According to the New York Times, Americans are some of the most stressed people in the world.

That’s why participating in self-care is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a positive outlook. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to spend a day at the spa each week. Rather than increasing your stress by spending money, you don’t have, try an at-home spa day.

Spa days at home are easy and enjoyable, just follow these five simple DIY steps.

Tips for Planning Spa Days at Home

1. Set the Tone

The first part of your spa day checklist is to create the mood. If you have kids, get a sitter. If the house is cluttered and messy, take a few minutes to clear out a relaxation space.

Pick out some soothing music. Select the perfect bath bubbles, body care products, and fluffy towels. Then finish your peaceful ambiance off by dimming the lights and decorating the room with fragrant candles.

2. Take Care of Your Hair

Spa days at home involve self-care from head to toe. While you’re waiting for your bath to fill, lather your hair in a face mask. You can buy a product from any of the best barbershops in your area or make your own.

Comb the product through your hair before wrapping your head in a towel. This will prevent the deep conditioner from getting all over the place and allow you to relax with ease.

3. Treat Your Face

That steaming tub is probably starting to look really inviting. But before taking the plunge, there is one more thing to check off your spa day checklist.

Give your face a quick wash with warm water to open up your pores and remove surface dirt. Then apply either a store-bought sheet mask or a clay mask product. Now you’re ready for the tub.

4. Ease Your Muscles

A hot bath is one of the best parts of an at-home spa day. Take a deep breath and allow the water to wash all your worries away. Use Epsom salts or aromatherapy oils to help your muscles release any tension they are holding onto.

Take as long as you need in the bath. Remember this is time you set aside to take care of yourself.

5. Drink It All Up

Once you’ve rinsed and dried off, take some time to let all the relaxation sink in. Lounge on the couch with a cup of bedtime tea or a glass of wine. Let your mind wander into the depths of your favorite romance novel or autobiography.

Resist the urge to plug into electronic devices. Cellphones, laptops, and television ramp up your brain activity, which is the opposite of what you want during your spa days at home.

Spa Days at Home

Knowing how to plan a spa day at home is the first step to improving self-care. Set aside the space and time, grab all of your good-smelling goodies, and relax your way into a healthier life.

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