You always remember to put on sunscreen when you go outside, but do you remember to protect your lips? Our lips are more susceptible to burning than most parts of our body, yet many people don’t think about protecting them from the sun. If you replace your regular lip balm with a sun-safe lip balm, you can play in the sun without worrying about peeling lips.

Lip Balm with SPF
6 Top Lip Balms with SPF

Here are 6 lip balms with SPF levels ranging from 8 to 25.

1. Biotherm: Aquasource Moisturizing Balm Protective Lip Care SPF 8

Biotherm Aquasource Lip Balm will sooth and moisturize your lips with macadamia oil, and will leave a beautiful glossy shine. You can do this alone, or you can put this gloss over your lipstick for style and protection.

2. Rilastil – Suncare Lip Balm SPF 10

Rilastil Lip Balm is perfect for not only your lips but other areas of your body as well, such as the tops of your ears. If you’re an athlete or love to swim at the pool or beach, you’ll love the fact that this is water-resistant.

3. The Naked Bee: Lip Balm SPF15

Get the recommended SPF 15 protection with The Naked Bee Lip Balm. Your lips will not only get sun protection but will get super hydration with organic olive oil, beeswax, soybean oil, and honey. With a name like The Naked Bee and a price of only $3, you can’t go wrong.

4. Dirty Girl: Raspberry Lip Balm SPF 18

For all of the “girly-girls” in the group or those who just love their fruity scents, this raspberry lip balm is for you. Dirty Girl’s best-selling lip balm leaves your lips super soft and has a sun protection level of 18.

5. Juara: Candlenut Lip Balm SPF 20

I fell in love with this citrus-flavored lip balm by Juara. Coming in an adorable compact, you’ll feel glamorous while being smart about sun protection. With candlenut, jojoba, and olive oils to soothe your dry lips and a protection level of 20, you’ll be set.

6. MD Skincare: Powerful Sun Protection SPF 25 Lip Balm

If you’re looking for powerful sun protection, MD Skincare’s lip balm with SPF 25 has you covered. Not only does this lip balm protect against UVA and UVB rays, but it also removes the iron left on your lips from tap water and perspiration.

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