Does Eating Chocolate Really Make You Break Out?
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There are lots of things that we will do in the name of beauty. We’ll endure awkward and painful waxing sessions, spend hours at the salon to get our hair color just right, and literally bleed for it. We’ll gladly go over our faces with derma rollers at the promise of a more even skin tone, but one thing a lot of us aren’t willing to do is to give up our chocolate fix. Everyone has heard the saying that eating too much chocolate can lead to breakouts. However, is it something we should be taken seriously, or can you get your chocolate fix without worrying about pimples?

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Chocoholics can rejoice because Dr. Ava Shamban says, “There is no evidence to suggest that chocolate is involved in creating or exacerbating acne breakouts.” However, before you start scoffing down Hershey bars down in celebration, note that the only evidence that chocolate may cause breakouts is with milk or dairy products, as well as any foods that increase the glycemic index. Therefore, it’s a better idea to swap your milk chocolate bar for a dark one.

As for other foods leading to breakouts, Dr. Shamban states that highly processed and fried foods are associated with an increase in pimples. Ditto for any foods that spike your blood sugar. Sorry, chip and french fry lovers, that means your fave snacks could be the culprit for those pesky flareups on your face.

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To keep your skin looking its best from the inside out, Dr. Shamban suggests that you eat a diet that is plant-based, with complex carbohydrates, deeply colored fruits, and vegetables, and high-quality protein. She explains that this will reduce the chances of having zits popping up. Give us another extra portion of kale, please.

Having a good skincare routine is still essential. If you’re going to bed with your makeup on, you’re not doing your face any favors. However, it’s also important to be mindful of the foods you’re putting in your mouth. Your chocolate bar may not be contributing to your zits, but that doesn’t mean other foods in your diet aren’t. If you find that you keep getting pimples after a certain type of food, it might be time to ditch it, or at the very least keep a zit cream handy for the occasions you decide to have it.

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