10 Real Girls Give Tips On How To Deal If You Sweat A Lot

The warm weather that comes along with summer can feel like your best friend after a winter spent shivering and freezing under many, many layers. But if you’re someone who deals with excessive sweating, it can also feel like your worst enemy. For some people, hot, sticky weather means one thing: lots and lots of sweat.

I’m not just talking about the typical everyday underarm sweat we all have. I’m talking about sweating all over your body: under-boob sweat. Face sweat. Neck sweat. Thigh sweat. Basically, whole-body sweat. It may not happen to everyone, but the people who deal with it know it’s not fun – and it’s also not something that drugstore deodorant can take care of.

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At the end of the day, sweating is something that happens to everyone, and it’s nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. But at the same time, I can understand if this is something you want to get under control as it can also be pretty uncomfortable. That’s why these three Reddit threads (herehere, and here) stuck out to me. They’re full of advice from real girls (and a few guys) who deal with excessive sweating and have learned how to combat it. Read and learn: 10 real people give tips on how to deal if you sweat a lot:

Consider Acupuncture

Not to get all New Age-y on you, but I used to sweat a lot too until I started doing acupuncture and I changed up my diet. My cousin runs a Chinese medicine clinic, so I got most of my advice from him. I know it sounds like bullshit, but both of those things significantly reduced my sweating. I’ve stopped doing acupuncture now, but I’ve stuck with the diet. I am supposed to eat more foods that have “cooling properties” instead of things that will heat me up internally – alcohol, excessive caffeine, spicy foods. I was also given a few herbal remedies for teas and stuff. I still sweat more than the average (bleh, hate that word) woman, but it’s gone down a lot since changing/managing my diet and doing some acupuncture. You have to take this stuff with a grain of salt if you’re used to Western medicine, but I’ve grown up participating in both Eastern and Western medicinal practices, and it just so happens that Eastern medicine worked for reducing my sweating when prescribed deodorants and antiperspirants did nothing.

 Hey, sometimes going the natural route works! 

Wear Darker Colors

rose_gold_android: “I wear a lot of blacks to keep it from being noticeable. No, really. I’m a woman who sweats a lot too, and I have since junior high. It sucks. I’ve done the prescription antiperspirant thing, the Botox to prevent sweating thing, and none of it worked for me. As far as sweaty feet go, Skimlinks-unlinked has been a lifesaver (no, I don’t work for them or anything)”.

I would suggest trying other products before changing up your wardrobe, but this is a helpful tip. If you know you’re going to sweat and you’re nervous about it, try wearing black. But I wouldn’t change your entire style just so you don’t show sweat marks.

Use Baby Powder Everywhere

Anglaceandwhiskey: “I use baby powder around my thighs. I have massively sensitive skin, too, and used to have to change deodorant every few months. However, I found Ban about 6 years ago, and it works wonders. I sweat a ton, and as far as armpits go, it’s a huge help. I can sweat all day and not stink. As far as lower extremities: I find when I wipe, if I use flushable wipes, not just to wipe with but for under boob and around my thighs, it helps combat that. TL;DR Shower every day, use baby powder around thighs and boobs, Ban deodorant”.

Baby powder is a great way to combat sweat, and many people swear it works better than deodorant. It’s cheap, so it’s definitely worth a shot.

Buy A Better Fitting Bra To Combat Boob Sweat

JenCarpeDiem: “I’ve found that I get a lot less boob sweat now that I’m actually wearing properly fitting bras. I think the best thing for crotch sweat is to change the materials you’re wearing. Satin is a definite no, obviously, but super-cheap cotton underwear can be nearly as bad. The type with a second layer in the crotch will be more comfortable, I think. I don’t want to put deodorant in such a sensitive area, so I always go straight for the baby powder”.

This is some great advice. A bra that fits correctly does more than you think! And yeah, if you sweat a lot, there just might be certain materials you have to avoid.

Exercise More To Release Toxins

Paremenides: “Do you work out? When you sweat, your body is trying to get rid of toxins, so if you can get rid of some of these toxins through regular exercise, you may sweat less in your everyday life. Also, try putting on your antiperspirant at night because it will absorb better when you’re sleeping. I know someone who got botox in her armpits to stop excessive sweating. This is probably only an option if you’ve got a lot of extra money to spend. I got laser hair removal, and a side effect is that you sweat less. I do sweat less than I did a year ago and have recently decided that I no longer need antiperspirant, but I’m not sure if it’s the laser hair removal or my increase in physical activity. I’m guessing it’s the gym membership”.

Working out a few times a week might help release some of those toxins. 

Use Lube For Thigh Sweat

LilNym: “This might sound weird, but I have a really good lube that I use to prevent thigh rash. Just a drop, and instead of sanding your thighs, they glide. The lube I have stays liquid as long as you’re moving around, so I only need to reapply a drop when I’ve been sitting for a while”.

Interesting! I’ve never heard of this, but hey – why not try?

Get A Prescription

“After suffering from excessive sweating for years of it slowly getting worse, I finally went to the doctor about it. I’d tried every prescription-strength antiperspirant under the sun, all clothing types, etc. Nada. After jumping through hoops, I was referred to a dermatologist and put on antimuscarinics, specifically Propantheline Bromide. It’s a miracle pill, I swear. I take it once a day because that’s enough for me, though it does wear out a bit in the evening, so if I’m out, I’ll take another (which is okay). It’s not a total block, which is good; if I go to the gym, it’ll be a mild dampness as opposed to the previous waterfall. The only catch is antimuscarinics can have a truckload of side effects, and I’m just very fortunate to not have any”.


If you’re dealing with severe sweating and nothing over-the-counter is helping, see a doctor. He/she might be able to provide you with a prescription-strength antiperspirant that will help.

Try Something All Nautral

Hurras: “I use Primal Pit Paste and their pit primer spray, plus their powder. I am an over-sweater, and after a couple of days of an adjustment period, I now just feel a bit damp instead of dripping wet. I thought I’d start with their Strong, but after I talked with them, I started with Light and moved into regular. Seriously addicted to the stuff – it’s been a lifesaver”.

Primal Pit is an all-natural antiperspirant brand. If you’re willing to experiment, it sounds like it may be worth a shot.

Use Summer’s Eve Powder For Crotch Sweat

tralfamadorianMD: “My crotch sweats more than anyone I know. I use Summer’s Eve powder, which is essentially scented baby powder. It helps for the first couple of hours until I sweat through it. And I have to apply a lot. Everyone has their thing. I have crotch sweat”.

You have to be careful about what you put in your down there area – you don’t want anything to mess up the pH balance and give you an infection. But this is worth a shot.

Layer With Deodorant and Powder

Maito_Gais_Jockstrap: “I’m a guy, but I might be able to help. I went through the same problem when dieting. Firstly, have you tried roll-on deodorant? Secondly, try antiperspirant instead of deodorant. And thirdly, try layering with deodorant and talcum powder. Deodorant, then talc, then more deodorant, then another talc. And always carry around wet wipes so you can go to the bathroom and give yourself a wipe if you do get sweaty”.

Layering deodorant and powder might help. Another good tip is carrying around Wet Wipes for emergencies. They may not prevent sweat, but they will help you feel fresh when you can’t shower.

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