you’ll be avoiding the risk of infections, scarring, and bruises. There’s an amazingly low probability of experiencing pain as well as discolored skin patches.

It’s more cost-effective

When it comes to your budget, the liquid facelift treatment seems to be the most optimal alternative, as it’s more cost-efficient than having surgery. Actually, you’d only be charged for the injectable dermal fillers and the service of the professional administering them. The cost for anesthesia is optional, as not all clients decide to use local anesthesia.

On the other hand, a facelift surgery would cost you significantly more due to the greater number of expenses. For instance, you’d have to pay for the operating facility, the surgeon’s work as well as for the hospital room where you’d be recovering a few days after the procedure.

Since you’ll be getting the same benefits from both procedures, make sure you look for a liquid facelift professional, such as Francesca’s Liquid Facelift, providing top-notch treatment for an affordable price.

Wrap up

This treatment is undoubtedly non-invasive, quick, and highly efficient.

It’s worth the try!

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