Every skin type comes with a different set of problems, but ladies with dry skin really get the brunt of it all. We get the itchiness, the scratching, the constant lotion-buying, and all the other crap that comes along with having thirsty skin. If you’re part of the Dry Club, here are 10 things you’ll totally understand.

1. Constantly feeling itchy.

What do normal people feel like? What would it be like to go through a day without having to drag your nails all over your skin? These are questions you’ll never have answers for.

2. Having to bug people to let you borrow lotion.

I know I just asked for some an hour ago. My hands have already started cracking. I know that’s normal. Let’s not go through this again.

3. Always feeling slimy from moisturizer.

Nothing better than that heavy, sweaty, greasy feeling you get when you pile lotion onto your face! Everyone loves feeling like a monster who sweats out the lavender-scented moisturizer.

4. Having to find secretive ways to scratch yourself in public.

It’s not cute to be the girl going to town on her leg while she’s sitting at a restaurant, but what are you supposed to do? Feel like your skin is trying to escape your body? Some itches need to be scratched.

5. Wondering if the person you’re talking to notices your skin flaking off.

If you just keep looking directly into their eyes, maybe they won’t glance down to the spaces around your nose where your skin is a flaky disaster. Maybe.

6. Feeling like a snake shedding its skin.

Snakeskin can sometimes be a cute pattern for clothes (read: sometimes), but it’s almost never a cute look for your body. No one wants to walk out of a room just to realize that she left a scaly layer of epidermis behind.

7. Worrying that you’re the reason your room is so dusty.

Dust is partially made up of human skin particles. You’re always losing human skin particles. Is your vacuum really full of old chunks of your body? Is it like a horror movie?

8. Having to overdo it on the conditioner to keep your scalp hydrated.

Whenever someone complains about getting a sunburn on their scalp, you want to grab them by the shoulders, shake them, and whisper, At least you’re not in a constant state of head-itchiness. At least you don’t go through more conditioner than you do shampoo.

9. Paying for vitamins that don’t actually do anything.

Still waiting for the day that those vitamin bottles you picked up by the Trader Joe’s checkout counter actually do something to improve your skin. Waiting patiently. Very, very, patiently. Look at how patient you’re being!

10. Spending more money on products than anyone else you know.

You’re still itchy and parched, but at least you have stock in Lush and you own enough lotion bottles for people to confuse you with Bath and Body Works. At least there’s that.

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