As your newborn baby gets settled in your home, your top priority will be to keep him or her nourished and healthy. Skincare is no exception, and more so given the fact that baby skin is much more delicate and fragile than adult skin. During his or her first few months, your little one may experience some skin conditions caused by hormonal changes, inflammation, or other similar reasons. Thus, staying informed is crucial to keeping your baby well-protected.

Keeping Your Baby's Skin Healthy

When it comes to caring for newborn baby skin, you have to take each step with care. From shopping for natural products like those from Bunjie to developing proper habits to avoid problems, you can protect your baby’s skin in many ways. Get to know more about the common skin conditions babies have and how to treat them, along with overall tips to keeping your baby’s skin healthy.

Baby Skincare Products to Use

Diaper rashes, allergies, and eczema are some of the most common skin concerns that can occur among newborns. Petroleum jelly or a topical ointment can help treat diaper rashes. You can also prevent them from occurring by changing diapers whenever needed and making sure the area is dry.

Applying lotion daily can prevent eczema outbreaks and keep your baby’s skin soft and healthy. However, during your newborn’s first week, avoid over-applying the product as your baby will naturally peel off his or her protective covering within that time. As for cleansers and soaps, opt for gentle and mild products, but limit your use of soaps as these can dry out your baby’s skin.

Tips to Keep Your Baby's Skin Healthy

Baby oils are effective for massaging newborn skin, which can help you give comfort to your little one. As for baby powders, look for variants that are talc-free as talc can cause breathing problems.

Even with products that do not go directly into your baby’s skin, like laundry detergent or diaper cleaners, you have to be wary of perfumes and dyes. These ingredients can easily cause irritation on newborn skin and potentially aggravate skin conditions.

Tips to Prevent Skin Conditions

Try to avoid bathing your baby too frequently as this can strip the natural oils off of their skin and cause it to be more vulnerable to conditions. The recommendation would be to do it three times a week until your little one turns a year old. During the times that you do bathe them, keep the temperature at about 36 to 38 degrees Celsius–not too hot as this can also rid the skin of protective oils.

With that said, you also have to be mindful of the products you use. Even without a bath, conditions like eczema can worsen if you use products that contain dye, fragrances, or chemicals. Go for natural products without any preservatives to steer clear of potential allergens, but make sure to read the labels carefully. Purchase from companies like Bunjie or those that test their products scientifically to ensure they are safe.

In taking care of your baby’s skin, always remember the mantra “less is better.” Try not to get too excited with all your skincare products and use them sparingly as newborn skin is very delicate. With several brands and companies making advertising claims and promises, it is important to be informed when shopping. You only want the safest and best for your child!


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