The theme of femininity is now extremely popular. In social networks, we meet a lot of suggestions and master classes on how to learn how to cook tasty and original, quickly and effortlessly tidy up the house, attract and build relationships with a man, and how to properly approach the upbringing of children.

It would seem that such a large number of ready-made recipes, books, videos that are designed to help and support women should play a positive role and perform a miracle – make them happier.

But after all, it is so often necessary to meet a beautiful woman, brought to the “ideal”, who has a beloved family and work, but deep down she is still unhappy. Each woman is unique, each has her own individual life experience, her own unique life story. What is happiness for every woman and how to learn to combine femininity, self-care and the modern pace of life?

External aspects of femininity are considered to be clothes, hair, makeup, gait, speech, soft movements, figure. It is by appearance that it is easy to distinguish a woman. With changes in appearance, internal metamorphoses begin. When we change on the outside, we always change a little on the inside.

From an early age, girls work hard and study diligently. There is not enough time to take care of yourself and your favorite hobbies even at school. If you are a mother, then think about it. Perhaps homework can be delegated to and free time can be devoted to care and relaxation.

The art of self-care is not just a skill, not just a necessity, not just a habit, true self-care is a true expression of self-love. In the study of this art, as in any psychological work, it is important to begin by providing the necessary sense of security. Then you can learn how to recruit the right amount of resources and take care of preserving these resources.

1 – Home and comfortable space

The most affordable way to feel safe is to accept and make your home, your nest in which we live, a real “refuge”, because it is here that we can relax and gain strength. Agree, because a very important role in our life is played by the space to which we return every day. It is here that you can truly enjoy moments of solitude and harmony. So, it is important and useful to leave time for yourself when you can get up without an alarm clock, slowly have breakfast, drink coffee or tea, then do what you want, walk, or maybe lie in bed all day, read a book or watch movies, do On this day, what you have long dreamed of. We need such days to relax, so that we do not run anywhere. After all, many women live with fatigue from the fact that you need to “eternally run somewhere to stay in place,” as in the fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland.”

2 – Care from within

When we have a beloved home, there is a place where we can relax, where we are safe and comfortable, we can think about what other opportunities there are for restoring and preserving our internal resources.

Loving yourself is first and foremost taking care of your health. Proper and tasty nutrition is another source of pleasure. Eating should deliver not only taste, but also aesthetic pleasure.

3 – The dream of beauty

With the right night’s rest, susceptibility to stress is reduced. Regular, restful and deep sleep is an important step on the path to health. It stimulates the blood circulation process and has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin. But the main function of sleep is to restore the nervous system. It’s no secret that melatonin is produced during a night’s rest – it protects against stress, premature aging, and colds. It is one of the most powerful natural immunomodulators and antioxidants, the most powerful free radical scavenger. At night, during sleep, restoration work takes place inside the cells, and this is a natural and pleasant course of rejuvenation.

4 – Inner harmony

Feeling himself a part of nature, a person acquires vitality and energy. Living in harmony with nature unleashes natural resources to the fullest. Try to go out of town more often or take a walk in city parks. Pay attention to the beauty of nature more often and breathe deeply.

5 – Movement and activity

You can learn effective breathing techniques and light exercises that help to remove toxins from the body, saturating it with oxygen. Sports activities have a very good effect on the quality of life: they increase energy, normalize sleep and help the production of endorphins. These compounds improve our mood and increase our self-esteem.

6 – Spiritual component

Love for oneself and for others fills the inner world of a person with peace, but anxiety, fear, irritability have a detrimental effect. Meditation will help get rid of them – the most powerful tool in the fight against negative emotions, addictions and their consequences.

Live with love for yourself, take care and save your feminine energy.

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