Celebrity makeup artist Nick Barose has worked with a range of clients, including Gabrielle Union, Mila Kunis, Blake Lively, Gretchen Mol, and more. You can also see his work in magazines ranging from Glamour to InStyle to Seventeen. Here are his best makeup tips for busy women everywhere.

Fast Beauty Tips
Fast Beauty Tips with Nick Barose. A celebrity makeup artist shares his best tips for looking good—fast!

In your opinion, what makeup should most women never leave the house without?

A woman should never leave the house without blotting powder, to keep herself looking polished and lipstick or gloss for touch-ups throughout the day.

What are some of your favorite multi-tasking beauty products?

I love lip and cheek tints in deep berry tones; they look good on everyone. A favorite is Votre Vu on Rouge in Ma Cherie. Rapidlash, an eyelash enhancing serum, is great on the lashes and brows to keep them healthy and fuller-looking.

What three makeup brushes should every woman own and why?

Every woman should own a medium-size brush for powder, bronzer, and cheek color; a good synthetic concealer brush, and an eyeliner brush that can also be used on brows.

What is the quickest way to cover up under-eye circles?

To cover up under the eyes, use a medium-sized concealer brush to apply concealer, then set with sheer powder. The concealer needs to be lighter than your skin to brighten and shouldn’t be thick so it won’t build up and get cakey.

A pimple?

To cover up a pimple, opt for a pointy concealer brush and dot on precisely over each pimple. Then apply powder on top.

How can a woman quickly take her makeup look from day to night?

I love adding a brighter lipstick and shimmer highlighter on cheeks to glam your lookup.

We live in the age of Facebook. What are some tricks for looking great in photos?

Daylight coming through the window softly is more flattering than a flash. As far a makeup goes, a tiny bit of color on cheeks and lips plus full lashes will make your look pop without looking too done—and to done or to make up on Facebook pictures, is, well trying too hard!

How do you know if you’re wearing the right shade of foundation? Do you need to wear a different shade in the winter than in the summer?

Usually, your skin is darker in the summer, so it’s wise to own a few different shades. Then you can mix ‘n’ match when you get lighter or darker.

How can you make your makeup last?

Makeup primer will help keep your base and cheek color on. As for eyes, look for an eye makeup primer to wear under eye shadow. For lips, opt for long-lasting lipsticks or lip stains.

What’s the quickest way to take off your makeup?

I prefer wipes. After you use the wipe, follow with a gentle face wash for stubborn lipstick or mascara or apply makeup remover to wipes and gently scrub.

What’s your number one secret or piece of advice for a woman who wants to put on her makeup quickly?

Investing in a foundation brush that can double-ups as an undereye concealer brush will save you so much time. Also, using multi-purpose beauty products like lip and cheek tints.

What are some ways to make your makeup look natural?

Opt for an oil-free tinted moisturizer instead f foundation so skin looks more realistic. You can go dramatic with eyes or lips, but if your makeup is sheer, your skin will look more natural. The key for blush and lipstick shades is to pick shades that look like your own coloring but pumped up.

In what ways does packaging provide protection for makeup products?

In today’s beauty industry, packaging plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall appeal and sustainability of makeup products. The way makeup is packaged not only affects their presentation but also impacts the environment. One popular option for cosmetic packaging is cardboard, which offers several advantages. Custom cardboard packaging boxes is not only lightweight and cost-effective but also provides excellent protection for makeup products. It is durable and can be easily customized to showcase branding elements, product information, and eye-catching designs.

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