Follow these easy step-by-step tips for creating gorgeous waves, no curling iron required. The style comes courtesy of Redken Session Stylist, Noah Hatton who invented this trick when he was on a photo shoot at the beach when the power ran out.

You’ll need:

  • Texturizing spray gel, like Redken Curl Force 17 Texturizing Spray-Gel
  • 4 hair clips
  • Flexible hairspray, I used Bumble and Bumble Spray de Mode

Spray Hair With Gel

Get Wavy Hair Fast
How to get beach-y hair – Photo © Leopold Linval

Spritz dry hair lightly with spray gel. Be careful not to overdo it: Because your hair is dry, you’ll need a lot less product than usual. Hatton recommends the Redken Curl Force 17 Texturizing Spray-Gel, because, “this product allows the hair to keep the curl easier and helps it coil naturally.”

Create Coils

Get Wavy Hair Fast: Create Coils
How to get beach waves – Photo © Leopold Linval

Divide hair into four sections, one on each side of your head, on the top, and on the back. Start twisting one piece until it coils in on itself and secures with a large hair clip.

I place my finger next to my head and coil my hair around it. This helps keep it in place.

Coil All Sections

Get Wavy Hair Fast
Wavy hair – Photo © Leopold Linval

Continue coiling with the other three sections, making sure to twist hair in the same direction each time to create a consistent, natural-looking smooth wave, says Hutton.

Spray With Flexible Hold Hairspray

Get Wavy Hair Fast - Coil All Sections
Get Wavy Hair Fast – Coil All Sections. Wavy hair – Photo © Leopold Linval

Once all the hair is coiled, spritz with a flexible hold hairspray. I like Bumble and Bumble’s Spray de Monde because it has great hold, but is never sticky.

Let your hair set for 15-20 minutes while you put on your makeup and get dressed. Before heading out the door, shake out the waves.

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