Keep Your Skin Hydrated with Nilotica Melt

If you have been looking for a product that is not harsh for your skin and is 100 percent organic, you should give products having Nilotica nut butter a try. This ingredient is being touted as a signature superfood by various brands that have shifted their focus towards natural, organic ingredients.

Nilotica nut cream is buttery and melts instantly on application. It delivers a wide range of fatty acids, vitamin A and allantoin to the users, thereby protecting, brightening, and hydrating the skin. It also has the potential to reverse fine lines and wrinkles.

The nut butter can be used either as a healing balm for scars and sunburns. It can also be used as an enriching mask for the skin. You can use it as you like as it is absolutely safe and formulated with natural ingredients.

What is Nilotica?

Vachellia Nilotica is a flowering plant native to Africa, the Middle East, and the Indian subcontinent. The oil extracted from its seeds. It is harvested from mature trees across the river Nile which still remains untouched by industrialism.

This is the reason why the nut is pure and rich in nutrients and promotes healthy cell development. The nuts fall on the ground from the tree are gathered by the local women and sent for processing. These nuts have over 25 percent more oleic acid than Shea butter.

Nilotica nut has all the fatty acids that your skin requires. It works well for acne-prone skin as well. The best thing about this nut is that it has natural preservatives and hence doesn’t require any addition of artificial preservatives for prolonging its shelf life. 

Natural product for addressing skincare concerns

A unique process is required for extracting a creamy texture from Nilotica seeds. The main focus is to preserve the nutrients such as in LXMI Nilotica and not lose them while processing it. Popular products that comprise of Nilotica nut butter as the key ingredient source the nuts from Uganda.

Nilotica nuts can survive in the wild for years. The nut can easily last for about 20 years in a cold storage room if it hasn’t been shelled or processed. If you are looking for a safe product for your skin that is hydrating and nourishing, then Nilotica nut butter-based products won’t disappoint you.

It has natural vitamins and fatty acids that your skin will truly love. The nut butter heals the skin and keeps dryness at bay. People in Uganda have been using it for years as a massage cream. It is no wonder that their skin is healthy, radiant, and flawless despite working under the harsh summer sun for hours.

They have an enviable velvety texture for this reason. You too can reap benefits by using pure, rich Nilotica nut butter. Follow this link to learn more about what natural products can do for you- These are simply gentle on your skin and offer numerous benefits.

Use organic Nilotica beauty products

Use organic Nilotica beauty products

Nilotica butter is undoubtedly one of the best products for healthy skin. The texture is creamy and is rich in essential nutrients vital for the skin. While using the product make sure to rely on a brand that is using only organic ingredients while formulating any skincare product.

It would be best to go for USDA-certified products. Massage the nut butter on your skin so that they can penetrate deep into the cells and offer the expected benefits. There are numerous brands that support the local community and especially women in the region where Nilotica trees are grown, see here. You too can make a difference by supporting them in their cause.

In summary

If you love making conscious choices while purchasing products for use in your everyday life, then you can consider using Nilotica-based products. Go for organic products that are free from preservatives and are gentle on the skin.

While using natural and organic products, you can be assured that you are using only what is best for your skin. If you are tired of using harsh chemicals for addressing your skin concerns, then you should give natural products a try. They are healing and are safe for your skin.

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