Mascne (Face Mask Acne) - What is it and how to prevent it?

2020 has been a roller-coaster ride for all of us especially after the worldwide spread of Covid-19. The Coronavirushas led us all to ‘socially distance’ ourselves from our loved ones and wear face masks whenever we are out for work or in gatherings. Whilst face masks can offer protection and have been used for centuries by medical professionals, this is the first time that the general public has had to wear them.  Face masks are intended to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, but they come with a huge downside. It doesn’t really matter if you have acne or breakout-prone skin, but if you wear these face masks for extended periods of time, it is highly likely that they lead to spots or provoke acne due to bacteria becoming trapped in the pores of your skin.

How to prevent Mascne?

You can experience breakouts due to various reasons – but we shall be focusing specifically on the acne caused by face masks. We have to keep in mind that the breakouts cannot be considered a reason important enough to stop wearing face masks completely. Instead, we need to figure out ways to avoid this, because face-masks do not appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. Here are some key points that you need to incorporate into your daily routine and you will notice a significant decrease in such breakouts.

What is Mascne

Firstly, in order to reduce the risk of breakouts, it is important to cleanse your skin twice a day. Preferably this should be with a cleanser including salicylic or glycolic acid as this helps to unclog pores and remove dead skin cells. Cleansing twice a day will help to clear out any bacteria trapped in the skin that has been exasperated by the use of a face mask. We recommend you cleanse your skin AM and PM with a good quality face cleanser for the best results.

Secondly, the material of your mask might also be triggering acne on your face. Using a silk mask can also be helpful as they are much softer on the skin, unlike plastic masks which can cause cuts and tears on the skin.

Thirdly, we strongly recommend that you avoid makeup around the mask area, this is mainly because your foundation under the mask will clog your pores even more.

Make it all about the Eyes!

Gone are the days when we could put on our favorite lip color and step out!  Face masks cover your cheeks and lips, and the foundation is a no-go area, so what should be done? It is best to avoid makeup around the mask area altogether. However, some of us can’t completely go without makeup so in this situation you can opt for eye makeup instead. Even if you do not regularly wear eye makeup, it’s a great way to awaken your eyes and draw attention to them. Masks naturally draw people to the eye area as that’s all they have to focus on in terms of facial features, so why not make these stand? Eyes are also extremely important for eye-contact – something that we completely rely on nowadays. Our eyes show confidence, sympathy, and an array of other emotions as well as tiredness so it’s important to give this area a little boost.

How to prevent acne from face masks

Take out your eyeliner pen and lift your eyes with some beautiful wings! Eyeliner does not have to be extravagant like you see on a lot of models these days. You can simply do some small flicks at the end to create a ‘lifted’ effect. You can even elongate them more to create a more feline effect. This can easily be created with the Amar eyeliner pen which has a fine tip to help with precision application. It’s also very long-lasting due to its unique polymers. It also offers high pigmentation which is important for helping it stay a true, deep black color all day long. If you want your eyes to stand out, even more, you can add a pair of eyelashes. Our Anna lashes are perfect for the everyday, daytime look which helps to open up the eyes in a subtle way.


Don’t forget the eyebrows, as they help to frame the face and also help with displaying facial expressions. Fill them in with your favorite eyebrow products and you will notice a stark difference!

We hope that these tips and tricks prove to be helpful for you all! Let us know your experience with mascne and how you have been tackling it so far.

We shall see you next time! 😊

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