Epicuren Discovery Facial Cream

As a skincare writer, I spend a lot of time reviewing and researching skincare products. I receive samples of every type of skincare product that you can imagine, and I try to work my way through all of them to provide an honest description and opinion about the product.

While I am always incorporating new products into my skincare routine so that I can determine the effectiveness of various products, the skincare products that I keep going back to are those in the Epicuren Discovery line.

Every product works differently on every person, but I wanted to give a description of my specific skincare problems so you can determine if maybe some of the products in the Epicuren line might work their magic on you as well. I have combination skin, which means that I am super dry but also super oily. It’s a tough “combination” to address because I have areas where I get blemishes and areas that need to be super moisturized.

My favorite aesthetician in New York was the first to get me hooked on the Epicuren Acidophilus Probiotic Facial Cream. It might sound a little scary, but it is completely amazing! The Epicuren line uses enzymes that encourage the skin to self-rejuvenate while providing antioxidants and moisture. The Acidophilus Probiotic Facial Cream treats skin that can breakout but that also needs moisturizer. It is extremely non-greasy but also doesn’t make you feel tight or dry. It is really unlike any other moisturizer that I have found! My skincare routine is simple: I exfoliate each morning to remove dead skin cells and then apply the facial cream as a moisturizer to promote new cell growth.

Now I am completely hooked on Epicuren and their special formula of enzymes for taking care of your skin. I always try to find aestheticians who are familiar with the Epicuren line so they can continue to incorporate their products in to my skincare routine.

Epicuren products are only available through licensed skincare retailers, so they are not available for purchase online. You can find out more about their products on their website and click on Find Epicuren to find a spa in your area that can provide more information about their products.

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