Essences are an essential part of the Korean skincare regimen. These are the best essences you should have in your collection.

If you are going to test out the Korean skincare regimen, you need to make sure you have a face essence. Essences are (no pun intended) an essential step of the routine. You generally apply your essence to your face and after you cleanse and tone. If you are unfamiliar with essences, you may be surprised at what a wide beauty category it is. Essences come in a variety of consistencies, from liquids to gels. They are also treatment essences and first essences. Essences usually have one active ingredient and help fight the signs of ageing and give you a more even skin tone, and because of the wide variety, you can find one to target your skincare concerns.

Take a look at some of the essences on the market:

1. Banila Co Radiant Diamond Brightening Essence (Sokoglam)

If you are unsure about liquid essences, try this gel-like one. It contains diamond powder to give you a luminous complexion. Apply it to your face, then paint your nails with a diamond polish.

2. The Face Shop Chia Seed Moisture-Holding Essence (Urban Outfitters)

Chia seeds are a popular foodie ingredient, but they are great for your skin, too, thanks to their moisturizing properties. The gel-like lotion contains tiny gel capsules with condensed organic chia seeds that burst on your skin.

3. Wonder Juice in Peach Juice (Chosungah 22)

Yes, it is a juice for your face. This is actually described as a “multi-essence” because it can act as a toner, essence, and lotion. It moisturizes your skin and has a sweet fruity scent that reminds you of the drink, minus the stickiness.

4. Eudermine Revitalizing Essence (Shiseido)

This essence’s packaging is as stunning as a lot of perfume bottles. You might not have seen it before, but it is actually one of Shiseido‘s oldest products, and it has been around since 1897 in Japan. It provides a serious boost of hydration to the skin and adapts to changes in climate.

5. Goodal Waterest First Essence (Club Clio)

This is the first essence that you use after washing your face. The fast-absorbing essence contains double-fermented whole lotus flower extract, which boosts and locks in moisture.

6. Primera Miracle Seed Essence (Peach and Lily)

What is this miracle seed, you ask? Why that would be lotus seed. The essence is a whopping 93.1 percent lotus seed extract, and it has high levels of amino acids and linoleic acid, which moisturize skin. The clever packaging has markers so you know exactly how much product you should be using.

7. It’s Skin Secret Solution Essence (Urban Outfitters)

This is a treatment essence that contains green tea and daisy flower extracts. It has a soft, removable cotton roll-on applicator so you can directly target pesky problem areas. You don’t have to worry about it irritating your face because it is suitable for sensitive skin.

8. Blithe Vital Treatment Essence (Glow Recipe)

If your complexion is looking dull and tired, incorporate this essence into your routine. It is formulated with five different root extracts that help even out your skin tone and texture.

9. Time Revolution First Treatment Essence (Missha)

This popular product is worth trying. A lot of people say it is the best dupe to the more expensive SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. It improves skin elasticity and tone, and you will notice a difference when you look in the mirror.

10. Raw Sauce (May Coop)

The name might leave you scratching your head, but this has nothing to do with cooking. This popular essence contains a high concentration of maple tree sap. It’s a hero ingredient that helps with better absorption because maple tree sap particles are almost the exact same size as our bodily fluids, making them easier to absorb.

11. Tosowoong Green Tea Eco Brightening Essence (Peach and Lily)

Green tea is very beneficial to your health and skin, and it is full of antioxidants which do great things for your complexion. Apply a few drops of this essence to your face for brighter, clearer skin.

12. Secret Programming Essence (Su:m37)

Don’t let the delicate bottle confuse you; this essence is packed with over 80 different botanical extracts to help revitalize and brighten your complexion. It uses natural fermentation, and it is free of preservatives, parabens, artificial fragrances, and colors.

13. Tea Tree 90 Essence (Leejiham Cosmetics)

You probably guessed from the name that this essence is packed with tea tree oil. It is, in fact, 90 percent tea tree oil extract. It treats sensitive, irritated and troubled skin. Apply it after you cleanse and tone to seal in moisture.

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