Most of you have probably already found a DIY wax removal technique at home. Yet, no matter how long you’ve been waxing at home, your results will never compare to those of a pro. That being said, before you make a waxing appointment with a pro, it’s good for you to know your options.

There are tons of different types of waxing styles and shapes to choose from, as well as a variety of waxes to use. Today, you’ll learn in just a matter of minutes everything there is to know about waxing so, don’t stop reading!

A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Waxing

Different Shapes

Those who don’t want to remove every strand of hair can request to shape their pubes into different styles. Here are some examples.

Bikini Line Touch Up

Getting a bikini line touch-up is ideal for those who are easing into the habit of waxing. With this style, you only get the sides waxed, giving your pubes some definition while maintaining a natural look. In other words, any hairs that stick outside the lines of your knickers will be removed.

Standard Bikini Line

Next, you have the standard bikini line, which still keeps things looking pretty natural but just a little neater than the bikini line touch-up. They wax off a little more on the top and sides of your knicker lines.

French Wax

If you’re looking to go nearly completely neat and smooth without feeling too bare, then you might be interested in getting a French wax. A French wax is when almost all the hairs on the top and sides are removed. The only parts that are left untouched are the middle area, known as the labia, and the region towards the back.

Brazilian Wax

You no doubt already know that the Brazilian wax is the most popular type of waxing out there. It’s similar to the French wax but, the only difference is that with the Brazilian wax, they remove hair in the back region as well. In other words, around your bum.

If you’re looking to feel bare and hairless, then this is the choice to go with. You can even request getting a shape, such as the Bermuda triangle shape. It looks just like a neat and traditional little triangle on the top.

The Hollywood

And of course, if you’re looking to get literally every strand of hair removed, go for the Hollywood. With this waxing style, you’ll get every single region of your pubes waxed. You’ll be as bare as a newborn.

Types of Waxing

Now that you know the types of waxing styles out there, it’s time to learn about the different types of waxes professionals use. It’s always best to know beforehand what kinds of products are available. That way, you can choose a wax that best suits your skin!

Warm Soft Wax

Warm soft wax is designed for those who have more sensitive skin. The warm soft wax is cream-based is applied over the skin and then removed with a cloth strip, removing the hairs along with it. It’s mainly used to remove hair from large regions, such as legs or arms.

Warm Hard Wax

Warm hard wax is a great wax, effective in removing both thick and thin hairs. Hard wax is first heated up and then applied to the skin. Once it hardens, it peels off and practically tears off all the hairs in its way.

Now, because this waxing method is a little harsher than the previous one mentioned, a small amount of oil should be applied before applying the wax. Hard wax is mainly used in smaller regions, such as the armpits or upper lip.

Cold Soft Wax

Cold soft wax is an appealing choice for those who fear getting a wax burn. Now, despite the fact that cold soft wax will not burn your skin, it can be a little trickier to use. Because of how challenging it is when it comes to applying it, it’s not as effective in removing hair, and it’s also more painful to use for some people.

Wax Strips

You probably use pre-waxed strips at home, and the upside of it is that it comes with the appropriate amount of wax to use. This waxing method is a great choice for rookies, as it’s mess-free and easy to use. And, depending on the amount of hair you want to remove, one strip might be enough, or you can even use it various times over the same spot!

Sugar Wax

Sugar waxing—probably the oldest waxing method out there. However, it’s also one of the simplest and most natural hair removal methods as it consists of hot water, lemon, and sugar. For a wax, it’s quite gentle, and it works similar to hard wax.

This formula allows you to strip over one spot several times as well. The downside is that it can be messy to work with and isn’t too effective in removing thick hairs. Cleaning up afterward, though, is simple, as the formula is water-soluble.

Types of Waxing—Explained

Now that you are aware of the ins and outs of the types of waxing styles and methods out there, it’s time to book your appointment! Waxing hurts, and the idea can seem daunting. But leaving it in the hands of the pros will always be a good idea.

And, once you see and enjoy the results, you’ll no doubt make it into a habit! Keep exploring our blog for more beauty-related tips!

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