12 Ways To Deal With Face Sweat In The Summer

I don’t think it is revolutionary, necessarily, to say that the summer tends to be kind of rough on the skin. Summer means more sun, more humidity, and more heat, which leads to anything from sunburn to inflammation to breakouts. (Or, sometimes, all of the above!)

At the root of all these troubles, generally, is sweat. Face sweat, to be specific. Sweat has a pretty useful purpose–it controls your body temperature and can release toxins from the body–but when it collects on your face in the summer and just kind of, like, sits there, it doesn’t feel very useful.

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Of course, to deal with this, you could stay inside all day, blasting the air conditioner, drawing your blinds, and shielding yourself from all things heat and sunlight-related. (In fact, it is very possible that you are already doing this.) But if you would like to venture outside this summer, you don’t actually have to submit to being a sweaty mess all the time. So, check out these easy ways to deal with face sweat right here: 

1. Carry face wipes around with you

If I have one piece of advice to share with you for this summer, it is this–carry face wipes around with you! This is especially key if you work out a lot or ride your bike and wear a helmet, which can increase sweat on your face.

2. Blotting sheets, too

Blotting sheets are also great. They won’t prevent breakouts, but if you’re wearing foundation and feel like you’re getting shiny, this is a good way to deal with the shine without having to take off all your makeup.

3. Use oil-free sunscreen

You need to wear SPF in the summer. Period. Just make sure it’s an oil-free version so you’re not adding any oil to the sweat you might already have.

4. Remember to moisturize

Although it might not seem like it, being in the sun can actually dry out your skin. And, when your skin is dry, it tends to produce more oil, which can make your face feel sweatier. To deal with this, use a light, non-comedogenic moisturizer to prevent face oil from mixing with face sweat.

5. Wear a scarf around your head

This can help absorb the sweat from your head and prevent it from running down into your face and eyes.

6. Try to avoid tight-fitting caps

While headbands are good for dealing with sweat, tight-fitting caps actually trap heat on your head, which will make you a lot sweatier on your head and face. You should wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun, but when you do, make sure it’s a little lighter and made out of breathable fabric, like straw.

7. Simplify your makeup routine

Having a multi-step foundation system might not be the best practice this summer. If you can, try and switch to a tinted moisturizer, BB cream, or concealer. This will help ensure that your skin isn’t weighed down by primer, foundation, SPF, and powder.

8. Or try makeup that’s made specifically for working out

If you want more traditional powder makeup, try some that are made specifically for working out–it’s breathable, non-comedogenic, and stays put even if you sweat.

9. Make sure you’re washing your face

I mean, duh. But you’re going to need to wash your face more than you usually do over the summer to help minimize the sweat. I like using Cetaphil at night and micellar water in the morning, but you can switch around your products based on your own preferences.

10. Use a clay mask once a week

This helps keep oil–and, subsequently, oil-based acne–at bay.

11. If you can, try to avoid spicy foods

These, weirdly enough, can increase sweating all over the body. Obviously, if you’re really craving something spicy, go for it. But if you’re out at a food truck festival, the sun is out, and there’s a high humidity index, you might want to limit the amount of sriracha sauce you’re eating.

12. And caffeine

Caffeine is a diuretic, which means it rids the body of excess water. This will dehydrate you, first of all, and it could also make you significantly sweatier. So, if you can, try and limit your caffe.

Do you have any summer skincare tips? What are they? Let us know in the comments!

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