Editor’s Note: Origins has discontinued the Mint Wash Cooling Gel Facial Cleanser. Upon its release, users with oily skin raved about the cleanser’s effectiveness, but those with normal to combination skin found it very drying and even painful.

When consumers speak, companies listen. The feedback from this particular product wasn’t positive enough, so Origins discontinued it. However, they rebounded with the Zero Oil line, which is formulated for oily, acne-prone skin, but it doesn’t cause nearly as much irritation on normal to combination skin.

Origins Mint Wash Cooling Gel Facial Cleanser
Origins: Mint Wash Cooling Gel Facial Cleanser – Image courtesy Price Grabber

Origins Mint Wash Cooling Gel Facial Cleanser Review:

Unless you have oily skin, and I do mean oily, you’ll want to steer clear of this cleanser.

Prior to writing this review, I researched dozens of reviews on MakeupAlley from customers who either purchased or received a sample of Origins Mint Wash, and I noticed a very clear distinction between customers who have oily skin and those with every other type of skin.

Those with very oily skin seemed as if they had found an answer to oiliness and finally felt like they had “squeaky clean skin.” As a side note, “squeaky clean” is not the feeling you should be going for. “Dry” is actually not a skin type at all, but rather a result of the products you’re using. Your skin should never feel tight after you cleanse. If it does, the products you’re using are to blame.

Other users couldn’t believe how dry and flaky their skin had become as a result of this cleanser. There were complaints of burning, redness, and leftover residue after rinsing. One reviewer compared this cleanser to “a science experiment [sic] gone wrong.”

Another issue many have with this particular cleanser is the fact that there is no pump to dispense the product.

If you’ve ever tried to pour a cleansing gel out of a bottle with no pump, you know how much product you end up wasting, and with a price of $17.50, a pump sure would be nice.

If you have extremely oily, but not sensitive skin, this product may be worth trying. If you fall into any other skin type, try something else.

Don’t Pass on Origins Altogether:

Just because Origins Mint Wash may not be the right product for your skin type doesn’t mean you should disregard Origins altogether. Those who are introduced to Origins products usually become loyal, repeat customers.

Customer reviews did not paint this cleanser in a very positive light, and Origins took notice. If you have oily, acne-prone skin you might want to try Origin’s Zero Oil line. The collection includes a Deep Pore Cleanser, a Pore Purifying Toner, an Oil-Free Moisture Lotion, an Acne Treatment Gel, and Acne Treatment Pads. Every product is formulated with salicylic acid, which clears pores and reduces oil and shine, saw palmetto, a natural skin clearer, and mint, which leaves skin feeling tingly, cool, and refreshed. Users seem to have a lot more luck with the Zero Oil Line than its predecessor.

If you can’t get enough refreshing, minty products, try the Clear Head Mint Shampoo. It’s formulated with Brazilian mint, spearmint, and Mentha Piperita. It’s incredibly cleansing and aromatherapeutic.

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