Make Your Own Skin Care Products
800800Make Your Own Skin Care Products. Skincare products. Photo Credit: Lewis Mulatero/Moment Mobile/GettyImages.

Make Your Own Skin Care Products

If you are tired of trying and failing to find the right skincare products for your skin or just love to create things on your own, here are some easy “recipes” for skincare products. All these products use readily available materials and involve very little time commitment. Have fun making your own lip or body scrub or bath products.

DIY Lip Scrub

DIY Lip Scrub
DIY Lip Scrub. Lips. Photo Credit: PhotoAlto/Milena Boniek/Brand X Pictures/GettyImages.

During the winter, our lips need extra TLC since they easily get dry and chapped. Besides for regularly moisturizing your lips, you can keep them looking and feeling soft and smooth by exfoliating them. This recipe uses easy to find ingredients to make a great lip scrub.

Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

  • 2 Tablespoons of brown sugar
  • 1 Tablespoon of almond oil
  • A splash of honey

Mix all the ingredients together. Divide into small containers.

Recipe can easily be doubled as needed.

Cocoa Sugar Body Scrub

Cocoa Sugar Body Scrub
Cocoa Sugar Body Scrub. DIY Skin Care Products. Photo Credit: Image Source/Image Source/GettyImages.

Body scrubs are also a winter essential. When we regularly exfoliate our bodies, we get rid of dead skin cells that cause our skin to look dull and not function at its best. When we exfoliate the body lotion, we apply afterward can penetrate and work better in order to keep our skin soft during the cold winter.

The recipe below also uses easy to find ingredients and products that you already have around the house.

Cocoa Sugar Body Scrub

  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 3 Tablespoons cocoa powder
  • 1/8 cup melted cocoa butter
  • 1/4 cup almond oil
  • a drop or two of essential oil such as orange – optional

After melting cocoa butter over low heat, mix all the ingredients together. Store in tightly closed jars.

Instead of cocoa, you could substitute coffee grounds. The possibilities are endless for customization of this recipe.

Bath Salts

Bath Salts
Bath salts. DIY Skin Care Products. Photo Credit: Lauren Burke/DigitalVision/GettyImages.

Who doesn’t love to relax in the bath from time to time? The scent of these bath salts can be customized any way you like just by changing up the essential oils you use. Have fun with your essential oil combinations.

Bath Salts

  • 1 cup Epsom salts
  • 1/2 cup sea salts
  • 20 -30 drops of the essential oil of your choice
  • 2 to 3 Tablespoons of dried flowers or herbs such as rosemary or lavender – optional

Mix together.

Be sure to store in an airtight container. You can use about half a cup at a time when taking a bath. This is also great for a relaxing foot soak.

Body Spray

Body Spray
Body spray. DIY Skin Care Products. Photo Credit: Atsushi Yamada/Photodisc/GettyImages.

Bodysprays are a wonderful way to refresh your skin and smell great after showering. Once again, get out your essential oils and have fun combining different scents in order to reach the perfect fragrance combination for you.

Body Spray

  • 1 cup distilled water
  • 1 1/2 Tablespoons witch hazel
  • 7 drops of the essential oils of your choice

Pour into a spray bottle. Gentle shake. Be sure to shake before each use.

Whipped Body Lotion

DIY Skin Care Products. Whipped Body Lotion
DIY Skin Care Products. Body lotion. Photo Credit: Adrianna Williams/DigitalVision/GettyImages.

Body lotions are another winter skin essential in order to stop dry skin. Whipped body lotions have a wonderful feel to them and are a treat to rub on the skin.

Whipped Body Lotion

  • 1/2 cup shea butter
  • 1/2 cup cocoa butter
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 1/2 cup almond oil
  • 10 -30 drops of the essential oil of your choice

Heat all the ingredients except the essential oil in a double boiler. Stir until all the ingredients are melted.

Remove from heat and allow it to start to cool. Move to refrigerator and cool for another hour until ingredients start to harden but are not completely stiff. Remove from the refrigerator and add essential oils. Mix with a hand mixer (whatever mixer is available to you) for 10 minutes. Return to refrigerator for 10 to 15 minutes to set. Place into airtight glass containers.

Get Gorgeous Hair & Skin With Our 13 At Home Beauty Secrets

Are you tired of running out to the store and spending big bucks on fancy beauty products? We have amazing tips and strategies that will save you time and money. Not to mention, you’ll gain healthy, younger-looking skin and hair!

Our DIY beauty treatments will allow you to release your inner-glam goddess with products you probably already have in your pantry or beauty drawer.

