I got my first Brazilian wax a little over a year ago, and although I was scared at first, I haven’t looked back since. Waxing down there can seem terrifying, but it’s actually super convenient and has a decent amount of advantages over shaving. Of course, waxing isn’t for everyone, and what you want to do with your body hair is your decision. But getting a Brazilian (which is removing all of the hair down there, even in your butt crack) is a really popular option, especially now that swimsuit season is officially here.

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If you’re the kind of girl who wants to be totally bare down there, your best bet is to get a Brazilian wax… or at least a bikini wax. I know firsthand that this can seem super intimidating. Not only are you introducing a stranger to your vag, but you’re also literally having your hair ripped out of one of the most sensitive parts of your body. Before you go, you need to read this. Here are 18 things no one ever tells you about getting a Brazilian wax:

  1. It is really cold in those rooms, and you are totally exposed. I go to European Wax Center, and for the wax they use, it has to be pretty cold in the rooms. It’s not freezing, but when you’re basically naked with your legs spread, it’s uh… it’s not great.
  2. You start to become weirdly comfortable with letting strangers be all up in your vag. At first, you kind of want to cry, and then you’re like, “eh, whatever. It’s just my vagina!”
  3. Every once in a while, you’ll forget to shower or wash up before, and you’ll be horrified. Noooooo.
  4. You will probably end up with little bits of leftover wax stuck to you that you see at random times. The worst is when someone else finds it, and they’re like, “uhhh… what.”
  5. Even if you exfoliate, you’ll end up with at least one ingrown hair, which you will obsessively pick at because how can you not pick at ingrown hairs? No judgment!
  6. Your waxer sometimes goes to rip the wax off, you tense up, they decide it’s not ready, and it’s basically the worst.
  7. If you have sex right before you get there, your waxer WILL be able to tell. So… just keep that in mind.
  8. You’ll begin to really resent shaving because, OMG, you like waxing so much better. Seriously, shaving doesn’t even compare.
  9. Your waxer is sort of like a temporary therapist sometimes. You’re already vulnerable. Why not be more vulnerable?
  10. Shaving in between makes it hurt so much worse. Resist the urge.
  11. So does going right before you get your period. You feel pain so much more. Don’t do it, girl!
  12. Wearing a thong or jeans is a terrible idea. Stick with the granny panties, ladies.
  13. Your pee could get weird afterwards. Pubic hair helps control the stream. If it’s gone, there’s nothing there to do that!
  14. Resist the urge to scream out loud. It sounds funny in movies but is just dramatic in person. I mean, come on now.
  15. Your waxer sometimes has to tweeze stray hairs, so she REALLY gets down in there. Well… there are no secrets anymore.
  16. You will actually look anywhere in the room to avoid eye contact. I stare at the same poster every single time.
  17. Afterwards, you’re all like, “waxing isn’t even that bad,” but while it’s happening, you’re like, “OMG, WHY AM I DOING THIS TO MYSELF” Can you leave mid-session or nah?
  18. You will literally lay there thinking about this woman who went to school so she could wax vaginas all day. I mean, you do you boo boo, but like… why?

Have you ever had a Brazilian or bikini wax? What did you relate to the most? What did I forget? Tell me in the comments.

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