Korean women are known for their long and elaborate, at least compared to American women, home skincare routines. Even if you don’t want to have a multiple-step home skincare routine, there is still plenty you can learn and enjoy from the world of Korean skincare.

Korean Skin Care Products
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What’s So Special About Korean Skin Care Products?

There are a few reasons why American women are looking to Korea for skincare products.

First off, skincare and make-up innovations are coming from Korea. Since women and men in Korea are obsessed with their skin companies, have to keep up with demand and constantly innovate. This benefits consumers worldwide in the end.

Two examples of Korean skincare innovations are sheet masks and cushion make-up.

Sheet masks are extremely easy to use and offer immediate results. You just open a package and place the sheet on your face; the sheet mask already contains all the ingredients your skin needs and has cut-outs for your eyes, nose, and mouth. After waiting for about 15 minutes, you remove the mask and can start enjoying softer and smoother skin. Sheet masks come in an endless variety so finding one for your skin type is very easy. A make-up innovation from Korea is cushion foundation make-up which offers a new and flawless way to apply your make-up. Using the cushion pad that comes with your make-up you press down on the sponge to release a little bit of the make-up. You can easily reapply your make-up throughout the day with this product.

Korean brands use ingredients that are not found, just yet, in US products. One example is snail slime. Yes, snail slime or more accurately snail secretion filtrate which is said to help skin cells rejuvenate and stop wrinkles and dryness. Another hallmark of Korean skincare products is the use of natural ingredients.

While not all brands are organic or only use natural ingredients, many brands incorporate such ingredients into their skincare, so if you are someone who wants to only use natural ingredients on your skin, you’ll find many choices from Korea.

Lastly, one other thing that makes Korean skincare products stand out is their packaging; packaging is adorable. If you like your products to look cute, then you’ll find plenty to love in Korean skincare products. Packaging and branding are important in Korea.

Products To Try

It’s very easy to purchase a great variety of Korean skincare products in the US. There are both American websites and international ones that ship products anywhere you want, and leading retailers such as Urban Outfitters and even Target are selling Korean skincare products as well. One of the easiest ways to buy Korean skincare products is through Amazon which sells a wide range of Korean products.

Korean products come in all price ranges so even if you aren’t looking to spend a lot of money you can still find something great to try. A hallmark of Korean skincare products is that they are both highly affordable and highly effective.

If you want to dip your toe into the world of Korean skincare, I suggest trying some products that are unique to Korea such as peeling gel exfoliators or an essence. Below are some ideas but really the sky’s the limit.


  • SKINFOOD Black Sugar Mask Wash Off
  • Laneige Multi Berry Yogurt Peeling Gel


  • MISSHA First Treatment Essence Mist
  • Etude House Pearl Bright Aura Brightening Essence

Sheet Mask:

  • SKINFOOD Everyday Facial Mask Sheet
  • SNP Animal Mask

You Need To Know These Korean Skin Care Secrets

You Need To Know These Korean Skin Care Secrets
Korean skincare. Creative RF/Laoshi/GettyImages.

Caring For Your Skin The Korean Way

Some of the biggest skincare and beauty trends in the last few years have come from South Korean – sheet masks, essences, cushion make-up, and 10 step nightly skincare routines to just name a few. Korean women are known for clear, bright, and glowing skin. What are their secrets to perfect-looking skin? Keep reading to find out.

Spend Time Thoroughly Cleansing Your Skin

Proper face cleansing is pretty much an obsession among Korean women, and washing your face just once in the evening is not acceptable.

 Korean women religiously follow the double cleanse method of face cleansing in order to make sure that their skin is really clean before applying the rest of their skincare products. First, they use cleansing oil in order to remove make-up. This is followed by a foaming or cream cleanser. They also take their time when cleansing – no 10-second cleaning here.

 Also, Korean women use gentle circular motions when applying their cleanser instead of rubbing their faces.

Use Facial Masks Religiously

Facial masks are all the rage in Korea. There are many kinds to choose from the type of mask you leave on for 20 minutes to newer innovations that involve splashing your face with the mask for a few seconds. Masks do not need to be used every day but are a great way to target and correct specific skin issues. If your skin is feeling extra dry, you could use a mask to help deeply moisturize your skin. Or use a mask that has anti-aging ingredients in order to firm. Masks are also a great way to brighten skin right before an important event where you want to be looking your best.

Make Getting Facials and Seeing A Dermatologist Is A Must Not A Maybe

Korean women believe that going to the dermatologist and their esthetician regularly is just as important as properly caring for their skin at home. Dermatologists in Korea are innovating different ways to use facial injections and skincare devices like those that use radiofrequency, for example, to prevent skin aging.

Patients also return to see their doctor after a procedure more often than one would in the United States.

While giving yourself a facial massage is an important part of a Korean woman’s skincare routine, they also regularly visit an esthetician from the time they are children. Having a family esthetician is not unusual in Korea. People build a relationship with an esthetician and learn from a very young age how to properly care for their skin. Not only is proper skincare valued in Korea, so is personal hygiene and wellness, including having a healthy diet. While many times in Western culture, we look for easy fixes or see taking care of our bodies as a chore in Korea, the outlook on these issues is quite the opposite. Taking good care of your skin is not seen as something that is a burden or something you should do only if you want to. Instead, skincare is seen as a must and something pleasure not just for women but for the entire family.

Invest In Skin Care Products

Yes, following a 10 or 12 step skincare routine can be overwhelming for many people. Using so many skincare products on a daily basis means that Korean women really and truly invest in their skin. Since the routine is endlessly customizable, it also means it can address a number of skincare concerns at once and can easily be changed if needed. Many people want to find one product that will do many things for their skin all at once, but this is simply not realistic. In order for our skin to look its best, you definitely need more than one product on a daily basis. While Korean women have taken their daily skincare routine to the extreme, their skin certainly looks great, which just goes to show you that they are definitely on to something. Before you dismiss the Korean skincare routine as too complicated and time-consuming, try it for yourself. You will very pleasantly be surprised by the results.

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