Get Gorgeous Hair & Skin With Our 13 At-Home Beauty Secrets
  1. Use coconut oil for a rich conditioner or mask. Apply to your hair’s ends and leave in. It smells like the beach! Another use for coconut oil is rubbing on chapped lips or any part of the skin that needs some extra moisture.
  2. Use apple cider vinegar as a toner. Since apple cider vinegar is a purifying agent and acts as an astringent, you can use it as a toner for your skin, and if you’re prone to breakouts – rub along your T-zone to prevent blemishes.
  3. Spray starch on your hair to act as a dry shampoo. A lot of dry shampoos contain starch, so if you run out of your favorite product, use a can of starch from your laundry room to achieve the same fresh effect.
  4. Baking soda whitens teeth. Baking soda is very effective when it comes to polishing our pearly whites. While it’s a mild abrasive, it will get into the harder-to-reach grooves, removing surface stains from coffee, wine, etc.
  5. Olive oil face wash. Using olive oil to wash your face, withdraw natural oils out of the pores, leaving you with a shiny, clean glow.
  6. Coffee filters to blot face. Like many name-brand beauty products, coffee filters and facial blotters are made with similar ingredients.
  7. Green tea bags for puffy eyes. For the best results, use two cold green-tea bags to de-puff and tighten the skin under your eyes. Leave the bags on for 5-6 minutes.
  8. Trade out shaving cream for conditioner. If you happen to run out of shaving cream at the last second, use your hair conditioner to lather up your legs. This will also provide your skin with a hydrating cushion between the razor and your gams.
  9. DIY body scrub. Using your favorite body wash, pour some into a bottle and add brown sugar to the mixture, then scrub away. If the scrub is too harsh, mix in some honey or coconut oil.
  10. Control flyaway hairs with hand lotion. At one time or another, we all had a few flyaways. An easy solution is adding a small amount of lotion on your fingertips and gently run your fingers through your hair. This will tame your tresses.
  11. Make perfume last longer. Before you spray on your favorite perfume, add Vaseline to your desired area. Since the ointment is occlusive, it will hold the fragrance on your skin longer than if you were to simply spray the perfume onto bare skin.
  12. Rinse off yellow stains on nails. Use that clean, extra toothbrush you have stashed away and use a toothpaste that contains hydrogen peroxide to help remove the stains from dark nail polish from your nails.
  13. Temporary skin lift. Mix one-fourth of a cup of warm coffee grounds and trickle one tablespoon of olive oil over the grinds. Next, sitting down on the edge of your tub or in the shower, put the grinds directly on the desired skin surface, and then wrap the areas in plastic wrap. Keep this on for about 12 minutes, and then remove the wrap and shower off using warm water. The caffeine in the grinds will help to tighten the area, but only for a couple of hours.

DIY Facial Care: 5 Best Face Masks for Glowing Skin

Who doesn’t want a fresh, bright looking skin? There are many face packs available in the market with all those tall claims, but they contain chemicals, are overpriced, and the results are also temporary. So, instead of wasting money on those overrated face packs, try natural homemade face pack. These packs are completely natural, chemical-free, and the results last for longer.

DIY Facial Care: 5 Best Face Masks for Glowing Skin

Here are top-5 skin brightening face masks:

Papaya and honey: Peel half papaya, remove the seeds, and cut it into small slices. Now blend the papaya in a blender so that you can get a smooth consistency by adding little water. After blending, add one tbsp. of honey in the mixture. Apply this face mask on your face and neck and allow it to stay for 30 minutes.

Baking Soda and Honey: Take one tbsp. of baking soda and combine it with one tbsp. of honey. After mixing, apply this face mask on your face and let it stay for 10 minutes. Now, wet your fingers and scrub off your face gently for 5 more minutes. This baking soda and honey mixture acts like a mask as well as a scrub too. It will leave your skin brightened and fresh looking. Repeat it 2 times a week for better results.

Orange peel and Honey: Grate the fresh orange peel and mix it with one tbsp. of honey. Also, add half tbsp. turmeric and mix everything well. You can also add yo9ur favorite clay face pack into it for added advantages. Apply this on your clean face and neck and allow it to stay for more than 30 minutes. This face mask will brighten skin when used regularly.

Turmeric and Gram Flour: Mix two tbsp. of gram flour with half tbsp. of turmeric powder. Make a smooth consistency using yogurt so that it’s neither thick nor thin. Apply it on your face and neck and allow it to stay for 20-25 minutes. Then rinse off with plain warm water. You can do it 2-3 times a week or every day before sleeping. You will wake up with a bright face. If turmeric has stained your skin, use apple cider vinegar toner to get rid of the stain and also keep your skin acne-free.

Yogurt and Sandalwood powder: Mix one tbsp. of sandalwood powder with 2 tbsp. of yogurt. Mix all the ingredients well, and if you have extremely dry skin, then also add honey into it. Apply a thick paste on your face and neck. Let this mixture stay for 30-45 minutes and then wash off with plain warm water. The mask helps to moisturize and exfoliate, thus resulting in glowing skin.

Homemade Skin Care Recipes – Healthy Aging & Homemade Recipes

Homemade Skin Care Recipes

Are you looking for easy homemade recipes!

My motto-read & learn & try! And that’s the goal of this website… to encourage you to try some natural home remedies, research some healthy habits, and stretch your creative muscle!

I’ve always been a learner…and then a teacher.

Here are some of my healthy habit tips, natural healing remedies & anti-aging skincare ideas-as well as some easy homemade gift ideas!

Making my own skin care items just makes me feel better. I know that the products applied are all natural and safe since I know the quality of each ingredient! It’s all a part of my life in healthy aging (not that I’m THAT old) and cleaner greener living.

