How To Deal With Back Sweat
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RIP to all of my cute back-to-school outfits because the minute I put my backpack on, I get insta-drenched with sweat. All of my classes are across campus and back and forth. I don’t get sweaty all over, but I get so much back sweat even when it’s not super hot outside. Any suggestions? I’m super embarrassed to take off my backpack when I’m in public, which is obviously making my life difficult. How can I get rid of back sweat?

It might officially be fall, but that definitely doesn’t mean sweat issues are going anywhere! Back sweat is tough to deal with because it’s not the easiest part of your body to access, and it can be difficult to avoid when you’re wearing something like a backpack. It’s also an issue despite the weather, especially if you’re wearing heavy sweaters. But it’s not impossible, of course, so here are a few tips on how to avoid and deal with back sweat:

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1. Use deodorant spray. Rolling a regular deodorant stick all over your entire back is probably close to impossible unless you want to ask someone to do it for you every morning. It’s also annoying to wait for it to dry so you don’t stain your shirt. Instead, try using a deodorant spray. It’s much easier to maneuver and gets the job done. Keep in mind that most deodorant brands don’t recommend using deodorant anywhere but your underarms, but if you feel comfortable using it on your body, go for it.

2. Carry around baby powder. Baby powder (or any kind of anti-chafing powder) is great for absorbing sweat. You can pat it on your back before getting dressed or keep it in your bag in case you need to use it during the school day.

3. Wear lighter, more breathable fabrics. Your choice of fabric for your shirts is super important when it comes to back sweat. Heavy sweaters and synthetic fabrics are going to be less breathable, making your back a great breeding ground for sweat. Lighter cotton fabrics are going to give your back a lot more air and breathing room. Of course, this is tricky when it’s actually cold outside because you don’t want to freeze, but wear lighter fabrics when possible. You might also want to consider getting a different backpack that’s made of a lighter material.

4. Wear darker colors. If you feel like you can’t stop the sweat and you’re worried about people noticing stains, then start wearing darker shades. Shirts that are black, or dark greens or reds or blues are going to hide sweat stains better than something light-colored. You could also try carrying around a dark sweater to throw on when you take your backpack off.

5. Maybe try a different kind of bag. Backpacks are definitely the most convenient choice when it comes to carrying books and school supplies around, but if this is really bothering you, maybe try a different kind of bag. A tote or crossbody won’t be covering your entire back and will lead to less back sweat. If you can make it work, it might be your best option!

Good luck!

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