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Find out how to look your best – and stick to your budget – with these five money-saving beauty tips.

Money Saving Beauty Tips

1. Make Products Work Double-Duty

The beauty industry would like us to buy a different product for every body part and use, but most of the items in your makeup stash can pull double duty. Some easy ways to shave pennies off your beauty budget include:

  • Don’t buy eye cream – a gentle face moisturizer can also be used under your eyes (though moisturizer with sunscreen may irritate very sensitive skin).
  • Forget about buying eyeliner. With a small, angled brush and a little water, your eyeshadows can work as eyeliner, instead.
  • Got a stick of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter or a tin of Smith’s Rosebud Salve? You can use these products as a lip balm, skin smoother, frizz tamer and blemish healer.
  • Put that jar of Vaseline to work as lip gloss and much more.

2. Buy Less

It seems like a no-brainer, but most of us don’t even know what we’ve got stashed in the far reaches of our bathroom cupboards. Do a little cleaning or organizing and you might find out that you have got enough moisturizer to last for a decade. Resist the urge to buy new duplicates until you’ve actually run out (you’ve survived this long without whatever the next must-have product will be, so you can make it a little longer). Another way to buy less is to get as many freebies as possible – most cosmetics counters will give you samples, so make a habit of swinging by the high-end counters on your mall trips (some of you shopaholics may not be able to do this without a purchase, so ready your willpower before attempting).

3. Use Less

Most of us use less foundation in the summer and more moisturizer in winter, but we can shave a few pennies off of our spending by being more conscientious about how much of everything we’re using (or wasting). Slathering lip balm on my lips is practically a habit, so just eliminating a few unnecessary swipes each day could help it last a lot longer. From shampoo to lipstick, moisturizers, and concealers, try cutting your normal portion in half to see if it does the trick. Don’t be afraid to use a Q-tip to get every last bit of that expensive eye cream out of the jar before you toss it, or to try stretching a product by mixing it with a cheaper version.

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4. Know When to Splurge or Save

The economy is forcing most of us to reign in our spending, but that doesn’t mean we have to give up all of our favorite products. If you’ve got an expensive moisturizer you aren’t willing to abandon, for example, you can offset the cost by switching to a budget mascara or a drugstore concealer. You’ll feel better about your splurge items by making some concessions in other areas, and you might find new, cheaper products that work just as well, to boot!

5. Make Your Own Products

Mixing lip balms, hair creams, or moisturizers from kitchen ingredients isn’t for me (a mayo-coated hair incident years ago cured me of such experimentation), but there are plenty of DIY beauty recipes for those willing. Even those of us who’d prefer not to be in the kitchen any more than we have to might be willing to try some of these at-home beauty substitutions or tricks:

  • Use toothpaste or OTC cortisone cream on blemishes (eye drops can get the red out of them, as well)
  • Dab a bit of olive oil on very rough/dry patches of skin
  • Out of de-puffing eye cream? Chill a couple of spoons in the freezer and place over your eyes
  • Use canola oil as a cheap hot oil hair treatment
  • Try sesame oil for stretch marks

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