Retro Hairstyles That Are Coming Back in Fashion

It’s 2022, and we all are looking for a nice shakeup to get over the past few years. A haircut is an easy way to inject some energy into your life and work toward a better sense of body positivity and overall confidence. It’s hard for many people to shift away from modern hair trends since these are typically safe options. However, there are plenty of retro hairstyles that are coming back in fashion that you should consider!

Roaring ‘20s Staples

Well, the “modern ‘20s” hasn’t started quite like the glamorous decade in the 1900s. We all were looking forward to a new era of fashion and lifestyle, and many individuals are capturing the roaring ‘20s with throwback hairdos that would make any grandparent proud.

The finger wave hairdo harkens back to the golden age of Hollywood, a time of glitzy parties and elegance. This is the perfect cut for short hair. Consider a loose pile of curls with pins for longer hair; it makes length appear shorter and goes great with a trendy headscarf.

Undercut Mullets

“Business in the front and party in the back”—who could have predicted that this fashionable hairstyle would ever rise to popularity again? However, mullets are back in style, especially ones with sharp undercuts. This look is unisex and makes for an edgy, youthful appearance. Celebrities have spearheaded the mullet trend, and now it’s potentially the most sought-after cut of the 2020s.

Overabundant Volume

Those who experienced the energy of the ‘80s remember a time of “in your face” fashion that reflected eccentric personalities. Everything about this decade was loud, vibrant, and unique. The over-voluminous hairstyles that have been unpopular for the last 30 years are officially trendy today! Stylists are teasing long locks and creating textured hair that adds a bouncy aspect to your mane. Go wild with this haircut by incorporating fun curls and fine undercuts.

Short Bobs

The short bob is the ideal cut for individuals seeking sharp, defined facial features. This is no longer a boring hairstyle, as it’s edgy and popular. Bobs today typically rest well above the shoulders, but some people combine the bluntness of the cut with the wildness of a mullet. A quality short bob has plenty of bounce, making the hairdo exciting and empowering.

Look out for these retro hairstyles that are coming back in fashion, and consider a new look for the new year. Remember to always go with what makes you the most confident and empowered, as there are no wrong options for self-image improvement!

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