Enjoy these homemade recipes, whether they’re Lush Copycat recipes or just touting more of the benefits of coconut oil!

Have fun! Do some experiments of your own~and let me know what you come up with!

Lip Gloss

DIY Lip Gloss

All you need are three simple ingredients to enjoy naturally moisturized lips! Another great homemade skincare product!

How To Make Lip Gloss

Discovering how to make lip gloss was the highlight of my week! I live in a very dry area, and this homemade lip gloss recipe is just what I needed to add some nutrients and moisture!

This first recipe is cheaper than the store-bought stuff and so versatile that you’ll love it so much more!

All you need are three simple ingredients for another great homemade skin care product!

  • 1/4 C Beeswax
  • 1 C Olive Oil
  • Essential Oils

Simply put the olive oil and the beeswax into a glass measuring cup and place into a double-broiler. Melt the beeswax slowly, stirring periodically. Add your essential oils or flavoring oils and pour into the containers. I used a couple of lip pots as well as some lip tubes! These worked wonderfully for me!

  • Peppermint Essential Oil makes my lips feel zippy!
  • Melaleuca Essential Oil is a must for the cold sore season!
  • Lavender Essential Oil makes your lips feel luscious!

And there you have it! More easy homemade gift ideas!

Feel free to customize the oils you use by checking out the different oil types and their benefits to your skin.

Lotion Making

DIY Lotion Making

One of the most pleasant things that I’ve learned with homemade skincare products is how to make body lotion! Even tho I run far away from anything that reminds me of high school science class-the words “emulsification process” just give me a thrill! Try this special lotion recipe for some skin-loving goodness. And go ahead and say the words aloud…”emulsification process.” Don’t you feel scientific already?

How To Make Lotion

Learning how to make lotion is a fun, creative endeavor that is so satisfying! Just a few simple ingredients mixing… (emulsifying if you want to use the scientific word) to create a creamy, luscious, natural homemade skin product that you’ll be happy to use on yourself and your loved ones!

When making lotion, you can use a variety of carrier oils for your specified skin-type. For example, for an anti-aging body lotion, I would use hazelnut or grapeseed oil. As a natural pain remedy, I would add a mix of lavender, lemon & marjoram essential oils. And, don’t forget the natural benefits of coconut oil if you decide to learn how to make lotion.

Below I’ve put together lotion recipes that I’ve used in several classes that I’ve taught. The formula is simple, and also the results are impressive! You can gather your ingredients from your favorite supplier, click on each ingredient to see my favorite supplier, or you can simply purchase all of the ingredients needed in a Lotion Making Kit as a one-stop shopping convenience!

Ingredients That You’ll Need

  • .6 oz Shea Butter
  • .85 oz Sweet Almond Oil
  • .5 oz Avocado Oil
  • .5 oz Stearic Acid
  • .6 oz Emulsifying Wax
  • .1oz Phenonip (preservative)
  • Sterilized Bottles for 12 ounces of the finished product

Additional Tools You’ll Need

  • Digital Scale
  • Stick Blender or Hand Mixer
  • 1-16oz Glass Measuring Cup
  • 1-32oz Glass Measuring Cup
  • Rubber Spatula
  • Candy Thermometer
  • 9 oz. of Distilled Water
  • Essential or Fragrance Oils

Aromatherapy Bath Salts Recipes

Aromatherapy Bath Salts Recipes

Making your own aromatherapy bath salts is fun, easy, and super-beneficial to your skin! Who does not love a relaxing soak in the tub after a long day? With a few simple ingredients, you can turn average bath time into a luxurious, skin-loving, aromatherapeutic experience!

A good homemade bath salt recipe will include your choice of the following ingredients:

  • People used Epsom Salts for natural remedies for years. From muscle cramp to exfoliating dead skin cells and pain relief, this is a staple to your bath salts recipe.
  • Dead Sea Salts: Helpful with open sores, psoriasis & rashes.
  • Baking Soda – is used to detoxify the body from excess alcohol, caffeine, and other medications. After a long soak in a baking soda bath, you will feel renewed and refreshed!
  • Citric Acid-Adding citric acid to your bath salts recipes will help to preserve your homemade skincare products. Combined with baking soda, you will have a slightly fizzy, skin-softening addition to your recipe.
  • Carrier Oil of your choice-just adds a little bit of oil to soothe that dry skin. Just don’t slip in the tub!
  • Essential Oils Recipes-Now is the time to customize!

Aromatherapy Bath Salts Recipe


  • 2 1/2 C. Epsom Salts
  • 1 C Baking Soda
  • 1/2 C of Citric Acid
  • 2 1/2 tsp Sweet Almond Oil (or carrier oil of your choice)
  • Various Essential Oils Recipes


  1. Combine the dry ingredients into a mixing bowl until all of the clumps are broken.
  2. Mix your essential oils blend and set them to the side. Between 1 & 1 1/2 teaspoon should be enough for this recipe. It’s hard to convert to drops, but about 60 drops is a good estimate.
  3. Add the carrier oil to your essential oils recipe.
  4. Mix everything together and blend it well. Use your hands if you need to!
  5. Package in a plastic jar or bag.

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