The Importance and Benefits of Facial Massage<

It isn’t just about products. Facial massage is an important technique you should be doing as part of your skincare regimen.

Everyone focuses a lot on the different skin-perfecting products on the markets, from cleansers to masks to Korean essences. However, when it comes to application, most of us just slap the products on and go. You could be using one of the best skincare products, but it isn’t going to make much of a difference if you do not have the correct application. Facial massage is often overlooked, but it can make all the difference to your daily skincare regimen. The best part is, it won’t cost you anything extra to do it at home without any tools.

There are numerous benefits to facial massage. Lindsey Blondin, spa director, and lead esthetician for George the salon Chicago explains that facial massage helps increase circulation, which stimulates a wound-healing response in the skin and provides a healthy glow to your complexion. Facial massage benefits all skin types, but Blondin cautions that those with acne-prone or sensitive skin should be careful of too much friction. It can create too much blood and lymphatic flow and cause irritation.

If you want to incorporate facial massage into your regular skincare regimen, Blondin suggests doing it when you apply your creams and oils. Three popular techniques are: effleurage, a delicate stroking motion, used in upward motions; tapotement, the use of various light, quick chopping, or slapping strokes; and friction, the rubbing of the surface, sliding it back and forth, or rolling. Blondin suggests that when you spread out the product on your face, you can lightly stroke the skin in upwards motions, pinch the skin lightly in rolling motions or lightly tap your fingers to the skin. Just remember to be careful of using too much friction if you have sensitive skin or you are prone to pimples.

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In addition to incorporating some facial massage into your skincare regimen, Blondin states that you can do many of the techniques throughout the day without using any products. Just remember to make sure your fingers are clean, and you do not use too much pressure. She explains, “You want to stimulate a wound healing response, not actually create wounds for it to heal.”

If you want to experiment more, you can use other tools with your facial massage besides your fingers. Blondin says you can use brushes, smooth rocks, glass balls, and a microcurrent. Just make sure you stay away from items that have harsh or jagged edges and do not use deep pressure for long periods of time.

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Facial massage isn’t just something you do at home; there are numerous spa treatments that incorporate the technique. Blondin uses microcurrents in almost every one of her facials at George the salon Chicago. She cites numerous benefits to the technique:

“I believe microcurrent has some of the most effective results not only for stimulation and penetration but for cleaning the skin on a much greater level…Microcurrents help stimulate your cells and blood flow, giving you a brighter appearance. They also exfoliate the skin to help with texture and tone, excrete waste, and penetrate your products deeper into the skin.”

One of the new facials is The Anti-Gravity Facial ($225 for 60 minutes) which is described as yoga for your face because it is conditioning your facial muscles. It uses microcurrent and light therapy to tone the face and rebuild collagen.

When you are applying your creams tonight, spend a little extra time working on the products with facial massage. It doesn’t matter whether you do not remember if you are doing effleurage or tapotement. The important thing is that you’re doing it.

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