Hey Ladies: Where Is Your Random, Super Thick Hair?
Hey Ladies: Where Is Your Random, Super Thick Hair?

Dear everyone, I’ve ever been attracted to: tune out because I’m about to get real with the world right now.

Hi, my name is Samantha, and I have chin hair that is as obtrusive as a cockroach in a bowl of cereal. Everything looks great, it’s smooth, I take good care of my skin, and then one day I wake up and BAM–I’ve got a half-inch hair thicker than a lumberjack’s mustache growing straight out of my chin. Sexy, right?

One of the biggest advantages of working on an all-female team in our office is that nobody really judges one another. The other day, I whispered across the desks to my coworker Alexis (the Editor of Crushable), “Please don’t judge what I’m about to do,” and then proceeded to rip out the small tree trunk that had taken up residence on my lower chin. She quickly reassured me that everyone has one, and sure enough, as soon as we began discussing this plight aloud, every single woman in our vicinity began sharing their random hairs’ various locations. Some told of arm hairs that were 2″ long overnight; others revealed their mole hairs; others still talked of their facial frustrations.

Look, I’m all about doing whatever you want with your own body and all the random, weirdo hairs upon it. Beauty standards are not something any of us need to strain to achieve.

For years, I truly thought I was the only one who had this problem. I’m a monster! I thought to myself, leaning over the bathroom mirror with the sharpest tweezers I could find. I mustn’t ever be too close to a person’s face when mine looks like this!

However, via my friends and, now, my coworkers, I learned that just about every woman I know has some odd hair growing from somewhere that women supposedly should not be springing locks from left and right.

So, dear readers, make me feel better: where is your random, weird, super long, and/or thick hair? Tell us in the comments!

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