Thinking to have a facial massage is not a bad idea at all!

Felicitations! Because you have decided to make time for your face care.

Well, facial massage is, in fact, necessary as your daily exercise routine. There are different kinds of facial available. While you go for a gym or walk to keep yourself fit and active, your face needs the same efforts to remain fresh. There is no doubt how facial massage gives strength to face muscles and makes your skin tight.

6 Facial Massage Benefits

However, in recent years the technology and tools are changing with advanced options for facial massage. No matter, technology leads the way, but common practice always tends to have better results.

According to Dendy Engelman, a dermatologist, despite the number of face massage benefits, the one on count is it enhances the skin appearance and makes more glow to the skin if practiced frequently. The facial massage increases blood flow in the skin that reduces puffiness, leading to more radiant skin.

See the below-mentioned benefits of facial massage along with tips.

1. Fight Wrinkles

6 Ways to Reduce Wrinkles and Fine Lines
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The facial massage stimulates the blood and increases blood flow towards the skin. Plus, it increases the concentration of oxygen, which stimulates cell growth. Thus the facial massage reduces fine lines and prevents wrinkles from forming more as said by Jessica Wu-dermatologist, acupressure, or massaging your face before bedtime can help you reduce wrinkles.

Further, the facial massage treatment increases blood circulation leading to a surge of oxygen into the skin cells reducing puffs under the eye, detoxifying skin, increasing collagen formation, cell growth,  and improved brightness leading to more smooth and glowing skin.


Try to do soft taps and pinches with slight motions, avoid pulling the skin, and out finger motion.

2. Hydrating Skin

How to Hydrate Your Skin

You might have heard about water intake translates your skin hydration; however, hydrating skin from inside won’t make your way to better skin. The facial massage using oil, creams, serums, and hydrating mists will help you make your skin hydrated and fresh look to the skin. Dendy Engelman, the dermatologist at MD&CS, also advises that facial massage through other hydrating mists will help you hydrate your skin.


Use circular motions to massage your face using serum and moving to upward positions.

3. Toxin removal

Unexpected Ways To Free Your Body from Toxins

Practicing facial massage using a gua sha stone can help flush out toxins and improve skin health. Due to pollution, poor-quality beauty products, and environmental conditions all together often lead to skin puffiness and breakouts. In that case, the massage stimulates the lymphatic system to remove toxins and other wastes within the skin, giving you a better fresh and clean skin.


Soft tapping from towel before trying facial massage.

4. Products usage

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You might have face problems of products not absorbing in the skin such as a serum, moisturizer, and creams that help you make your skin better. However, the absorption of products does not occur, which leads to the wastage of products and money. So, it’s better to practice facial massage to increase product absorption in the skin and give you a chance of self-care treatments.


Massage with fingers using uplift motion in an upward direction.

5. Relaxing dose

Six benefits of facial massage

Besides other benefits of facial massage, the on top one is it’s a relaxation dose. There is no doubt when you lay down and start massaging across your brows, eyes, and all around the face, you will feel relax. Soft pinching, stretching, and tapping around the face distribute oxygen to the parts evenly. Also, calm the muscle tension and help you relieve emotional stress as well.


Massage by soft pinching, tapping, and smooth circular motions of fingers around the areas.

Massage has a long lasting benefits on your body. Even massage in pregnancy is also beneficial for the mother and baby.

6. Removes Under Eye Dark Circles

Removes Under Eye Dark Circles

Got puffy eyes, or dark circles? Face massage can be your answer for dispose of these troublesome under eye skin issues. These are unattractive and absolute irritating. You don’t need to live with dull loose fixes under your eyes for your entire life. Depend on a face back rub or all the more explicitly under eye back rub to kill the under eye skin hardships.

Regularly caused because of stress, absence of rest and less than stellar eating routine, dark circles and other under eye issues are an aftereffect of water maintenance here. What face knead does is it delivers the abundance water develop under the eyes and in this manner eliminates puffiness and eye packs. The improved incitement of blood stream likewise adds to decreasing the presence of dark circles and a general impeccable and sound appearance.

So, finally we can come to a conclusion. It really helps to maintain your skin condition, mental stress away from all your agonies. Facial massage is not anymore a luxury, it’s turned into a necessity now.

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