CUERPA Venus Hydrating Body Oil Review

For years, I struggled to keep my skin moisturized during harsh weather. When harmattan creeps in, it gets quite ashy that I had to use a lot of moisturizers. I naturally have objections to using moisturizing oil. Personally, I think thousands of ingredients goes in that it becomes increasingly difficult to know which one you’re reacting to if any side effect steps in.

Choosing from the numbers of Oil lined up on the shelf was always going to be hard for me but I got a little help from the shop keeper who suggested I tried the Venus hydrating body oil. And that was how I ended up with it.

The Packaging

If you’re one who cares more about the content than the packaging, you will have no issue with the regular appearance of this oil. However, if you desire something fancy, you will be disappointed.

Out of the pack, you will notice the word “Venus” in block prints sitting in the middle of the white label which almost runs from the top to the bottom. This isn’t the most impressive design, but the pump top gives it a new lease of hope. It controls the amount that pours in but the fact that it’s white makes it susceptible to stains. You will never have to open the pump top to view the level of the content. The oil comes in a 3.4 oz bottle which holds 100 ml of the content. The bottle is see-through, so you can keep track of the content as you use daily.

CUERPA Venus Hydrating Body Oil


Away from the packaging, the most impressive aspect of the venus ultra oil is the quality of the ingredients. It’s a blend of essential oils such as  Almond oil, Kernel Oil, Apricot and Avocado oil. However, one ingredient that stands out is the Neroli oil.

Quite scarce but possesses some of the best skin rejuvenating properties. Quite frankly, it isn’t every day you come across a skin product with Neroli oil so I had to Google this one out. Neroli is an all-purpose oil. It performs a lot of repair work. In the sense that it prevents wrinkles, promotes cell growth, paves the way for healthy skin, and gets rid of several blemishes and discoloration.

Neroli oil in some cases can help with scar and stretch marks, but that will require more than just a single bottle of Venus hydrating oil to achieve such a result.

Moisturizing Effect

This oil does an excellent job in terms of moisturization. It has a nice consistency and doesn’t take long to vanish into your skin. Depending on your situation, you might have to apply more than once. I was cautious of using on my face due to past experience and also had a few doubts about stepping out for fear of sunburn. Luckily enough, this oil doesn’t cause any form of burn and has a mild smell that can be taken for that of a “million-dollar” perfume.


Vénus Ultra-Hydrating Body Oil

The presence of Moroccan rose gives this oil a distinct fragrance. It smells as good as an oil perfume and could earn you a few kisses on the neck from your spouse. Overall, it smells nice and can’t imagine anyone complaining.

How To Apply

Venus hydrating oil is safe to use during the day and at night, but I have a habit of using it before going to bed. This way, my skin absorbs the nutrients easily and also loves to wake up to smooth skin.


The Venus hydrating oil is worth every penny spent. You might buck at the $52 asking price, but I have certainly spent more on some products without getting such amazing results. I will be getting another one once this bottle runs down and this easily slots into my skincare collection.

My Verdict

I will happily give a 4.5 rating. It has a nice moisturizing effect that tends to last for a whole day. Getting rid of dampness is just the tip of the iceberg. After 3-4 uses, you will notice immediate changes in your skin’s appearance. However, I had to use a lot around my feet and in between my fingers to achieve the kind of moisturization needed.

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